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    ....and drink PLENTY O' WATER!

    You'll be SUPER-FINE!
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    Good Monday Morning!
    I hope everyone had a great week and was platinum star all the way!

    Beeps- You do such a great job articulating your goals and identifying what changes you want to make!

    CutMD- I am new to this group and have just been really benefiting from the little extra challenge to stay within cal goals. Sounds like you have had a rough road, girl, my heart goes out to you!!

    I did stay within my cal goals this week, Platinum Style according to Amy! However, my workouts have been a F-. Short runs here and there, etc. Nothing great. My goal this week is to get it DONE. We have had the inlaws here as well as health stuff complicating the picture. The way I feel in my skin is both cal related and workout related!! I admit though, I am struggling to grasp where I need to be calorie wise. My TDEE gives me something like 2000 cals a day. I just cant see that making sense when so many of my MFP friends are working out HARD and STRONG and eating at lot less. But I tank regularly, no fuel for workouts etc. Cant seem to find the sweet spot, so working on that.
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    Hi All!

    Steph - As long as you're getting some work out you're doing better than a lot of people!! Just think of all of the people who never move off the couch! I am right there with you with not knowing where I should be calorie wise. I feel like I get different numbers from everywhere! There are too many calculators out there!

    Beeps - Nice job with the water!! I'm trying to drink 2 of my big (56oz) water bottles a day, that will put me at 14 glasses with you if I can follow through! Great looking goals :)

    Amy - That's awesome that you're feeling good about yourself! That's the most important part of getting fit, not for anyone else's benefit, just yours :) I have also been doing hot lemon water in the morning, I think it is definitely helping my skin! I haven't noticed much for bloating, but I'm going to continue to do it!

    Melissa - Welcome back! I'm sorry about your son, with you as his mom he will thrive!

    I can't see/remember anything else at the moment, sorry!

    I have been taking a break with logging and it is not going well at all! I really need to get back on track. I am feeling very envious right now, I saw a girl on fb in a bathing suit who had a baby last year and she looks way better than I do right now... I need to get my butt in gear!! I am starting up the 30 day squat challenge again and I will also try to do at least a 2 minute plank every day. I also need to clean up my eating again and watch my portions. Here are my goals:

    1. Start logging again... logging everything! no cheating!

    2. Eat cleaner, allow some small indulgences, but nothing huge like I have been

    3. Keep up with 30-day squat challenge & planks

    4. Work out 3-4 x a week

    5. Drink 2 full water bottles a day

    Here goes nothing!! Have a great Monday everyone
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    Happy Monday ladies!

    Hey shander. Good to hear from you. I agree logging helps keep me on track better than most things. And don't compare yourself too much to your friend. We are all different and are quick to notice flaws in ourselves, but notice good traits in others (and fail to see them in ourselves).

    Steph, I hear you on the lacking workouts. I have had a lot going on too and I have been doing my best to get my workouts in, but last week I only got in three official workouts. I was active all weekend: prepped and paninted the exterior of my house for a couple hours, walked a bit, etc. but did not get 5 workouts. Eating was ok. Nice job on your platinum!

    Amy, hope you balanced your weekend out.

    Beeps, sounds like you have a good plan as always. I think weekly weighing is ideal; more than that and you'll drive yourself crazy! I too am shooting for lots of water. I just don't feel right without it.

    That's all I can see.

    So, last week was okay. I'm putting forth the effort, so there's that. Still just have so much going on. Vacation is next week and I am very glad. Work has also slowed down, so this week should be nice and relaxing. And my boss is gone. He's a great boss and doesn't get all up in my business or anything, but him not being here allows me to have an even more flexible schedule. Maybe some early days in my future? :smile:

    My plan for the week:
    1. Workouts: Monday - lunch run (bag is packed; I couldn't get up this a.m.); Tuesday - lift during lunch; Wednesday - run to the park and walk home, paint during nap time; Thursday - circuits class; Friday - may take a walk after work, but may not. We leave early Saturday morning so I'll likely ba packing, doing laundry, etc.

    2. Food: Stick with my meal plan. I did some prep work yesterday. On the menu this week for dinner: red chile beef lettuce wraps, tofu sweet potato curry, turkey meatloaf, and of course sweet potatoes with ground turkey, salsa, sour cream, and cheese for lunch.

    3. Get to bed by 10-10:30. I was beat last week. I went to bed at 9:30 on Friday night and slept 10 hours. It was great.

    4. 15 glasses of water daily.

    I also hope to get some activity in during vacation. I'll probably take my jogging stroller. May try to do some HIIT or circuits in the a.m. too with my sis while we're there. Totally doable.

    I hope this week flies by! Have a great week all.

    And don't forget to report in for the final week of the star challenge. I quit logging for a bit, so I got no star again.....
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    Sorry I have been lousy about posting. I do actually read everyone's just never have time to respond & update while I'm at work as that is usually when I have time on the computer. I think I may have to drop my cals to 1500/day as well since my clothes are pretty tight & I need to make some changes to see some results especially with bathing suit season right around the corner. Speaking of which, nice weather has finally made it's way to NH. What an awesome weekend! I went hiking with Tim & the kiddos on Saturday. It was a blast & the view from the Summit of Mt. Major was amazing. It overlooks Lake Winnipesauke & you can also see Mt. Washington. This may not mean anything to those of you from other parts of the country but NH is just beautiful. I also went on my first trail run yesterday & I had a blast. It was a little scary at first. I am terrified of getting injured, but I kind of got used to it after awhile & managed to get in about 3 miles which is good since I am registered for a 5K trail run on the 14th. I am doing well at getting in my running, yoga & dance, but am struggling to squeeze in strength training so I need to work on that. Have a great week!
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    Silver star for me again....just barely I was 950 over last week. But, I got in all my workouts so I am proud of that. The past 2 weeks I have been averaging about 1700-1750 cals a day. I want to be more around 1500 cals a day. An easy fix for this would be to give up wine....but I know that is probably not going to happen.

    Today I did Chalean, tomorrow I will run and Wednesday and Thursday will be Chalean and then Friday morning we leave early for vacation. We are going with another couple and their 2 year old. I will try to get in runs when possible, but its a road trip with many stops, so I will do what I can.
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    Platinum Star for me this week... seems to be I just haven't been eating back my exercise calories for once which is helping. My workouts suffered last week due to doing things around the house... I only got in three real workouts last week, hoping I can change that this week. I still have a lot to do around the house this week, but I have Friday off and will try and get most of my workouts in during my lunch at work.

    My goals for this week are:
    2 lifts, 1 day at yoga and 1 day dedicated cardio
    Keep carbs at a manageable level
    Keep up with my water intake
    Limit treats to once a day

    So jealous of everyone with vacations coming up! Hope you all have a good Monday.
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    I get a Gold star this time - was hoping for Platinum but with my daughter home it just didn't happen... I want to get in a run before it gets too warm so I will respond to everyone and get my goals up this afternoon!
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    I didn't get a star:blushing: embarrassing, but I think I did pretty good, Friday I treadmilled (it was pouring rain) I prelogged my pizza and wine and drinks and stayed under Friday, with the workout, then Saturday I had a light breakfast and went to the baby shower which was bbq from Famous Dave's. I should have looked first but I took a couple of pieces of brisket figured it was 3-4 oz (deck of cards) and when I looked it up-800 cals! I had beer and cake so that day was blown.
    Sunday I did yoga in the park for a friends bday, I had not done yoga for so long! it was good. I might look into the blogilates to complement running for awhile.

    I am lowering my cals to 1500. I have a busy work but I am going to try to get in some workouts to balance out the Rockies game Thursday and Triple Crown Party Saturday.

    Congrats to all the stars, nice work!
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    Yes, congrats to all the star-challengers!

    I had a verrrry good weekend. 3 deficit-calorie-days in a row! So, that has convinced me to drop my calories EVEN lower and I am back to 9,800 per week. Hopefully I can just remain consistent and let the chips fall where they may!

    I ended up with a bunch of extra unplanned cardio this weekend....which makes me HANGRY....so, had to REALLY watch that. I hit the weights, today, to make up for all that boooooooooooooooo cardio, lol!

    I have decided to really work on "building strength", which I haven't worked on for awhile (was kind of going through the motions in my workouts). So, have dropped the reps back to 8-, and will try and go up in weights once per week....which might mean sometimes my reps will be in the 5- or 6- range.

    I'd like to beef up my deadlifts and my weighted hip thrusts....if I could be doing 140-150 lb deadlifts by end of summer and maybe 225 lb hip thrusts, I'd be pretty thrilled with myself!
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    Hi ladies!

    Just a quick checkin--I swear I will catch up with everyone at some point.

    Platinum star for me! I think I was 41 calories under. It was a rough week but I did a long run on Saturday and generally avoided snacking too much during the day Sunday, so I was able to make a big deficit over the weekend. Going forward I really need to be better about keeping my calories more level from day-to-day. I really just need to avoid snacking so much at work. It's definitly borddom/stress eating.
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    Thanks for checking in all. I'm just waiting for Kelly and then will post the star challenge.
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    2 more nights with hubby's Dad and Step-mom....ugh....can't wait until they leave! They exhaust me because they are judge-y people, they live their life to be LAUDED for going and visiting "other family members", they are forever concerned because we are not religious and don't practice any religion (and, shocking! they do...), blah, blah, blah.

    Go away!

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    Hi Everyone!
    I finally have a moment to update my goals and respond! I had a wonderful weekend with my daughter! It was so great to get to see her and spend some time with her. I didn't run or workout over the weekend but I did a longish run on Friday. We did spend the entire afternoon Saturday at the outlet mall walking and talking and walking some more - it is a huge mall with 3 separate sections of stores and we pretty much walked all of it. On Sunday we went to the dog beach and ran around with my crazy dog so we got some activity in just not a workout.

    My goals for this week and for June in general:
    10,500 calories per week - get to Platinum!!
    Hit my macros or at least be close
    Run 5-6 days per week and get up early to go (this is a must do)
    Weights 3x per week
    ABS and Core - daily
    Be consistent!!

    CutMD - Welcome (back) - like Steph I am pretty new and found the group to be awesome for support and camaraderie! Hope you can get your Ex out of the picture soon but you need to lose the weight/get strong for you and for how great it makes you feel.

    Beeps - hang in there, go lift and they will be gone before you know it! :tongue:

    Congratulations Steph, Ramalem, and Ris for your platinum - hoping to be there to this week!
    Ramalem - if you feel the need to paint more you can come visit me :laugh:

    Abigail - your hike over the weekend sounds wonderful and I have the same fear of trail running. I like it when I get to do it because it really can get you away from everything.

    Can I just say I don't know how so many of you can drink so much water (14-15+ glasses)! I try to get in 8-10 glasses maybe 11 if I am really pushing it but I feel like I am going to drown and... I have to pee all the time!

    Have a great week!!
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    Ok, here's a question, I think it will be good because we have some recent brides or soon-to-be.
    I am not trying to be judgy but I heard from a soon-to-be-bride at a wedding I am planning to attend that she always thought that registries were for the shower and people just give cash at weddings-or at least, that was what they do where she is from (midwest).

    I thought this was strange. Very few of our guests gave us money and I didn't expect it, in fact, I sort of got the impression that no one wants to give the couple cash (based on advice columns and general complaints about various things that basically ask for cash). It really doesn't bother me but it leaves me wondering-how much cash do I give-like about what I was going to spend on a gift?

    Please let me know if you have an opinion, or if you had a different experience. I always thought a gift was better because the cash just gets absorbed into the joint finances and you want something they can remember-oh remember how we got this towel from so-and-so...:flowerforyou: :tongue:

    also, I understand not showing up at a wedding with gifts since it is out of town and hard to keep track of boxes, etc. But probably would have gotten a gift card for the place where they registered.
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    Amy- I did not expect cash for my wedding at all, but still actually received quite a bit at the wedding. (We also did a dollar dance that I DID NOT WANT TO DO, but my husbands aunts insisted). I mean the point of registries is for a wedding gift right? I don't even know what happened to our cash to be perfectly honest, it did just get absorbed into the bank account, in fact we probably used it to pay off some of our wedding! :laugh: The cash we did receive was anywhere from $50/pp to $500 I think? Any amount is appropriate and I think if they want cash, giving what you were planning on spending for a gift is totally acceptable.
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    Well - we got married a long, long time ago and things have changed a lot! I have never heard of this though (shower=gift, wedding=cash). In my experience not everyone is invited to the shower, it is usually for close friends and family so I would expect those people who weren't invited to the shower would still get or send a gift. We have always gotten gifts or a gift card from a store the couple were registered with for both the shower and wedding. Even for an out of town wedding a gift can be sent pretty inexpensively to the couple's home.

    When we got married we did get cash but only from a group of people that I worked with. One of the older women made us a beautiful planter and they filled it with the cash - we still have the planter and I have no idea what we did with the cash. Probably used it like Ramalem said to pay down the wedding expenses. I still like looking at things that we received and remembering the people who got them for us and that inevitably leads to us remembering the wedding/reception/friends/funny stories, etc..
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    Amy - My sister just got married in February and I've been to a couple other weddings over the past few years. Over here in RI it seems like you get a gift for the shower and give $$ for the wedding. My sister was grateful for anything of course! It's honestly up to the gift giver! I think if you decide to give cash, just give the amount you would spend on a gift. A gift card is always great too, the bride and groom may want to make a larger purchase and feel bad about putting expensive things on the registry!
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    Hi ladies! There's no way I'll catch up on everything I missed, but I took a quick skim. You ladies are amazing!

    Amy--I've never heard of the presents for shower/cash for wedding thing, though for my wedding we definitely got a lot more cash than I was expecting. It was probably 50/50 between cash or gift cards and registry presents. Maybe its regional. I typically give gifts from the registry. If we're attending the wedding I typically give gifts that are about $100 (I figure that will at least offset the cost of our meals), if I don't attend I might give a little less depending on how well I know the person (maybe $50), and for really good friends we've given more (I think we gave $200 to a very good friend who we knew could use the money). Hope that helps!

    shanaber--glad to hear you had a nice weekend with your daughter!

    cutmd--welcome back! Your abs are an ispiration to us all :happy: I'm sorry that you're going through such a tough time, but I have no doubt that you'll get back to your healthy habits. This is a great spot to find inspiration!

    That's all I can see/remember. I'm going to try to make a better effort to stay on top of things here!

    As for me, my week is going well so far. So far I'm on my way to a platinum star, and I'm feeling pretty motivated. The scale was at 125 this morning, which is down a pound from last week and only two pounds from my pre-baby weight (also my wedding weight, so probably the lowest I'll ever get to, though I technically have my goal set to 120). So that was definitely motivating! I have a beach vacation at the end of August, and I'd love to be able to feel comfortable in a bikini by then. I think it's manageable if I just stick to my calories and work in a little more lifting. So far scheduling runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays has worked well, I just need to figure out a plan for getting in some lifting and some ab work.
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    Please let me know if you have an opinion, or if you had a different experience. I always thought a gift was better because the cash just gets absorbed into the joint finances and you want something they can remember-oh remember how we got this towel from so-and-so...:flowerforyou: :tongue:

    I am in Canada....I totally only give cash - to everyone for every occasion. Maybe it is because I am lazy (yay! no gift shopping!) or maybe it is because I don't give a *kitten* about a "thank you" card....I just figure that whomever gets cash can certainly use it for somethin'.

    That is MY opinion only....likely shared by zero. I am never popular with my opinions, lol!