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    What is Hillary Clinton did all of it for chocolate covered almonds?!
    That is cool you had lunch with her!

    I didn't get to run because it started raining with thunder and lightning so I did an on-demand workout, some trainer named Robert Jones. He killed me.

    Ashley, glad your scale likes you better than mine likes me!
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    Amy, I LIKE your thinking!!


    Better_Balance - that sounds like a perfectly acceptable vacation-weight-gain....or pregnancy-related. Who the h*ll will EVER know, lol!


    Got my Venus-groove BACK ON BABY!

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    Beeps- That's awesome that you had lunch with Hillary. Good luck with your venus!

    Ashley_ Great job on minimal vacation/baby weight. I hope I can keep it together on vacation. I am no where near where I want to be weight wise so I can not afford a gain!

    Amy- Great job doing SOMETHING. That's awesome that he killed you!

    I just spent 2 1/2 hours in my yard. What started as weed pulling and scooping up dog poo turned into swinging a pic ax and moving dirt in a flat wheel barrel. I feel accomplished....and tired. I only slept 6 hours last night.

    I have to run a few errands and work on laundry. I just want to nap
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    No lifting today. I have corporate meetings all morning, but then get to go to a lovely lunch with my middle son where it will FINALLY be revealed whether he is an honours student (over 80 average) or an honours-with-distinction student (over 90 average)....the school is having a "reveal ceremony" for all the honours students + their parents.

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    ....weekend was terrible on the eating front. I am really sad and mad at myself for not just FIXING THAT. I won't dwell on it. I am going to take positive steps to correct it:

    1. I have removed myself from an mfp-group that was running a "scale weight-loss challenge". I guess that makes me a quitter. I will deal with that! I just cannot go by the scale RIGHT NOW, and I want to go by the measuring tape. So, OUT of the challenge! (I was sucking at it....big time....I won't lie....)

    2. I am STAYING off the scale.

    3. I AM measuring my natural waist and my belly-button waist and will USE that to measure my progress over the summer.

    4. I have FOUND a walking partner! We can't start until July 3rd, but then, as much as possible, and weather-permitting, we are going to walk one hour after work everyday.

    5. I can return to 3 x per week weight-training! That should be pretty steady over the summer, excepting the one week when I am on vacation and traveling with my family.

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    I did awful over last week and the weekend as well Beeps! I was just still in vacation mode I think and then all of a sudden Friday morning my lower back started hurting. It still hurts pretty bad, so no running or lifting for me over the weekend and I have a feeling this may put me out of commission for the whole week. So I am just going to be focusing on food.

    Goals for this week until my back heals.....

    1) No protein bars...hard boiled eggs for snacks and breakfast instead
    2) No alcohol at least Monday-Thursday....maybe even Friday
    3) Trying to eliminate sugars....so keep the menu to fruits, veggies, eggs, meat/fish, oil/vinegar, a little dairy in cheese

    Anyone have any recommendations for at home yoga DVDs?
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    Hey ladies. My weekend was actually pretty good now that I think back. I didn't get any running or lifting in because I've had (almost gone) a cold or allergies or something that made me feel pretty icky Friday and Saturday. We did walk to the coffee shop Saturday and I pushed Daphne on her bike yesterday which is harder than it sounds. I'm going down to the basement today during lunch to lift and am doing my old yoga-lates class tomorrow instead of my circuits Thursday as I am having surgery Thursday. I may try to run Wednesday; just see how I feel.

    My eating was pretty good too. Not stellar from macros and stuff, but whatever. I'm pregnant. I didn't pig out. I didn't even eat any icecream. Only popsicles and strawberry shortcake for dessert!

    This week I'm just goint to keep doing the same: eat reasonably, drink water, shoot for 4 workouts pending recovery time. And sleep. I need to fully recover from my funk. I slept a combined 18 hours Friday and Saturday nights which I think is why I woke up yesterday feeling almost normal.

    Well it's a new week ladies! Time to get back on track! :smile:
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    It *is* time to get back on track, lol!!

    To THAT end:

    1. 9,800 calories per week, FOR ME - I will be relying on protein shakes and protein bars....that's ALL (plus 2 x yogurts) I get to eat before a normal-portion (home-cooked) supper.

    2. TONS of water.

    3. BRUSH my teeth after every protein shake or bar or meal or snack.

    That's it! Can do it!! Should result in BLOAT OFF and we'll see what I look like come mid-July. I am NOT tampering with the formula for AT LEAST 3 WEEKS!
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    I had an amazing time at my daughter's in Seattle the last 5 days! We went wine tasting, ran into some of her friends in a small town and shared a bottle of wine and then had wine at home! Along with the wine we had some amazing dinners - mostly copper river salmon which is a really big thing there and so very delicious! Now I am in Dallas for the rest of the week and in meetings all day every day. I will catch up with everyone when I get home this weekend! I am hoping to just stay within my calories and try to get in some time at the gym here at the hotel if there aren't too many evening work things to attend. Still no running for me - hopefully next week!

    Have a great week everyone!!
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    shanaber - that sounds like SUCH a fun time!!

    I am actually quite looking forward to when I have adult children that WANT me to come along and do ADULT things with them!!

    (My adult son is still in grunge-rocker phase....so he has zero cash to do anything with mama!)
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    Hi ladies!

    Finally back from vacation. Had a great time in Montana and so not happy to be back at my desk today :sad: Didn't really do a whole lot aside from eating and sitting, but I tried to make good food choices as I controlled the menu for the week! I'm ready to get back into it this week, but am going to try and not log again and see what happens. It was SO nice taking that time off from logging - but I need to make sure I'm consistent with healthy eating and being active.

    I can't see/remember everything but...

    Chloe - I don't have any DVD rec's but I use doyogawithme.com. They have a lot of free yoga videos for all levels. Worth checking out.

    Better - Hope the surgery goes well! I might have to stop looking at my scale soon, I'm up 9.5 lbs at 19 weeks. Way to go on no ice cream, it's been my downfall.

    Beeps - Good goals - get it!

    Shanaber - Glad to hear Seattle was great! What wineries did you make it to? Good luck in Dallas!

    My goals for this week are:

    -Lift at least twice, perhaps 3 times (Starting Stage 6 of New Rules of Lifting)
    -Cardio 1-2 times
    -Healthy eats
    -Water Water Water!

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Welcome back, ramalem!
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    Just checking in quick! I've been trying to keep up with reading the thread, I just haven't had time to post!!

    Ashley - CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you!!

    Beeps - Those look like great goals. I'm trying to get back on track too.. summer is always my downfall! I love the food at cook outs way too much! Hello potato salad! You'll get the bloat off quick! I've started to see the difference when drinking hot lemon water, so maybe you could try that too.

    Ram - I'm glad you had a great vacation! Great looking goals too :)

    Shanaber - What wineries did you go to in Seattle? I think I'm going there in September and I love wine tasting! Let me know :) Glad you had a great time with your daughter!

    That's all I can see/remember!

    I really need to start controlling my weekends better! I think I ended up having close to 2 bottles of wine over the course of the day on Saturday (Started at 10 with mimosas and stopped around 11:30 pm) yikes! I'm still doing well during the week, but weekends I let loose a little too much. I've been good with going to the gym in the morning still, I just would like to get the motivation to do more at home workouts, maybe with some blogilates, but I'm having difficulty wanting to do that when I get home! Any advice? I am going to try and be very good for the next 3 weeks especially. I'll be heading to Michigan to visit my fiance's family and his grandma makes delicious, but very HEAVY foods!! Last time I went I came home over 5lbs heavier!! I think I'll bring my sneakers and work out gear there too so I can get a run or 2 in... hopefully! Alrighty, that's all for now! Time to jump into the work day!

    Have a great Wednesday :)
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    Shander- No advice for you on the working out after work, I can't do it either. I have to get it done the second I get out of bed or it doesn't happen

    Welcome back Ram! I know that feeling of hating to sit at your desk after vacay!

    Shanaber- That sounds like an amazing trip!

    I still have not worked out at all this week, just stretching. My back is getting better, but I know my body and I think I am going to take it easy until at least the weekend, maybe even Monday. But, my diet has been right on point, and haven't had any drinks. Scale is still up from vacation, but its trending down so that's good.
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    It's time....
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    Whew, I NEEDED a 'new start' to this 2-week-challenge board....and HERE IT IS!!

    I had a patio evening blow-out last night with a gf and drank WAAAAYYY too many beers and had WAAAAYYYYY too many calories and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

    Now, it is RIGHT BACK ON TRACK.

    1. NO calories after supper.
    2. NO scale - just measuring tape for a few weeks.
    3. LOTS of water.
    4. GET my lifting in.

    That's it. Right back-on-track.

    I ain't gonna lie, I literally look 4 months' pregnant! The bloat right now is AWFUL. I have to drink LOTS of water and I have to EAT LESS....period....or that bodyfat ain't NEVER gonna leave my frame!