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    Morning all,

    My week has gone pretty much to plan so far, with training schedule on track and protein goal hit every day so far.

    Rest day today, while I try to get this house in acceptable condition for my fam visiting on the weekend - vacuuming, bathrooms, toilets, changing sheets, etc. I will see how much I can accomplish in 3 or 4 hours, then prioritise the rest.

    Happy Anniversary to Candi, Merse and Miffylou!

    DeeBee and DSpen, good luck with heading back to work! I have been on hols, too, and I find it much easier to keep up my training and nutrition when I don't have work stresses. Luckily for me, I have been working part-time while my youngest was at home. She goes to Kindy this year, though, so I have been looking for more work. Part-time is great when you have small children, but not so great for the finances!

    DeeBee, good luck with your PT session! You can do it!

    DSpen, your class instructor sounds great - That's the first time I've heard someone using a cute accent for exercise motivation!

    Emma, I have just read NROLFW too, and would like to start it after my half-marathon in May this year. It will be my first time using free weights. I already have a barbell and some weights, but still need a bench and a squat rack. When I get some more work, I may be able to afford the other equipment! Will stick with my Bodyweight strength training in the meantime - it still gives me a great workout!

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Morning all, great to catch up on everyone's news. I'm also glad to see that where there've been little slip ups we're mostly just shrugging it off and getting on with it! Two steps forward and 1 step backwards.

    I've had a good week food and exercise wise. I've killed it at the gym three nights in a row, and I've been eating a lot more than usual but come in under my goal each day, and this morning I'm 300gm down from Monday morning so I'm glad about that, particularly since most of my gym work has been strength training.

    Owning up here as another one who has spent a small fortune getting my head shrunk, or read, over the last few years. It's been a roller-coaster. Add a recent relationship breakdown into the mix and I'm feeling like I've been picked up, spun around and plonked back down again with no real idea how to live my life now. Just going through the motions really...

    Poor EGirl, who is my Real Life friend I'm proud to say, has been hearing all my woes this week! Tonight I have my regular fortnightly massage to try and get my stupid legs sorted out (one leg slightly shorter than the other, knees turn inwards, collapsed arches, etc), which I'm really looking forward to. No time for gym but I will walk home from work instead - it's 10km and a beautiful day here so I'm looking forward to it.

    I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, successful day.

    Oh and whoever it was who suggested watching TBL online - thank you, yes I fully intend to as soon as the unreliable wifi at Mum's gets sorted!!
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    Found this. Thought some of you may find it interesting.

  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Found this. Thought some of you may find it interesting.

    Thanks Jim for sharing! My favourites:

    1.) The girls worth being with don’t really care about the size of your biceps (so true and I'm glad this was number one!!)
    10.) Don’t quit. Ever.
    25.) Any bodily size changes are diet related…fitness will help too.
    31.) Don’t drink skim milk. (I had to laugh at this one, given my profile name, but I stopped drinking skim milk last year and have often thought of changing my name but I identify with it now, so it's staying)
    39.) If you are injured…TAKE TIME OFF.
    43.) Never feel inadequate or intimidated in the gym.
    47.) If you end up fitter than those around you, help them out.
  • BAHAHA My fav was this one
    27.) Being bigger or stronger than your mother means nothing. She is tougher than you or I will ever be.

    Wow this weekend must be the time for marriages ey? heh heh what are you other ladies doign for it. My boy and I are heading to the zoo (where we had our first date) and dinner in the city (mrs parmas for him so I promise nothing as far as my calories on saturday heh heh)

    Hope you are enjoying Tamworth Terri! I am heading up that way over Easter. Heading to Bingara where my hubbies family lives. Its about 2 hours north of Tamworth so we plan on stopping on the way home and checking it out!

    As a social worker its really nice to hear so many people being open and honest about seeking mental health support. It can be so easy to disregard it (myself included). I would love to hear about your experiences with psychologists, maybe it will encourage me to FINALLY get the courage up to see one heh heh. I come forma British immigrant family and mental health is NOT something we talk about or have pr exists at all...stiff upper lip and dont air your dirty laundry ect.

    It's also great to hear everyone going guns this week as far as their goals! keep it up guys you're an inspiration to me :)

    ((also it is really hard to keep up with this thread :P))
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    On top of the ones you picked skim I like these ones

    9.) Get to know yourself by pushing yourself. Most never learn who they really are.
    12.) Never become so sure of something that you quit accepting new ideas, it makes you old.
    20.) Play new sports regularly.
    35.) Skinny does not equal fit.
    36.) 4+ hour marathons are not a true test of fitness; rather an experiment in boredom and pain.
    40.) If vanity is your only reason for working out, it won’t last.
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    Good Afternoon All 

    Finally on a coffee break and thought I would check in here.
    Thank you all for the words of encouragement and I am so pumped after my PT session last night that I thought was going to be ridiculously hard for me! I have a new found confidence in my fitness and am definitely going to try a pump class. They have one on a Sunday arvo that I think is a bit quieter, which might be better for me to go to, just in case I get all uncoordinated and whack someone in the head with a barbell! :bigsmile:
    Work is going well and not as much work to comeback to as I first feared.
    I hope everyone’s day is going well and look forward to catching up later when I have more time.
    Oh and Happy Anniversary Mersey, Candirose and Miffylou

  • wahelga
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    For those of you interested in starting weights, I was listening to an interview with the author last night and he said NRFLFW is not designed for beginners and instead recommended new rules of lifting for life which covers getting started, working around injuries etc.
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    For those of you interested in starting weights, I was listening to an interview with the author last night and he said NRFLFW is not designed for beginners and instead recommended new rules of lifting for life which covers getting started, working around injuries etc.

    Helen I heard that one too, I think the whole New Rules series is good, but thought that was a good point.
  • wahelga
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    Happy anniversary candirose, mersey and miffylou. This weekend (26th) would have been my parents' 55th wedding anniversary, so yes, very popular time for weddings. Dad died late last year so I am taking mum away for the weekend as distraction. I won't be logging as no wifi, and won't get much exercise as mum is 79 and the whole point of the weekend is to spend time together, but I will be eating very healthily and fitting in a walk each day. See you all here next week. Have a happy and healthy long weekend. :smile:
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    Checking this fine mid-week. Freezing my hiney off here in Michigan but keeping up with the workouts from home. I'm too much of a wimp to go to the gym in a cold car. However, I'll run out to the car after my shower (in a towel & bathrobe) to start the car warming up while I finish getting ready for work. Yeesh!

    In the meantime, while waiting for the temps to actually go above the single digits, I have been Hip, Hop(ping) my Abs in the living room at 5 am. Waking up the teenagers with my jumping about! Ha! Burning lots of calories from the cardio but really missing the strength training at the gym.

    I do have a question for anyone who'd like to respond. How do you manage to get your full amount of protein in? Up until recently I have been pretty good at hitting my macros just through regular food. Now? It's been a struggle some day to even just get close to it.

    Do any of you do the shake/protein powder? Which types do you like and why? I am just curious... Thanks in advance for any insight or advice! :happy:
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Hi Lorelei and what good timing, I just logged in to add my protein bar to my diary today! I’m at work and feeling really hungry for some reason, I usually have a stash of protein bars in my office somewhere, plus a couple of tins of tuna for emergencies. Also keep greek yoghurt and nuts in the fridge.

    It’s rare that I’d have less than 100g of protein a day. I used to plan my day around it, but it’s subconscious now, I don’t even think about the numbers unless I look and I’m under 100g - then I’ll do something about it to increase the number.

    I plan every meal with protein as the base, and if needed, I’ll add a scoop of protein powder (PP) if possible. At the moment I am using Labrada Nutrition Iso Whey Vanilla, I get it from my local bodybuilder shop, but off the internet is pretty cheap. My shop gives samples so you can try before you buy. Its about 24g protein per serve.

    Breakfast (if I eat it): Any type of omelette; bacon and eggs with spinach and mushrooms; smoothie with vanilla PP and either frozen berries or baby spinach or both; yoghurt with PP mixed into it and berries.

    Lunches: Some form of protein with veggies or salad – today I had a small tin of salmon with 200g broccoli and a plain greek yoghurt; If I have salad there is always chicken or some type of meat with it.

    Dinner: Same as lunch, protein with veggies or salad. My fave dinners include salmon or steak with veggies. I have my Bolognese sauce on 200g of broccoli instead of pasta. Yum.

    Snacks: Protein! Meatballs; Boiled eggs or egg whites if you are watching your fat content; Protein shake or protein bars if real food not available; Ham or any type of deli meat and hommous rolls; BBQ chicken; Protein Pancakes made with PP, egg, vanilla and either oats or quinoa flakes and yum as well; Flavoured Jelly made with half quantity water and a scoop of PP. Cold sausages make good snacks too. Prawns. Any type of protein, just have it as your snack.

    My favourite dessert is greek yoghurt and cottage cheese with vanilla PP as a base and then add stuff – strawberries, coconut, walnuts, whatever you fancy. I love it, not everyone does, but give it a try. You can freeze it like ice cream as well and is really hard and therefore takes forever to eat.

    Hope these ideas help :smile:
  • broncosbabe
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    Just discovered that www.subway.com.au has a part on it where you can add/remove the different things on your sub and get the nutritional content! Makes life heaps easier. I just happened to eat a footlong flat bread instead of only a six inch one - eek! But considering I'm goingto the gym again in 2 hours I probably need it. I finished work at half past midnight last night, went home and crashed, then was at the gym at 11am this morning before starting work at midday again. I should hopefully finish by about 7:30pm in order to make it 12 hours before being back at work AGAIN in the morning....what a life :) So looking forward to the weekend.

    Protein snacks I go for the tins of tuna, boiled eggs (my workmates look on at me in disgust at this one because they think I'm weird), protien bars (I buy them from www.groceryrun.com.au when they're on special) or a protien shake. It took me AGES to get into drinking protien shakes and my favourites are Proto Whey Vanilla Creme or Delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate. I only ever mix mine with water too because I don't like the texture when they're mixed with milk.

    Does anyone here do parkrun on a Saturday morning? Specifically in the Brisbane area but anywhere really? Just curious....I've been going to Augustine Heights (South Brisbane/Ipswich) and love it. So many different people around giving fitness a crack!
  • Miffylou
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    Hi all, hope everyone's day has gone well.

    Bit mixed up today in regards to food as I took the kids down to the beach. No swimming but heaps of walking at least.

    I normally have a shake in the morning after I've been to the gym or done my run. I find it fills me up more. I have one from body science called body +. Meant to be vegetarian friendly. As I don't eat chicken or red meat, I normally get my protein from fish, eggs, tinned salmon, Greek yoghurt, cheese and nuts. These would be my regulars. Have tried the protein bars but could never really get into them.
  • Broncosbabe: Zambreros website has it as well, was super useful the other week when I forgot my lunch at work!

    I'm also struggling with getting enough protein, I suppose its jjust getting used ot eating that much meat heh heh at home we had probably 2 vego nights a week and red meat maybe once or twice...
  • _J_en
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    Hello All,

    Thought I'd pop by. Heading home after a dinner with friends - I know it's still something I have to work on (eating out healthy)

    On the plus side a year ago I would have bought something extra like dessert .

    Hope everyone is doing well

  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Good morning Challengers - I'm not feeling the "good" part today. Sorry for being a bit flat.

    Last night I had a MASSIVE binge - I've written about it in my blog and I'm going to copy it here to save you all going to another place to read it. I wasn't going to admit to it - but that would be lying and I said right at the start that part of this challenge is about being honest with ourselves about what we eat, and is also an emotional challenge to get to the bottom of why we do things. I have struggled with binge eating pretty much as long as I can remember and in the body of this post I actually had a lightbulb moment why. I've thought about eating my feelings before, but I hadn't really thought about the "scapegoat" part.

    Anyway, I am going to be late to work (again) so I must fly - will check in later. I hope everyone has a great day and can learn something from my *kitten* up.

    So here it is...

    I ate my feelings in a massive binge.

    I don't want to write this but in the interest of being honest with myself I must.

    Last night I went on the 30 minute binge from hell. I have no idea, but I think I would have consumed somewhere in the realm of about 3000-4000 calories. I'm too scared to work it out. It was mostly sugar and wheat.

    I'd been talking on the phone to Bumper, during which I received a couple of text messages from the Ex, which I ignored. I mean, there I was, talking to THE most wonderful and amazing man, who I have been waiting to meet all my life ... and getting messages from the selfish *kitten* who 3 years ago shattered my life into a million pieces.

    Since Christmas, the Ex has sent me about a text a week. I haven't replied. A few days ago, he sent me a lousy text about something relating to a friend of mine, I did reply and we had an SMS argument about some stupid thing he is carrying on about ... in the end I got so sick of it I just stopped replying, deleted him out of my phone and decided to move on out of the toxic relationship that it STILL is/was.

    I think I'm finally learning. Maybe.

    I've been listening to Brene Brown "The Power of Vulnerability" this week. It's been pretty good but I got stuck at "numbing" and this is actually a really good example of it.

    So anyway, after I got off the phone with Bumper, I should have gone to bed. I was tired and planned to go to the gym this morning, I need my sleep. But I didn't. I watched TV for a bit, all the while with this text message playing on my mind.

    About 2 hours later (around 10pm or so) I started drafting a reply. I quite possibly wrote the longest text message in the history of mankind. I wrote it really nicely, I wasn't angry or anything, but I laid out exactly what I was thinking (he had asked me a couple of questions) and I told him about Bumper.

    While I was writing the message, I poured myself a nice glass of Hunter Valley Semillion and nibbled on some cashews.

    I sent the message at about 11pm, and then I went down to the garage in my pjamas, got some junk that I had bought for the Australia Day picnic this weekend, went back upstairs and ate.

    What did I eat? Let me think...

    Large packet of Salt and Vinegar Chips; 2 chocolate paddle pops (already had one earlier for dessert);Bag of M&M's; an entire sponge/jam roll cake thing; Quest Bar; half a packet of Jatz with butter on them.

    I think that was it.

    About half way through, I did think "WTF am I doing I should stop" but I didn't. That thought came and went quickly, and the binge continued.

    When finished, I went to bed. Fell asleep straight away and have woken up this morning with the expected massive stomach ache, terrible gas and completely hating myself.

    No answer from the Ex, I don't expect one. I'll be deleting the messages when I'm done here and that will be that.

    An excellent example of "numbing".

    So where to from here? This has been my second binge this week, and I'm supposed to be in my first week of a 12 week challenge.

    I could cry, but that's not going to achieve anything.

    I know I need to move on. But I also know I'm going to beat myself up about this for a while, at least a day if not 2.

    WHY the hell am I doing this? I am so so so happy with Bumper, he adores me and he is just the most amazing man, I can't believe how lucky I am to have met him.

    WHY am I letting the Ex upset me?


    Ah... Just thought of something. He is NOT upsetting me. I'm NUMBING the feelings by eating them, and then I'm getting upset with myself because I was bought up in the scapegoat role, and I'm comfortable with that. Bloody hell. I think this is what is called a lightbulb moment.

    I should be upset with him. I should be angry. But I stuff it all down with food, and then get upset with myself.


    I need to call my old therapist and go and have a chat to her about this.

    Ok.. Well now that I've worked that out, maybe I can get on with things. Maybe I wont beat myself up about it today. Of course, it's going to be hard to break that pattern but I'm going to have to do it or I'll end up doing the same thing with Bumper and I don't want that to happen.

    So there you go - that's my confession.

    "I am imperfect but still lovable" as Brene would say.

    And I have things I need to work on, but I'm still in it. I'm not giving up. I'm going to beat my demons. I'm not going to bury myself away and hide, I'm going to face them and you can damn well bet that I am going to win.

    *end blog post*
  • michable
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    Skim, Your post takes me back to when my ex and I split - those were some bad times. I feel your pain.

    I love the quote, "I am imperfect, but still lovable." It brought tears to my eyes. Too often we punish ourselves so hard for not being perfect, and we shouldn't. Easier said than done, I know.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Skim.
  • michable
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    WAHelga, thanks for that info about NROL. I will have to look it up.
  • gmallan
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    Skipped my workout today because I've been feeling tired and run down all week. Needed to sleep for my mental focus and really trying hard not to get sick. Won't have a chance to get one in tongiht either as I have a 4 hour drive after work. No loss this week for me so I'm going to have to try and be fairly well behaved this weekend as I have to fit into a bridesmaids dress next weekend. Going to be a struggle as I will be away all weekend for a wedding (must be a popular weekend) and with Australia Day.
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