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    Great job Beeps! Hi to everyone else.

    Well my week has not gone as planned. Had some unexpected events on Monday so I did not complete my mini fast. Yesterday I did skip breakfast and juiced for lunch. I had a few snacks when I got home and had a protein shake for dinner and a TON of tea and water. So I consider that success. I also ran 3.4 miles at lunch so netted like 100 calories or something ridiculous yesterday. I expected to wake up starving this morning and surprisingly was not. That tells me I have been eating too much. I've also got some digestive thigns going on which always makes me feel ick. Sooo......I may just do a protein shake for lunch and a light dinner tonight. I'm just going to listen to my body. Every now and again I need a little "mini fast" reset to remind myself what hunger feels like. I've done well with drinking so far, so that's good. I'm going to try to have another good day today so hopefully the scale doesn't piss me off tomorrow. Then I'll ease up a bit for my weekend and then 5 weeks till vaca and time to get serious! We're also doing a mini vaca Memorial Day weekend, so I'll have a little splurge then.

    Hope you all have a great day!
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    Yea this week has pretty much just been a mess. I did already get in my 3 Chalean workouts for the week since we leave to visit friends in Missouri tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be great, so I hope to get in a few runs while we are there.

    Better- I have 5 weeks until our next vacation too. We should start some sort of challenge together. I am at 148 right now and I would really love to be at 140 by the time we leave. I am thinking about stopping breastfeeding soon so I'm ok with dropping calories. My supply has really gone down and I am just kind of over pumping.

    Beeps- I should set a time for myself I shouldn't eat past either. I am thinking I will say no eating after the baby goes to bed which is usually around 8. That's when I tend to do my snacking. (and drinking wine)
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    I did a workout on Monday from blogilates and I am still sore. I took a rest day yesterday and just did the elliptical this morning because I am sore and sleep depreived.

    Beeps- I love that you went to the library yesterday to avoid eating. I was so into a book last night, i barely ate.

    Chloe- Great job getting your workouts in before you leave town!

    Ashley-It sounds like you found balance between a not so great day and an amazing day.

    I read the third divergent book last night. have any of you read those? I was very upset. Plus, I am sleep deprived. and Tom. I need to find more coffee!
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    Morning ladies. I got back in the gym yesterday for the first time in about a month and it felt amazing. I had to drop my weights a little bit since I haven't been lifting for awhile, but it still felt so good to get back in and do something more than walking! My week has been pretty good so far with eating. Went over a little bit with some brownie bites last night (just can't say no) but I was almost on point with my macros yesterday which almost never happens.

    Kc- I blew through those books in less than two weeks, I couldn't stop! I was also irritated at the ending, but kinda figured we were due for something like that :)

    Beeps- Way to keep up with the no eating before bedtime!

    Ashley- Sounds like a good balance. Where are you going for Memorial Day?

    Chloe- Nice job getting those workouts in. I should have been more diligent before leaving town this weekend too.

    Have a great hump day all!
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    Chloe, I'd be down for a challenge. My sister and I are doing a pretty complicated one with a spreadsheet and everything! But if you want to do something solely on weight loss, I'm down with that. As of my last weigh in, I have 2.5 to lose before I get to my goal of 130. However I peeked at the scale this morning and it read 132.5 which was my last weigh in 2 weeks ago, and today was post "fast" day. So....we'll see. We could set a weekly weight loss goal and get a star (or a clover, heart, sunshine, whatever) if we meet the goal. I need to lose 0.5 a week from here on out. Anyone else interested? I still like the star challenge too because finding that weekly total is really what seems to work for me. But I keep a spreadsheet for that too, so whatever...... Since Beeps will be gone in May, I can do the spreadsheet for the star and/or sunshine challenge.

    Ram, we are headed to my parents' mountain condo in Banner Elk NC. It's near Boone NC where Appalachian State U is....northwestern part of the state. It's really pretty there. My sister and her family and maybe a couple friends of ours are coming too. Should be fun.

    Well I still haven't gotten super hungry, so protein shake it is! I'm off to get my nails done for Oaks Day!
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    I just got caught up from my long weekend away and it sounds like everyone is doing great! I am ready to get back to business, the scale had a lot to say about my time away. I know it is a lot of fluid retention and not being "regular" from travelling. I don't think I did that bad. I ran that 5k and placed third in my age group, so that was kinda neat, it was my best 5k time but not very fast-31 minutes.
    I slept in a little and often skipped lunch and really didn't drink that much, but the scale was up 4.5 pounds since last week.
    Now my mom and stepdad are coming tomorrow and I have a family reunion Sunday so I need to be reasonable today and tomorrow to allow for a few splurges.
    I have found, with calories at 1600, I can have 300 for breakfast, 400 for lunch, and the 900 left is good for a splurge dinner, or reasonable dinner with a couple of snacks or drinks.
    But gosh, a 123 cal net, that would leave some wiggle room in the rest of the week:tongue:
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    My week has been good so far. I've been pretty close to my calories (a little over Monday, but under yesterday). But I haven't gotten in any workouts beyond walking, so I really need to do something tonight, even if it's only a short workout.

    Beeps—great job on not snacking after dinner!

    Ashley—nice work getting back on track after an unplanned Monday! And I’d be up for continuing the star challenge. It definitely motivates me to get back on track after an indulgent day and log on the weekend.

    Chloe—great job on the workouts!

    Kelly—yeah I read the Divergent books. I wasn’t a fan of the ending either.

    ramalem—great job on the gym workout and sticking with your macros!

    Amy—congrats on placing third in your age group, that’s huge! I used to scope out small local races in the area where I had a chance at placing, and it definitely makes the race more fun. And I’m glad you found what works for you on calories! That sounds like a good break down for the day.
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    I'd be up for continuing the star challenge. And I would like to do some no booze during the week or a max number of drinks per week challenge. I think not letting myself have anything but water or tea after dinner would help with that as well.
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    Day 6 of my "do what you say you will" challenge....tonight it will be SIX NIGHTS IN A ROW without a morsel of food past 6:30 pm.

    Today, scale read 148.3! BOOM!

    i shall take it....it makes my goal to be 147.0 by end of May quite doable and to be 145.0 by end of June quite doable, as well....especially with a FULL EIGHT DAYS of walking, walking, walking in London and Paris.
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    OK, let's keep up the star challenge. Beeps, do you just post a jpg of the spreadsheet on Photobucket? What do you resize it to? I always screw that part up. So May Challenge starts next week! Let me know your calorie goals. I'm sticking with 10,000. And great job on your no eating after dinner!!

    Chloe, booze is a part of my sister challenge as it happens to be my biggest downfall. If you want, we can PM each other or something to keep each other accountable throught the week or at the end of the week. We'll figure it out.

    Great job Ris! Glad your baby is feeling better and you're getting some sleep. It's hard to do normal life when you're a zombie.

    Amy, that's awesome! I've never run a race small enough to place, but it is really motivating. And 31 is a great time!

    That's all I see on this page, but Jen, I forgot to thank you for your feedback on the Bizzy program. I'm still considering it, but may just try for 2 days. I'm not really sure. I need to add some strength training back in for sure. I might just shoot for a couple days of total body stuff and keep up with my running and circuits class. I know I like that and it seems to work for me. The minute I set myself up with a program I dread, I fail.

    Well....the week started out crap. I have felt bloated and ick all week. I was under cals (but not with great foods) Monday, nearly fasted Tuesday, and had a low day yesterday, drank tons of tea and water and still felt bad until this morning.... and my weigh in today...... 1 pound loss from 2 weeks ago! I needed that. I'm back to weekly weigh ins. If I lose 1/2 pound a week, That will put me at 129. I think I'm going to set that as my new goal. I can lose this weight, I just need to put forth some effort. So that's that.

    OK, gotta get to work. Have a great day and weekend! I'm off tomorrow and headed to the track!
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    Have fun at the track, bettin' on the ponies! That's so cool, I would love to do it someday. Like any great party-Mardi Gras, or Oktberfest:drinker:

    I am in for star challenge, I am going for 11,200 (1600 per day) and I really don't want to go over, I think that is maintenance. It shouldn't be that hard but sometimes...Like yesterday, everything was pretty good except the snacks.

    Then I will go lower in June.

    The 5k was small-There were 10 women in my age group and my sister, who walked it, placed 8th:blushing:
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    Morning ladies!

    Better have so much fun at the track! I would love to do that someday as well.

    I would totally be up for the star challenge in May, I think I'll need to up my cals after the first week, so put me down for 13,650 and I'll try and eat below next week.
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    OK, let's keep up the star challenge. Beeps, do you just post a jpg of the spreadsheet on Photobucket? What do you resize it to? I always screw that part up.

    The *star* challenge can be labourious (for me) --->>>

    1. I use an excel spreadsheet to host the data.
    2. I save the spreadsheet, once data is entered, into a .ppt presentation. (This is due to my dumb work-site firewalls, lack of technology, etc.)
    3. I take the .ppt and save it as a .jpg.
    4. I open the .jpg (in "Paint") and click "resize" and make sure the pixels are below 500.
    5. I resave THAT smaller .jpg.
    6. I go to photobucket and upload the smaller .jpg
    7. I post that photobucket .jpg to this site, using small letters for the IMG (not capital letters) and deleting all the first string

    TA DA!!
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    Thanks Beeps. I can pdf the Excel sheet, save down to a jpeg and resize on Photobucket under 500 pixels. Shouldn't be a big deal. I'm sort of techy. :wink:

    Derby is super fun. Festivities have been going on for several weeks already. Some of the bars are open till 8am on Saturday/Sunday and there is a ton going on. I saw several people waiting for the bus in their track get ups this morning and all the bars have their tents up already. It's just exciting here now. And I work and live sort of in the middle of party mecca. I got my weekend off to an early start with 2 beers at lunch. :drinker: Streets are already closing for the parade. I see not a lot of work getting done this afternoon in my future..... Guess I won't be running after work after all..... Oh well. When in Rome...or Lousiville on Derby weekend.....
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    No *star* challenge for me, in May.
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    Hi Everyone
    My name is Steph, not new here just haven't been involved in groups or discussions. I am, however, looking to shake things up a bit in my world of fitness and food! Primarily in my motivations and accountability.
    As a busy mom of four I often "grab and go" with food. Little bits here and there, thus, my first goal is:
    1) Eat real meals and log everything accurately.
    I have slipped on my water intake, even though I love the stuff, so going back to a newbie goal!
    2) Drink the water!
    3) 11,200 are my cals for the week
    I have three fitness areas; strength, running for the cal burn, and the BOOM! factor of being able to do an Insanity or such
    4) Strength train 3 times a week. I am living in Germany right now and primarily without my weights so I am doing bodyweight stuff and band work. I am working on pistol squats and pull ups and upping my push up reps.
    5) Run 12 miles a week
    6) Do a longer and more intense video once a week. Insanity, Fitness Blender 1000, etc.
    If you do a star challenge for May I would love to be part of it!
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    I LOVE THIS TOP!! It is sparkly gold brocade at the front, and just a plain black fabric in the back.

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    Beeps--your arm's look super buff in that picture! I like the top too!

    steph--good to see you! Ang great goals!

    Ashley--thanks for doing the star challenge! My calories for the week are 14,210. And congrats on the loss!

    That's all I can see/remember. Yesterday was a good day on calories, but still no workout. Wiley was exhausted when he got home so we pretty much just fed him and put him to bed, and as soon as the baby was asleep I just ate and went to bed. So it's not like I skipped the workout to watch TV or something, and I needed the rest. Hopefully once I've caught up on sleep it'll be easier.
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    Wow so much going on with everyone this week!

    Beeps - I love the top and it looks awesome on you! Like Ris said your arms look great!

    Amy - that is so great about your race! I have only been in one where I placed (2nd in my age group - there were only 5 of us in the age group and the lady who came in 1st was 5 years younger than me)

    Kelly - I haven't read the Divergent books. I seem to have so many to get to that those aren't even on my radar yet.

    Ris - Hang in there!

    Steph - Welcome to the conversations and star challenge!!

    Ashley - Thanks for doing the Start Challenge for May! I had no idea there were all those festivities around the Derby. Sounds like a cross between Mardi Gras and a tail gate party!! You could just try running from tent to tent, dodging around people!!
    I saw this today on FB and it made me think of you :wink:

    I am racing this Sunday so only 3 runs this week and my workout Tuesday was focusing primarily on shoulders and arms - push with heavier weight than I have been doing lately. So sore from the chest presses!
    I didn't weigh yet but too stock of my body this morning - I am really happy with the way I look and even the 'leftovers' from all my weight loss are finally starting to go away. I have never ever been this muscular and what an awesome feeling. I am going to focus on that for now and not worry so much about the number on the scale. I will weigh in again after Sunday.
    I do want in on the Star Challenge for May. I am going to try upping my calories a bit and go with 10,500 for the week - keeping my macro % the same.
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    hahahaha at the ebibs photo!

    My arms/shoulders are TOTALLY summer-top ready....yahoooooo!!!!