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  • mungowungo
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    Good Morning everybody.

    Well I had my shopping trip into Tamworth yesterday and did manage to get all my jobs done despite the crowds and blocked roads - thank goodness country music festival is only once a year.

    Positives - I stuck to my goals and had a chicken wrap at McDonalds plus a bottle of water and wasn't tempted by fries or coke.
    When we got home because it was late- we had subway for dinner - I had roast beef on flat bread which was rather good and again decided against a sugary drink - so so far so good. I finished my diary for the day and was under - considering the amount of walking we had to do.

    Not so positive - But then I woke up at 3am and I was hungry - really stomach growling hungry - and I ate a piece of tiramisu that one of my daughter`s friends brought for me and I also ate a party pie - hmm not sure what caused the hunger - maybe too many carbs - maybe not enough fat - maybe not enough protein - maybe the after effect of the VLCD the day before. It's odd though because this is the first time in ages I've woken up in the middle of the night hungry.
  • mungowungo
    mungowungo Posts: 327 Member
    Sorry I have to do two posts I bought a tablet yesterday and I'm still getting used to it - but it is significantly better than peering at the tiny screen on my phone.

    Anyway. I have also noticed that I haven't been hitting my protein so yesterday I bought some Musashi SLM Toning Protein - chocolate flavour. Will see how this goes - I thought it might be useful on VLCD s.

    Funnily I have also been looking up about weight lifting - had a look at stronglifts 5x5 which is interesting - but I'd have to give this some thought - we do have a gym in town with weights but - and this is a big but - this is a very small country town (to clarify for those who don't live in country towns, there is no such thing as privacy or minding your own business here, gossip is rife and people really don't have anything better to do) so I'm not quite prepared to venture forth there yet. Plus my ex lives in this town and I really don't want any of his snide input as to the reasons I'm trying to get fit (and believe me he can be nasty). So have been toying with the idea of getting some weights at home - I already have one kilo and three kilo ones but these are baby weights compared to what I've seen on YouTube.

    Skim I read your blog honestly I think getting it out there is half the battle - I understand numbing and using food both as a crutch and as a way of making yourself feel bad about yourself. I spent years with my ex and did exactly that - I escaped into bad habits, consoled myself with food and built so many barriers it was almost like I had a suit of armour (except it wasn't - it was a suit of fat). I still have to tell myself that it's okay I'm human, I'm fallible and far from perfect but that's fine - because nothing or nobody in this world is perfect (and if somebody does think that about themselves then they are seriously deluded). All I can really say is don't be so tough on yourself, you have already come such a long way - feel proud of yourself for this, really proud - you've earned it.

    Anyway I've probably rambled enough. Happy Anniversary to those celebrating these over the weekend. I`ll catch up later. :happy:
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    Gemma it's so important to get sleep, you can have time off from training every now and again, it's good for you. I'm sure you will do fine over the weekend, keep repeating your goals :)

    Robin, well done on the takeaway! The late night snack could have been due to the VLCD.. Good to see that you can work through it and think it through, the added protein sounds like a good idea. I have the Musashi Chocolate, it's not bad. I can imagine that it would be very hard in a country town to get privacy - so doing weights at home is a good idea to get you started. There are a lot of weight training exercises you can do with body weight - maybe try some of them.

    Re my binge - I'm talking about it in my blog - I wasn't going to add it here but I did for people who aren't in my friends list - just so you know that I struggle with it sometimes and if anyone else has trouble with it, you are NOT alone. :flowerforyou: I'm moving through it and I know I'll get there now that I've identified some of the stuff that triggers it. Hard, emotional stuff, but these things have to be acknowledged in order to work it all out.

    Happy Friday to everyone and with the weekend coming up it might be a bit quiet around here, but I hope everyone has a terrific Australia Day weekend :drinker:

    Make good choices!!
  • wahelga
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    Mungo, I think you've hit the nail on the head - our fat is our disguiseuand our protective armour. And its all too easy to retreat back to that defensive armour when we feel under attack. After all, its protected us in the past.

    But now we are learning new ways, better ways to be strong ...
  • gmallan
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    Hey just a quick post: If anyone is looking for some new workout gear I can highly recommend a US brand called 90 degrees by Reflex. It's for sale on ozsale.com.au for stupidly cheap at the moment ($15 tights normally $100+, $9 tanks/shorts/sports bras normally $60+). I've just put in my third order of stuff and am very impressed with the quality. There are heaps of fun colours too (neon pink leggings anyone?). This is now where I get all my workout gear. I'm getting 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tights and 4 tanks (oh dear)

    Ddisclaimer, in case you're wondering I am no way affiliated with this brand, just sharing the love
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    Hi everyone, hope your day is going well.

    I ran this morning, yay! and have been working hard at home for about 3 hours to clean the house up a bit for my fam coming to visit today! I know, I said I was going to do it yesterday, but I am a born procrastinator! Trying hard to change, but it is hard. I ended up applying for a job yesterday.

    Anyway, just having lunch and a cup of tea, and then back to it for another couple of hours. Who would have thought your house could get so dirty and dusty when you're not looking! !

    I suppose that is one benefit to family visiting - you get the cleaning done!

    Re: protein - I have a protein goal to hit 100 g every day, and have been doing it pretty well for the last couple of weeks.
    - Chobani yogurt is awesomely full of protein! I have it twice a day.
    - skim milk (sometimes I also add skim milk powder to my hot milo at night for a bit extra protein), cheese, eggs
    - meat is your friend - chicken (in stir-frys, with pasta, pan-fried with veges), fish (salmon baked in oven, canned tuna), beef mince (bolognese, rissoles, taco mince)
    - lentils are pretty good, as are baked beans (although they are a little high in sodium)

    I haven't used protein powders or bars so can't comment!
  • EGirl7
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    Hi all!

    First off - Skim, I sometimes feel I wrote the book on emotional eating, let me tell you! It is just so damned easy to feel like cr@p (testing the censor there! ;-)) and just resort to food. I've gone out at stupid hours of the night solely to buy a whole stack of rubbish food to gorge.

    So, yeah, I get it and I think we all do. Sounds like you're turning a corner there, though, which is wonderful. You're gonna be okay. :-)

    Another thing I realised when I started all this is just how much I ate out of boredom. I'm much MUCH better in that respect now, which is good - I was genuinely shocked when I realised how much I did that!

    I had a rough night with my blood sugar being very low and having to treat that, then a rebound, so didn't go to Pump and then swimming as I planned on this morning. Very annoyed by that, and a big chunk of calories gone as a result.

    However, I've just done Zumba and nearly died (so stuffy in my house with the heat), but I managed and I'm still standing. Will jump on the exercise bike later on.

    I did a great workout yesterday at the gym and felt really good afterwards. I had a whopping big deficit for the day, though, but honestly, it's really difficult at times, what with the diabetes (don't want to eat too much and stuff up my blood sugar levels) and the heat, which really puts me off eating.

    Anyway, we carry on. :-)

    Hope you're all doing well and carrying on too! :-)


  • Rough day here, some really bad news :( my twin sister miscarried her baby
    I am fully prepared to have a bit of a binge and probably a few drinks....
  • Danispen
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    Just finished reading the 51 Rules for my son - thanks Catseye!! Funny how some really resonate with you. For me personally it was the "get to know yourself by pushing yourself. Most never learn who they really are". Followed up by Mungo and Wahlegas post about covering ourselves with a protective fat layer. So true for me and as I am 1/3 way through now I can see bits of me being exposed, long time hidden!! Weight loss is such a journey of self discovery and facing the reasons why we did it in the first place.
    Happy anniversary to all those who mentioned.
    Skim and Candi - sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way.
    Loving being part of this little group, looking forward to our long weekend
  • Hi, my weeks been pretty bad eating wise, exercise wise I have pretty much done something everyday, my week as follows:

    -MON -personal training 30mins & weigh in
    -TUES- cleaning house
    -WED- 1hr tone it class step into life & 45min boxing class
    -THUR- bike ride & swim at beach
    -FRI - 1hr boxkick class step into life & 1 hr abt class

    I did two classes that were new this week which was a goal (abt & boxing), I have meditated or attempted most days

    I need to improve on my calories per day 1200 and c eating healthy! I Have a rather bad addiction to nachos!
  • Sorry to hear that, thoughts with you
  • Miffylou
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    Candirose so sorry to hear that news, thoughts are with you xx

    Had a lazy day with three extra 12 yr olds in the house. However thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Currently sitting down watching the re run of biggest loser. They're currently walking up Mt William and I remember going there yrs ago pre children. I don't think we even made it a quarter of the way up. Far out I'd love to go there again and attempt it now.

    Must go as my iPad is about to go flat. Have a great night.

  • EGirl7
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    Oh Candi, I'm so terribly sorry. :-(

    Thinking of all your family - huge hugs. xo

  • mungowungo
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    My condolences to your family candirose - that is awful :(
  • bird_3_lee
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    Candi no wonder you've lost motivation. I didn't realize your loss. I am so sorry to hear the bad news, & my heart goes out to you, your sister & everyone else affected by this loss.
  • wahelga
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    Very sorry to hear that Candi
  • sweetysmum
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    Oh Candi :( Thinking of you and your family.
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Well good morning everyone! Looking outside it's going to be a nice day today, although the forecast says showers. That's fine with me, as long as it clears up for tomorrow, we are supposed to be going for an Australia Day picnic and taking the train and walking so I don't mind if it's cooler weather, but no rain!

    Robin and Helen I couldn't agree more about the fat protecting us. I hid :glasses: behind my weight for years, and retreated into it. That's why this issue has reared its ugly head and it's really hard to deal with. I've realised that binge eating means that I can numb the feelings, not be angry or upset with anyone, but that I end up being upset with myself and that's a role that I'm comfortable with - being the scapegoat and taking blame rather than stand up for myself. It comes from my childhood (of course) and from an abusive first husband. I have worked my way through most of it but the things that happened this week kind of put me in a bit of a spiral. BUT - knowing that and admitting it really is more than half the battle!!

    Another fact is that being overweight, or having food related disorders - we need to realise that it's not about the FOOD. It's a whole lot easier to say I'm addicted to sugar than it is to say I've got poor self esteem due to being neglected/abused/whatever the case may be.. I do believe though, that to get to the bottom of it and live the rest of our lives being truly happy, we need to look inside and work through the issues to find peace. And we CAN do it, It's not easy, but it can be done.

    Enough of my soapbox now!! Thanks everyone for being there :) I so appreciate the support.

    * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -

    Now - reading through the recent posts:

    Gemma, thanks for the tip on the clothing, I like Brasilfit and Lorna Jane, but they are both a bit expensive.. Some cheaper stuff would be a good alternative.

    Mich, good work on the running, hope you have a good weekend with your family visiting. It's so true about getting the house clean - but I'm sure they wouldn't care either way :smile:

    Emma, well done on the Zumba! I've never done it but everyone says it's a great workout. So true about the heat and eating, I guess as long as you aren't hungry, your diabetes is ok and it all balances out at the end of the week then a day or two of lower calories isn't going to hurt.

    Candi, I am SO sorry. Big hugs. :heart: By all means be there for your darling sister, and have a day of comfort food, but don't do what I've just done and hide yourself in food. You will not thank yourself for it next week and your sister wont want you to sabotage your goals either. Cry, sob, grieve, comfort, love, do what you need to do but don't give yourself the added burden of guilt on top of the loss that you are already feeling.

    Hi Danielle, hope that your return to work wasn't too painful!!

    Britz, welcome to the group!! The last few kilos are always the worst - I think most of the time it's because we are pretty happy ALMOST being at goal. How tall are you? I'm only asking because I will add you to the spreadsheet (which I will share as soon as I've added everyone into it) and it's good to be able to find someone at the same height and weight to buddy up. Anyway, they are good goals for the week - I'm sure you can make it happen.

    Lou, I didn't see BL last night. I'll probably only watch it once a week. It's a shame any of them get voted out, I think they should all stay for at least 6 weeks to give them a headstart and then start voting off. I know it's a game, but this year they all seem really nice.

    I suppose that everyone will be out and about for Australia Day this weekend, so may not be around much. That's what long weekends are for - getting out and about!!

    Today I have a joint PT "conditioning" (that means doing cardio so hard that we might vomit) session booked with my BFF, we have booked in one a month this year, mainly so we can catch up and see one another. Then I'm going shopping with Bumper for our Australia Day picnic stuff and doing some cooking, probably having dinner at home tonight seeing we will be out all day/night tomorrow for picnic and fireworks. Monday we have a lunch out for Bumpers BFF. Busy weekend ahead!!

    I'm going to really pull back on my calories this coming week - I have given this a lot of thought and seeing that I've put on a bit of fat over the last 4 weeks and especially after this week (stomach STILL swollen and painful after all the wheat this week), I really need to reign it in. I'll let the weekend pass and try to make good choices, but then I think I'll have a few protein only days to get the sugar and wheat out of my system and start from scratch. This might seem severe for some people, but 3 protein only days is something that really works for me ( refer Geoff Jowett, Body Trim philosophy) so I think I'll do that Tues-Wed-Thurs and then I should be feeling a whole lot better.

    Have a great day everyone!! Make good choices and enjoy the long weekend :drinker:
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Gemma!! GREAT workout gear!!! What size do you get? Seeing we are similar I will get the same.


    90 degrees by Reflex if anyone missed it - good stuff
  • Thanks everyone for your kind words.
    I ended up having half a block of chocolate and some dates which is not a lot compared to how I used to eat.
    Today is our anniversary which I already planned a bit of a splurge (pop tarts for breaky, lunch at the zoo and mrs Parma's for dinner, then probably a cocktail at the comedy gig tonight) Hopefully I get lots of walking done at the zoo!
    It will be agood day but I am looking forawrd to getting back into my no gluten no dairy majority diet and routine as of Sunday!
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