Today I'm proud of myself for....



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    Jocoblossoming, wow great success! 5 months is incredible and inspiring, how amazing for you!

    Lefty421, that is so awesome that you were able to share with your family and enjoy a little yourself. Great progress indeed!

    Today I'm proud of myself for taking my day meal by meal, just like I said I would. I had an unexpected addition to my lunch, which I have frequently been using as an excuse to not log and binge the rest of the day. But I logged it as soon as I was able and saw that I could still have a good day and I did. I did not complete my yoga goal, but I hope to do that today after work.
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    crepes_ wrote: »
    I had an embarrassing moment last night, but it stopped me from binging and I'm proud of myself for not sneaking off to binge later. I asked my husband to help me with my eating and it has been working pretty well so far.

    I had a similar incident earlier this year. My wife stepped in, in the middle of an ice cream binge. My 1st emotional response was to act like a child with a tantrum. But she saved me from a total meltdown. And afterwards, I was very grateful.

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    Some great victories here! Way to go, everyone!
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    These are awesome everyone!!

    Today I am proud of myself for 2 things:
    1) For not eating ALL of my calories. If at the end of the day, I see calories remaining, I usually eat something, even if I'm not hungry. I'm trying to be more aware of actual hunger, not cravings. Since I wasn't hungry before bed, no extra food!
    2) I threw away the pizza leftovers from a pretty terrible binge I had a couple days ago. I nearly binged on it again the day after but only ate one slice as a dinner addition. After my boyfriend told me he wasn't going to be eating his leftovers, I threw all that remained away!
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    Yes! Great victories, I think :smile:

    Today, I'm proud for still continuing to log my food, even though I've been over cals for weeks. Like, 6500 over cals last week. And 4000 over the week before. Oh well. I keep trying.

    Hope everyone is managing (enjoying?) the holiday season!!
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    Great job MadDogManor. I know it's tough logging when it's way over but that's the key to going further. I was frustrated last night when I went over so I ate a nutty bar at midnight. Horrible snack at a horrible time of night.

    I am, however, proud of myself for adding it to my diary this morning, making myself accountable. I am dedicated to logging everything, even if I'm ashamed of it.
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    Yesterday I chose a healthy dinner over a binge at my fave fast food place!

    Also, I LOVE this thread. I want to like and congratulate everyone for their victories! You all are great!
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    I am proud of myself today because I am still going strong this month despite a few hiccups!
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  • Dennis4766
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    Re-read Brain over Binge. Skimmed back over it actually. Mostly to reinforce the principals that began recovery.

    I look back:
    1. I no longer severely restrict calories.
    2. I exercise a ton, but do it now for training & fitness, not for burning calories.
    3. My binges are less than 1/2 the calories they used to be.
    4. I no longer weigh myself. I have gained back some necessary weight. I still wear the same clothes though. And I am running faster. Actually, by the time I sought help, I was too weak to even run.
    5. Recently tested myself with ice cream. I did not binge, the old me would have ate the whole container. I had 1 bowl which was about 3 servings and stopped. I also had cookies in the house, about 2 months ago, I ate a dozen. This time, I had 1 and 1/2. I also allowed both foods to be in house for 24 hours before I ate any.

    Still work needs to be done:
    1. My diet is still mostly veggies, protein powders and oatmeal / cheerios. Still have a lot of "fear foods." But I have added back some foods like eggs, Rye bread, chicken, turkey.
    2. I still struggle with habitual night grazing.
    3. Still obsessed with calories.

    But after skimming back over book, I can honestly say, there has been a lot of progress since last May when things looked bleak. Thank you for all the support, I hope to continue progressing and being there to encourage everyone else to recovery also.

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    I am proud that I have eaten clean for 2 days even though there has been temptation all around me to binge.
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    I think that is great, Dennis!
  • eddie8131
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    I am proud of myself for not bingeing yesterday. That's about it for now.
  • Dennis4766
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    I think that is great, Dennis!

    Thank You!

    Eddie - Good for you! Take the positives and keep moving forward.

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    Saw one of my best friends this week for lunch. We ate at Rocknies and split a gyro, making it not too bad, along with a side salad. Hard to do with so much good food around. I also made Sheperd's Pie for my husband and daughter and didn't eat any. Thankfully, because later I found out how many calories it actually had. I'm still really struggling with eating bad at bedtime but hope to disconnect the feeling of content I get with the snacks from actual necessity of the calories. Hopefully someday. Everyone is doing really good. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Today I'm proud of myself for... NOT GIVING UP!
  • WillLift4Tats
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    Ya'll are fantastic. Way to fight for your health and happiness.

    Today I'm proud of myself for having 2 activity-filled weekends in a row, plus being active all week. With a loss in my family, I found myself deeply unmotivated, binges every day, and staying in bed/on the couch for far too long. I am changing that, and even though the pain of the loss is still there, I am healing with more healthy activities now. For that, I am happy.
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    I'm proud of myself for joining this group!
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    Today I am proud of myself for realizing that even though I am so very far from perfect, I have come a long way.
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    Welcome Debralcm! We are glad to have you : )

    Summer, what a great realization and motivation to keep on!

    Today I am proud of myself for stopping what would've been the start of a day long binge.