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  • zog_a_log
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    (Day of Week) Weigh-in Monday
    PW: 135.4lbs
    CW: 134.0bs
    LTD: 0 lbs
  • jessicakrall8
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    @Nataliewr0403 Can you post your steps for Dec 30 and 31st please? I'm ready to close out December and report the results. Thanks! :smile:
  • jessicakrall8
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    Congrats @brttny7979 on logging daily for 6+ months!!! WOOHOO! Now THAT'S a great NSV (non-scale victory!! WTG! Nice loss this week too!

    @trappedskinnyb Good job on meal prepping!! It's always good to have a plan! Nice loss this week too!
  • kodakslim
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    ⭐️Daily Check-In⭐️

    Had another good day food wise (probably because I have a bit of a sore throat, and didn't feel up to eating much :D ). Unfortunately I left my Fitbit at my parents house earlier, but I’ll report the steps recorded in the app so far, and will pick it up tomorrow.

    👣 Daily Steps Challenge 👣
    ⭐️ 9 Jan - 3,114
  • Nataliewr0403
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    @Nataliewr0403 Can you post your steps for Dec 30 and 31st please? I'm ready to close out December and report the results. Thanks! :smile:
    I guess I missed those
    12/30. 12,404
    12/31. 8,779

  • Walela617
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    @jessicakrall8 Thank you for updating my weigh-in day to Sundays!

    [All-time highest weight: 217 lbs. on 2/29/08]

    Weigh-in Day: SUNDAY (moved from Thursdays)
    SW: 152.2 (01/01/23)
    CW: 152.0 (01/08/23)
    LTD: 00.2 (Lost to Date in January)
  • ewilhelm2487
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    Hey y'all, Jessica can I be put back on for weigh ins every week?
    Sorry I've been MIA these last weeks as I was incredibly sick.
    I got sick on Halloween and it lasted 8 weeks. I started smelling this horrible smell all the time and thought it was me. I started losing my mind. Come to find out I was smelling the infection in my body. I was almost septic and was on antibiotics, steroids and was a mess.
    My kids (3 years old and 9 months old) ended up getting sick and then sick again the day before Christmas Eve.
    2 weeks ago I started having chest pain and difficultly breathing and I started getting light headed when doing anything sort of activities. I've been basically sedentary for months. 🙄😭 So we have had a pretty miserable last few months and I just didn't have it in me to keep up with weight loss. Today is honestly the first time I've stepped on my scale since November.
    If I can rejoin, Saturdays will be my Weigh in day and my starting weight is 236.9. I have no idea what my previous weight was.

    @ewilhelm2487 My goodness you've been through the storm, haven't you?!! So glad you're better now! I've sent a message to the MODS to move you back to active. Give us a bit to get it done and thanks for including all the info I needed for the request! I'm sorry that your holidays were all tied up in this. I went through a similar infection (septic) in the hospital a few years ago and nearly died...thought it was something else and it was an infective mass that had ruptured...horrible experience. So glad you're ok. What did they say about the chest pain and breathing issues? Was that tied to the same infection or something else? Anyway...SO glad to hear you're getting better and you'll be stronger and back to normal in no time, I have no doubt! Make sure you resume activity slowly as not to injure yourself! Welcome back!


    I haven't seen anyone about the pain in my chest as it went away but I think the weather has a lot to do with it. I live in Michigan where it goes from 60° to -22° to 40° in a matter of days and every time the weather gets funky, I feel like crap. I know my allergies play a big part in my breathing issues so I try to stay indoors during this time of year. Thank you for asking!!
  • TexanMom8152
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    Weigh Day Tuesday
    PW 237.2
    CW 234.8

  • kodakslim
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    💟Daily Check-in💟

    I stepped on the scales this morning for a quick peek and was pleasantly surprised to see -2.6 lbs since Friday!

    ◼️@jessicakrall8 could you please remove me from the steps challenge until further notice? I haven’t been walking outdoors very much recently and would rather do the challenge when I’m more active. Sorry to be a pain! Thank you.
  • pedal__power
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    Step check in:

    1/7 13,183
    1/8 10,558 (+30 mins indoor rowing, no steps counted)
    1/9 15,115 (+20 mins rowing)

    @jessicakrall8 for the chart name, I'd be more comfortable to use pedal__power if that's okay. Thanks for your efforts on this and your encouragement! I'm definitely trying to get in more steps because of this challenge.
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily step goal: 5,000
    Sun 1/8: 10,853
    Mon 1/9: 14,735

    Three more days of 10k+ steps and I'll take a break. I had trouble today because it was raining so much. I started a walk during a break in the weather, but I only got one third of a mile into it before it started to sprinkle. I turned around and had to jog back to my car as the rain picked up. So, I went to the mall to walk indoors. Problem there is, the GPS doesn't work, and it seems to have a problem judging distance. I walked for 44 minutes (which included a brief wait at Starbucks), yet it only gave me one mile for that. Should have been closer to two. Oh well.
  • Pupowl
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    Check-in ~ January 10
    Steps: 18.041
    Calorie deficit: yes
    Workout: no
    Vitamins: yes
    Sleep: 9h 35m / 84 score
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Another boring day. I mostly did some cleaning. I also dug up a patch in the garden. I feed the birds a lot, but with wet weather it can get gross. Now there was some weird black mouldy stuff growing, so I decided to just remove it by digging out the top layer. Guess that was a tiny workout as well. I wasn't feeling too great during the day because of a pretty bad headache. It was just getting worse in the evening with staring at the pc screen, so I went to bed really early to read some in my new book. I was asleep around 20:00. I had a lot of bad dreams in the second half of the night which wasn't fun. My mom will be here today, so my updates might be a bit shorter until I can catch up properly. Happy Wednesday everyone <3
  • CasandraW
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    CasandraW Steps
    January 7 8,818
    January 8 10,040
    January 9 8,674
    January 10 8,623

    Like many others I find it hard to get my steps in during January. We’ve been unseasonably warm so far this month but it’s still cold and gets dark early. I live I’m a rural area where there are not any street lights.
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