Today I'm proud of myself for....



  • SignpostPsycho
    SignpostPsycho Posts: 40 Member
    Today I'm proud of myself for working out when I woke up an hour before my alarm went off instead of laying in bed trying to squeeze in more sleep...three days in a row! Tired, but satisfied.
  • LemonadeCandy_
    LemonadeCandy_ Posts: 195 Member
    Today I am proud of myself for starting again. :)
    AZIZAELLAZIZA Posts: 68 Member
    For not binging even though my cat is dying and for going to a particular doctor that I dread more than the plague. Putting on my big girl pants and just doing it, even though I don't wanna ! o:)
  • ChaleGirl
    ChaleGirl Posts: 270 Member
    Yesterday I was proud of myself for not picking up my favourite chocolate salted caramel biscuits, which I always devour in one sitting. I was actually in the shop staring at them. The reason why I was proud of this, was because I was really craving them, but I'm also trying to get back to not eating added sugar regularly and I didn't break it on Day 2!