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    Beeps - I hope your low calorie weekend is going well! I started out that way but too many errands meant eating on the run and I haven't eaten well.


    yeah....that never happened.....

    my star calories for this week are about 11,200. So ULTIMATE FAIL.

    But, yes, I had a SUPER-GREAT weekend, lol!

    I am right back to where I started, and that is "okay".....I don't have time to get mad at myself, I just need to put the right habits in place to consistently work towards my goals.


    I am in FULL ON DIET MODE. I am cutting out sweets, white foods, etc., etc.....I really need about 30 days of full-on "diet" to then feel like I can start adding some foods back in. I have to REMOVE liquor (again!) because I am just a fool with it. I will permit ONE drinking supper-time per week, and for this week, it will be Thursday, for diner en blanc.

    Here's to day 1!!

    (Please "check-in" with me and help me stay accountable....the longer the STREAK of days that I am "dieting", the better I will feel about keeping THAT streak ALIVE!)
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    Well, I was under goal by a few cals! I do sun-sat, though, in case anyone is checking my math. I still need to enter yesterday but it's hard because I watched the world cup at a bar, had fish n chips and goodness knows I have no idea how to count, fried fish can range a lot, french fries too. How do most of you handle that?

    This week will be a challenge, eating out tonight and Thursday, then camping Fri-Sun. I will try to stay active when Camping. I don't know if I can be really good, though, so many temptations.

    Last week I got in several workouts and we hiked and did a little trail running on Saturday, but Sunday I was totally lazy. I probably won't workout today either.
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    No Star for me - PMS got the best of me. I didn't log. I had a wonderful, much needed date night on Sat. I ate yummy breakfast Burritos on Sunday. I can't remember the last time I worked out - Maybe Thurs????

    That ends TODAY. One of of my MFP firends is also a teacher blogger and has lost 100 pounds. She is starting her second round of her three week no cheats and I CAN DO IT! She even made a little calendar that I printed and put on my fridge. I like the visual. Plus, I go back to work in 4 weeks :sad: I LOVE my job, but I LOVE summer, too!

    Shanber - AWESOME JOB staying under! I'm sorry about your hand. I hope it feels better soon.

    Chloe- How is piYo? I was thinking about getting it but wanted to see someones results first.

    Ashley- Sounds like a nice weekend!

    Beeps- Sorry your weekend was over, but at least you logged it! This week, you CAN DO IT!

    Amy- Great job staying under last week and good luck doing it again this week. I know when we camp, there's a lot of beer and s'mores!
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    Don't have time for much of a response as I am heading out the door to the airport. I am still waiting for a few check-ins for the Star Challenge so I will post it later tonight. So far it looks like we were either platinum or no star :huh:

    If you haven't posted your results and any changes for this week please do so and I will get it updated and posted
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    Hello everyone, I am back from vacation so it will take me awhile to catch up on everyone's posts. No star for me as I only had access to beach & amusement park food for most of last week so there was a lot of pizza, fried food & ice cream in my diet. I did have a great week though, the weather was absolutely perfect & we had a blast. I even got some good exercise in which was great & I did a mountain run yesterday morning so I am sore today, but it was good practice because I will finally be able to race this Wednesday as long as there are no thunderstorms - fingers crossed!
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    kclynch - I am with you on the "no cheats". I am soooooooo there right now!!!

    shanaber - thanks for running the challenge, at all...I feel quite "defeated" when I don't even get a *star*, but it is okay because I am aiming for PLATINUM from this point on!!

    abigail - sounds like a fun, fun, FUN week! So, that's totally cool that a "break from reality" meant beach and amusement park....the rest of life can certainly wait a week, right???!!?

    Got my lifting in-and-done and am feeling like this is going to be GREAT week!

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    Made it to Charlotte and wanted to get this up. Haven't heard from Ramalem or Shander so going without their input.


    Like I said earlier we were either 'No Star' or Platinum last week :laugh:

    I am working working working until I fly home late Wednesday. Really going to try to stay under or near my goals and keeping the macros in line. No running for another week and I didn't bother to drag work out clothes here cause I knew there would be no time to get to a gym. I will fit in some stretching, abs and other body weight exercises in my room. Looking forward to lifting when I get home and some walking or cardio at the gym!

    Beeps (and everyone really) - we are going for Platinum... Come on you got this!

    Have an awesome and successful week everyone!
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    Have a great week, shanaber!!

    Yes, I am going to get me a "platinum" star next week. For sure.

    I just had to get comfy with a "grumbly tummy" and, well, I'll probably have 4- or 5- more days of "discomfort" before my body will start to recognize that, yes, indeed, this is ALL the food you are getting today!! THAT IS IT, so deal!!
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    ok, what does "no cheats" mean?
    I couldn't do it, but I still think my cheats can be worked in, not going over my weekly allotment.
    For me, 3 splurges every week is do-able, yet restrictive enough to see changes. It really matters if I don't have a "free for all" weekend...

    Last night I got a run, a good dinner, a little wine and I was under.

    Planning on a trail run tonight if the weather cooperates!
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    Amy - I think you are a LOT younger than me....I remember the days when "cheats" would still work well within a DIET, lol!

    For me, "cheats" just lead to too many days in a row of BAD habits....that slippery slope, for me, is a whole gawd-d*mn CLIFF!

    Better, for me, to just AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. I mean, for 30 days, who cares??? Just head down and get 'er done.
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    Also, for me, this is the ONLY stretch of time (like maybe 25 days) where we have NO company on the horizon! I have had STEADY company since end of May!!!

    No wonder my weight is SKY HIGH!

    Anyway, without company, without the entertaining and the eating and the drinking, and the socializing, I really feel like I can eat as little as possible, walk all night long, get my lifting in, and in a month, step on the scale and see how I did!!

    I am limiting my calories to protein and veggies ONLY. That's it! Protein will help keep me full, veggies will help keep me regular, and that's all I need.
  • Beeps2011
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    Monday was a perfect (low-calorie) day. Tuesday was a perfect (low-calorie) day. Gonna make it a 3-peat!!

    Back to the gym for the third lunch in a row, and will get in a walk tonight (for the 3rd night in a row)....still looking forward to seeing tummy reduce!

    Oh, and it is diner en blanc, tomorrow, so I won't be at the gym - too scared of ruining my white dress during any of my day-time activities!
  • amysj303
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    Last night the weather was bad so I didn't get the trail run, and I should have worked out but I couldn't make myself. I went shopping and got a pair of jeans and a couple of bras:happy: I picked up chipotle for dinner and kept it at 400 cals, but then I had a couple of beers and an ice cream sandwich. :blushing:

    But I weighed in and was down a pound from last week which is good incentive to try to be reasonable when camping and not totally binge but it will be hard bc I have PMS... which means I want fat, and chocolate:)
  • Beeps2011
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    PMS NEVER used to bother me! And, frankly, it still doesn't bother me too much....except I *do*, in fact, notice cravings at that time of the month! Since I had my period last week, I am really gonna work hard for the next couple (3) weeks to make sure that I am whittling away as MUCH as I can before I AM fighting PMS.


    PS - shanaber...I am 100% on-track for a platinum star this week....just sayin'....
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Beeps- YOU ROCK! I NEED your motivation!

    Amy- I wish I could shop and eat ice c ream AND drop a pound! Woo-hoo! You're doing fabulous!

    As far as no cheats, my friend said that is different for everyone. For me, I say it is staying with 5% of my macros, under calories, and 6 workouts. So...Today is still day 1!!! I have done really well with calories this week - Monday my Macros were 1% off and that was with a beer and a cookie! But I am STILL slacking on the workouts.

  • amysj303
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    ok, KC, so it's not like totally strict, you can work in some treats here and there. What are your macros?

    I have tried at various times to hit macros but I have found it very difficult. I think getting more protein is one thing I could focus on a little more.
  • Beeps2011
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    kclynch....we can borrow motivation from each other!!

    I did complete my work-out at lunch. I am super-tired....not gonna lie. And I am super-hungry.


    But, I am totally anti-food and so I am drinking crazy amounts of water and praying bedtime arrives super-soon!!

    My white dress arrived today! (Thank goodness!) So, diner en blanc is *on* for tomorrow....I will take this evening to beautify myself....my toes, for sure. And also my hair (which has to last not only through the workday tomorrow, but also through the actual evening event!)

    No walk tonight....it is super-hazy and super-smoky out (from forest fires 1 province away!)....terrible for my asthma.

    Tomorrow no work-out....but, I will snap some pictures from diner en blanc and you'll be SO happy to see THOSE!
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    I am sitting In the Phoenix airport waiting for my delayed flight home... What else to do but check in and see how you all are doing! Finding out is difficult to update with an iPhone :) but doing my best

    Beeps - You Go Girl! WhooHoo! Like I said you got this! Can't wait to see those pictures from your Diner en Blanc!!
    Amy - I want to drink beer and eat ice cream and lose a pound, too!
    KC - staying within my calories, hitting my macros and working out seems to work best for me too. I just can't seem to get in all the workouts between injuries and travel. It will get better - soon!

    Home in a few hours and up tomorrow to power walk with the pup and strength training!!
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    Hey All!

    Sorry for being MIA, work has been crazy! I'm trying to get a lot done before I leave for vacation tomorrow. This week I got a BRONZE star.... could have done better!! (sorry for being extremely late shanaber!) This coming week will be hard.. I'm going to Michigan to visit my fiance's family and his grandma does NOT mess around with her cooking!! Luckily most of it will have meat in it, so that will limit my temptations a bit. I do plan on bringing my sneakers and some workout gear to go running around the lake we're staying near. I hope I can keep myself in check!

    I wish I could respond to all of you, but work is calling my name and I'm trying to take tomorrow off too!! I hope you all have fabulous weekends if I don't talk to you before then!!
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    Hey chicks. It's my Friday! Woo hoo! The weather is gorgeous in KY; feels like fall. I've had a so-so week. I have only gotten one real workout in. I did running intervals and ended up with 25 total running minutes with walking in between with the stroller Tuesday. Which is getting harder, but I felt good after. I was even a little sore the next day, which is abnormal since I run regularly. I ended up skipping my class because I had a meeting out of town and was pushing it for time. I decided I didn't want to stress/get into traffic, so just went and picked Daphne up and immediatly went for our run. I'm off tomorrow so plan on running in the morning. I'd like to get some lifting in since I haven't lifted in 2 weeks because of my surgery. I sort of thought about heading down to the basement gym towards the end of the day, but forgot to bring a bag, so oh well.... Maybe I'll just leave early and go home and work out before i pick up Daphne. We also walked up to dinner last night but the three cookies I ate when I got home pretty much scratched that.... :blushing:

    I'm up a pound this week which brings my official first trimester weight gain to 5 pounds. Not too bad I guess.

    I always struggled with macros too Amy and Kelly. I had mine set to 40 (carbs) /30 (protein) /30 (fat) and was usually more like 45/25/35 or worse (carb heavy). But eating fruit kicks up the carb count, so..... Really, if I aim for 100g of protein, my macros seem to even out, but I always struggled with that too. My macros now probably look like about 60/20/20, but whatevs.

    It's good to hear from you all. Beeps enjoy your fancy dinner! What's it for?

    Shanaber, hope you got on the plane!

    Shander, have a fun weekend.

    Kelly good luck with your no cheats.

    Amy, shopping, icecream, beer, and pound loss is awesome! :drinker:

    Better run. I hope my day passes quickly. I'm ready to start my weekend!