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    OK.. Back to normal routine. This morning I woke up at 5:30, and will be at the gym at 6:15 to do heavy lifting. I will work & DS has soccer tonight. No more vacation or days off for a month.

    We used our new BBQ yesterday. It works well, so I am looking forward to grilling often for the rest of the summer.

    Pam: I used to have IT, hamstring, hip flexor, you name it leg & knee problems. Now that I do heavy lifting and have increased the strength of my hamstrings, quads, etc from doing squats, I don't have any issues. I will have DOMs tomorrow from taking 2 weeks off, and just messing around for a few weeks before that, but the strength that I added has stayed. Just something to think about. I almost feel that heavy lifting solves bunches of problems. It is especially good for us as we age

    Have a great day everyone! Happy Monday!
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    Sounds like everyone had a busy and fun weekend. Lisa, congrats on the new vehicle and the new BBQ! You will definitely enjoy that I know. We haven't done much on the grill this summer. My husband has been working late hours on the farm and I refuse to learn to grill! LOL! I do almost all of the cooking for the family, so grilling is his job. Also, thanks for the tips on the 5k goal. I'm planning to just slowly start increasing my time over the next couple of weeks and then maybe move to a 10k training plan. I do a lot better when I have a regimented training program to follow. I'd also like to increase my running from 3 to 4 days soon, but I'm going to do it slowly. I'm trying to follow the 10% rule as I've read it really helps to prevent/minimize injury.

    Brenda, you are really moving along with C25K! It seems like you just started and now you are on week 6. I run outside but I don't think it is bad to multitask while running on the treadmill. I would have to watch tv or something as I feel like I would go crazy staring at the wall. Knowing me, I would probably try to figure out a way to read a book while on the treadmill. Would probably not be a good thing!

    Pam, I am so envious of your long bicycle rides. I would like to try to fit in a bicycle ride once a week or so. May be one of my goals for next month. We are the same way with vehicles. My husband and I have not had a new vehicle in over 10 years. We did just finish paying for my son's used vehicle for college, and I'm hoping we will get something new/used soon for my husband.

    Johanne, the fireworks do sound amazing! Great job getting on the rollercoaster with your daughter. No way I could do it. I have never been able to overcome my fear to ride one.

    Marielle, sounds like you enjoyed a nice, lazy Sunday with your girls. So nice!

    Maureen, your mileage is amazing! I'm just impressed that I have run over 30 miles since I started tracking my runs in nike+. I can't imagine doing 40k in a week! Would love to know what book you choose to read next! I think it's getting time for me to do a little reading! I've resisted the urge since I started working out because I know I will just veg out when I do so!

    Cindy, Friday afternoon with a book sounds heavenly! What a nice treat for the summer! You are doing great on C25K!

    Today I'm going to do a 40 minute walk/run: walk for warmup (5 minutes) walk for cooldown (5 minutes), and run for 30 minutes. I'm planning to do this one more time then increase my running by 5 minutes or so. I bought a few weights and a barbell from craigslist yesterday. Also salvaged a weight bench one of our neighbors had in storage. I've been trying to decide on a new weight lifting program and I have finally settled on Greyskull LP. Hoping to get started on that this week.

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    Forgot to update on the horse show! My husband agreed to splitting the time with me, and I'm so glad he did! Saturday went well. My oldest daughter was reserve champion in her division, and my youngest did really well for her first show with her new horse. I came home late Saturday evening and swapped off with my husband. Sunday, my oldest daughter's horse slipped in the mud and almost fell! My daughter was able to hang on but she was pretty shaken up (I'm told she was crying when she came out of the ring and she very seldom cries in public so I know it was bad). July 1 was her one year anniversary from her back surgery for scoliosis. Her surgeon approved her for riding months ago, and at her one year checkup said her fusion looked solid. It's still so scary though thinking of her falling off the horse! I'm so glad my husband was there instead of me when it happened. No telling what I would have done!!!
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    Just a quick wave hello from me: wave-smiley.gif?1292867696

    Soooo busy in work, chat again soon..!
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    Good afternoon everyone !

    Just a quick entry for me as well so no indivudal nods, but, I do have to say you are all such great active ladies !!!! I am impressed and inspired! I'm not sure that I could do that running; it would probably be rough on my knees. I sometimes do power walks outdoors and have a hard time getting far when I try to boost it up to a jog ! I have, however, been able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical at a pretty steady pace. I seem to get a sore lower back the next day though (when power walking or the elliptical). Admittedly I move my upper body a lot too, so maybe that doesn't help. Does anyone else have this problem? I actually bought a support for my lower back that I used on the elliptical on Friday and I also wear at karate now, which helps a little.

    Today I am focusing on trying to control this downwards mood swing and stay positive (these happening off and on of late - physical, mental or physiological (ugh - premenopause??)- I'm not sure! :-). Back into regular eating routine and karate tonight ! That will be great I did have a pretty good weekend overall...the amusement park terror, cold and whiplash notwithstanding ! lol I stayed on track with my eating despite being out and about and am hoping that the end of week weigh in will be positive !

    p.s. Robyn suggested I fill in the About Me section of my profile, which I have not yet done but I shall as soon as I get a chance.

    Have a great rest of day !!
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    Happy Monday!

    Emy - congrats to your on reserve champion - must be awesome, but I don't know what it is :) Glad your other daughter is okay, sounds like a scare for you all!

    Brenda - nice to see you online again. I think we've passed each other in the nights - or maybe running with the C25K; glad you are doing so well with it :)

    Joahanne, glad you're hanging in with us. Power walking is just as good as jogging so as long as you are out there!

    Tonight was the first day of week 3 for me. I read it before I left the house and choked - 3 solid minutes of running (and more than 1x!!!). But I am SO SO HAPPY to say - I DID IT! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! And I wasn't totally gasping like I thought I would be. I love this thing :)

    So today was my C25K. Tomorrow I'm going to do my app for butt. And I'll continue logging.

    Stay cool and motivated friends!
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    G'Morning all!

    Yesterday I did heavy weights. I de-loaded quite a bit hoping to avoid some starting over pain. Well.. that didn't work. I have pain. Lots of pain!

    Today I will go for a run. I will finish my coffee & go since it is supposed to be super hot today with air quality advisories & humidex warnings. That means a busy day at the store too!

    Awesome job Cindy with C25K. You will get there. It is still amazing to me that I can run more then 3 minutes!

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Good morning! Lisa, enjoy your run. Y'all must be having one of our days there. It was so hot and humid here yesterday that I didn't go run until after 8 p.m. I would much rather go in the mornings, but I can't seem to make myself get up any earlier than I do now.

    Cindy, reserve champion is just second overall in her division. She's come a long way with her horse, but now she can't seem to break the barrier between 2nd place and 1st! I told her that was a nice problem to have though! I'm so glad you are enjoying c25k now! It is a lot of fun I think but I had to approach it with an attitude that there was no pressure or expectations for me to get it done in a certain way (speed/distance/etc.) Once I did that, it was fun. Like Lisa said, it continues to amaze me that I can run more than 3 minutes. I was just thinking that to myself last night as I was running.

    Johanne, hope you are focusing on positive thoughts this morning! Don't let that negativity get you down. I know it's easier said than done, but so important!

    Marielle, good morning (or afternoon to you)! Hope work isn't too too busy today!

    I'm going to start my new lifting program tonight. My husband helped me a little last night just running through a few of the exercises. My 13 year old got into it too so maybe I will have some company now that I have some exciting new toys!

    I'm doing two races this week. A 2 mile fun run tomorrow evening and then a 2 mile run in New Orleans on Saturday evening. I'm excited, but nervous as well. I'm thinking this time that I might actually plan some walk breaks. Last time, I had to do a good bit of walking even though I really wanted to run the whole way. This time, I'm going to plan on walking and maybe increase my speed during my running intervals. We will see how Wednesday goes.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Good Morning
    I haven't posted in a few days I think. My eating has not been the best, I have been doing a bit of grazing during the evenings, exactly what I had stopped myself from doing since May. I can see it starting to slip back in and I really have to put a stop before it gets out of control. My goal for today is to 1. drink a LOT of water and 2. do something tonight to take my my off of snacking. Maybe a bike ride or something.
    Spent a good part of yesterday in town, dentist appt and my son came along with me - he lost his wallet so needed to get a new drivers license. Now that we have got him his new cards he will probably find his wallet! Lol

    I will do a run today, its foggy so not as hot as it was yesterday. Distance will TBA! haha

    Johann - the spartan race would be a great challenge for sure, and so nice to do it with your son. My son likes his PS as well! Hope your cold is better, I just recently got over one.

    Lisa - the color run sounds like fun! Great job on the long run :) Glad that you got your BBQ, it is so great to grill on there. Hope that your pain gets better!

    Siannah - we have done some tabata at a class that I sometimes attend, they are a great workout.

    Pam - tendonitis isn't fun, hope you can get it all figured out and fixed up.

    Brenda - sounds like you have been pretty busy, and great job with the C25K. I agree about staring at the wall! We have recently put a tv in front of the TM. Helps a lot!

    Emy - I have to say that is the highest mileage I've had in a very long time in one week. I doubt that will be happening every week, already this week I am down. Yesterday was SO HOT, I would like to have run longer but decided not to. I track my runs in Runkeeper, so I have every run since Christmas 2010 in there. Lol I am now reading a Jennifer Weiner book called All Fall Down. I have never read one of hers before, its pretty good. I'm glad that you and your hubby swapped off on the show, and very glad that your daughter didn't get hurt !! Wow, scary.

    Cindy - hiya there! Great job on Week 3!! You did it...and it feels great! :)

    Have a great day all
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    Good morning everyone ! Always inspiring to see all of your messages ! I wish I had time to properly answer everyone.
    Just a few brief things before focusing on work ! WIll have to push through the day as I went to bed waay to late (in part because I was writing my profile here - and also because my sister (who moved into my house when she lost her job in November until she can find another one) does sometimes just talk non-stop and it's hard to get a break. I love her and am happy to help her out, but it's not an ideal situation for any of us I guess. :-)

    Lisa - that's too bad about the pain. I know how difficult that can be. I have read a lot about weights and "lifting heavy" Would I sound too ignorant if I asked what exactly that would entail? It is also going to be a scorcher out there today. Thankfully there is AC at the dojo where I train, but with the sun beating in the window and everyone working, it still gets stifling. I can't imagine running outside. I try not to complain about the heat too much given how much I hate the cold in the winter and how brief our summer is !

    Emy - That is great about the horse show! I am sure your daughter is frustrated but great that she is not giving up ! Maybe she gets that perserverence and winning spirit from mom ? :-) Oooh... good luck with the races ! That is awesome !

    Maureli - I hear you, but don't give up! You can get back on track. I know how hard it is to stick to it every day, day after day, and sometimes we just want to not think about it. You can do this though! That is such a pain re the wallet but you are right, he'll probably find it once everything is taken care of ! p.s. I "love" BBQ as well; I even BBQ in the winter !

    Today my cold seems to be feeling better and I just have a bit of a stuffy head. Other than feeling tired and a tad cranky :-)... I am feeling a little lighter than yesterday morning, so that is good. My mood lifted throughout the day yesterday so I was happy to push past the way it started. Will plan on going to sit outside on my lunch hour and soaking up some midday sun and then karate again tonight.

    I hope you all have an amazing day. Thanks so much for so quickly making me feel a welcome part of the group. Hopefully I will get to "know" everyone with a little more ease soon so I can have everyone's stories straight!

    Cheers !
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    I've read "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. I really enjoyed it, but then I haven't remembered to look for any of her other books. I'm always looking for ideas for books/authors so I will try to remember her when I get ready to read something new, hopefully that will be soon! Thanks!

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    Hello my lovelies, finally time for a catch-up. Best open two browser windows, I'm behind! wet-kiss-smiley.gif?1292867699

    Very very warm and humid here, if only those blimmin clouds would go, we'd have a scorcher here as well. I only managed a walk last night and not even a very fast one and I doubt I'll do much more this evening. This weather zaps the energy out of me. I'm on 1500 cals a day and if I don't exercise I find it very hard to stay within that amount, but I suppose even if I go over by 200 or so, it's not that a big deal really.

    Emy that horse show sounds brilliant, but I can only imagine the fright of your poor girl (and you!)! My friend's daughter is just out of hospital actually, scoliosis as well, it's quite common isn't it. They're not having an easy time, hope she'll recover soon.
    Hope you'll enjoy your two upcoming runs!

    Johanna, wow you really made an effort in your profile, it's lovely to read.
    I was laughing at your "you're all normal" comment. I agree, I love that about this group. We all try our best, we fail, we get back up, we love a treat. Some mfp-members take it all so seriously. Good for them, but not realistic for a lot of people.

    Woohoo Cindy, you're turning into a proper runner! running-smiley.gif?1292867665 Well done you!

    Great going on the lifting Lisa! We have the weights are barbells at home and I play around with them, but I find it hard to motivate myself. I workout best with a video or youtube, where I do the exercise with a trainer (Jillian Michaels, Fitnessblender). I tend to give up at home after a few reps.
    Do you have a trainer, or a programme that you follow? Sorry you're in pain at the moment, how annoying! I got a bit of sciatica at the moment, which is not great either, being in an office job sitting all day.

    Maureen hang in there, try to put a stop to the grazing. Mmmm bit rich coming from me, I do the exact same. Good all day and then I'll be up and down to the kitchen at night like a yoyo, eating rubbish like children's jellies and fun size chocolate bars (enough to make it 3 full sized bars...)

    I'm going out with my best mates on Friday, we usually try to get together on the last Friday of the month (pay-day) and make a night of it. Can't wait! Husband and children will be away, they're on the way to his mum then, children will spend the week there. So I have the house to myself (and my hangover) all weekend! yaysmilesa-smiley.gif?1292867704
    We have this plan to do the ghost bus tour ( It's for the tourists really and I can't quite remember who came up with the plan, but it comes with a free pint so hey ho, why not!
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    Hello ladies! It's the day before my weigh in and I am excited to see how I did this week. So much more success with logging and eating clean, I hope it will be one of those mornings when I want to shout from the rooftops! I did a new strength training routine today, which was fun! I have been alternating between two full body workouts each week, it seems to fit in well with my cycling and walk/hike days. But I decided that I need to start doing some variations (wide grip rather narrow / incline bench rather than regular bench). So I got to googling and sorted out a couple new routines to throw in for variety. I had fun, but tomorrow will surely be DOMS-filled. Good thing it's a rest day!

    This is the time of year when I'm glad I'm not running. I thought that the humidity had sucked my life force out when I left for the gym this morning. Goodness it is muggy here, glad to know I'm not alone. I'm headed to the beach in a few weeks, so I just need to survive until then!

    Brenda, way to go with C25K. That is LOTS of running with no break, be proud! And I’m glad to hear that you love your Traverse.

    Lisa, I agree with that lifting advice. When I was predominantly running, I always had injuries, would end up at PT, and he’d say that this was weak, or that was imbalanced, etc. I find that I’m more injury proof when I’m staying strong. Right now I’m strength training regularly, but not cleared to do so by lifting the big bar. I have to use machines where I’m not putting extra weight and stress on my foot. I think the combo of cardio exercises that I can do (rowing, cycling) along with sitting while I’m doing that adductor/abductor machine are all working those flexors more than usual. I did design a couple new strength routines that I started today, we’ll see if that helps!

    Emy (googling Greskull LP), I am looking forward to hearing how you like this. I just joined my gym in Feb, and before that , I always steered clear of formal st programs, I just didn’t have all the equipment I needed. Now I’m reminding myself that I should really look into something like this, so tell me what you think as it progresses! Also glad your daughter is okay! Congrats on the great horse weekend.

    Maureen, way to recognize that you’re slipping into old habits. Put up a sign on the kitchen wall, or post a picture to remind you to be mindful. And having a plan for some distracting activity is definitely a move in the right direction!

    Johanne, keep your head up lady!

    Marielle, I too exercise purely so I can eat a little extra each day. Rest days kill me because it feels so meager. A kid-free week!? Well woohoo for you! Enjoy yourself (but not too much in an eating and laying around way).
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    Good evening :)

    Lisa, sorry you are in so much pain. Take it slow so you can heal soon. Wishing you good business today! Do you have a hot-tub? Do you use it or the thrill of it over since you are in the shop all the time? We have one and I love it - especially on the cool nights.

    Emy, congrats to your daughter on 2nd place - 1st will be there soon! I love your thought 'such a problem to have' :) How wonderful you are doing 2 races this week - let us know! I remember my first (and only) - what a great feeling when going through the finish line. I'm hoping to do a 'color run' with my son this September, we are starting to look and see when there is one. Enjoy yourself! Also, been meaning to ask - are you still doing 17 day cycle? I decided to restart on Monday (have to finish some foods and get new ones first)

    Maureen, hope you got your run in - and stayed away from snacking tonight. Amazing how easy it is to slip. Just remember we have all done it and you had a few bad nights, but can get back into it!

    Johanne, ha ha on your sister. You'll miss her one day :) Hope you are feeling better and back into the swing of things!

    Marielle, hope you got a walk in when the sun went down. Can be difficult in the heat though. Maybe some indoor stuff til it cools down. Your weekend sounds fun!!!! Enjoy!

    Pam, good luck on weigh in tomorrow; isn't it great to actually look forward to stepping on the scale! I do weigh myself everything other day, but only log on Fridays. I like your workout schedule of alternating. I always think I'll try, but never do. You've got me thinking again!

    Listening to you all on the heat, I'm thinking how lucky I am to be in New England where it's been mild. Tomorrow is to turn muggy, but only in the 80s, and by Friday nights will be back to a low 70. I guess I'll enjoy it extra nice! But in my winter, I'll be jealous!
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    Whew! Busy day here yesterday! I have only a couple of minutes so I will answer what I remember!

    Heading to the gym, then taking the kids to day camp & work will fill my day until bedtime!

    I do a program call stronglifts 5x5. It is a very simple program of 2 workouts consisting of 3 exercises (5 in total) that you alternate, and it is uses a barbell. Workout A: squats, bench press, barbell row Workout B squats, overhead press, deadlift. It is a full body workout, and I haven't felt as strong as I feel now. I can't wait until I lose the weight to reveal all the muscle I have built up underneath the fat. I do the work out with my mom. We got a lot of resistance at the gym when we first started because it was different. You are supposed to squat low (*kitten* to grass) & people were telling us we were doing it wrong, that we should do sometime else, etc. Now we are part of the scenery & since we are injury free after several months they leave us alone. Personal trainers give complicated routines that take a lot more time. We are in and out in 45 minutes. My mom is thinner then me & you can see the muscle definition that she has built up. It is amazing for a 64 year old.

    Cindy: I do have a hot tub, and usually use it. Yesterday I was just too tired and sore (and it was too hot outside!) to use it.

    Glad everyone is happy & active!

    Good luck on your weigh in today Pam!

    Happy hump day!
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    Thanks for that Lisa. I googled the Stronglifts 5 x 5 and there's an app as well, which I put on my phone.
    Only thing - and this is lazy me coming out - not sure if I can be bothered with changing the weights on the barbells all the time, seems very annoying to keep having to take a break. I know, nonsense issue...

    Very warm here again today, I succumbed and finally turned on the airco on my office. I hate having it on, but it's just too stuffy here.
    My girls are out to a supercool adventure centre today with their summercamp, they're going to have to wade through the bogs (so spare clothes and shoes were packed). I'm expecting mud up in their eyebrows LOL.
    Tomorrow's their last day in camp already, last 4 weeks have flown by! Rest of their holidays (another 5 weeks) will be between grandparents, me and husband. They don't realise what lucky girls they are.

    Cindy, our temperature is about the same as yours, but for Ireland that is VERY hot. :laugh:

    Pam, how did you get on on the scales this morning? And like you, I need to focus more on strength as well, I love doing it actually, just am a little clueless on it still. I'm thinking of getting New Rules of Lifting for Women, it's meant to be a really good book.
    And yeeees, I'll be child-free for a week and then I only have them back for two days, after which they'll be off again, with my parents this time. Happy Days! :drinker:

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    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    Lisa, so sorry about the DOMS but it sounds like you and your mom are doing so great! It must be nice to have your mom as your workout partner. The workout that I was doing was taking a long time (about 90 minutes!). It was a "beginner" full body program from Tom Venuto. I liked it a lot and definitely feel stronger, but I would dread it because I knew it was going to take so long. I did a little research into the various other program and was considering stronglifts. I ended up choosing greyskull lp which is very similar to stronglifts (I think), but instead of 5x5 you do 2x5 and then 1 set to maximum. My daughter and I did our first workout last night, and it only took about 30 minutes. We started out low on the weights so that we could practice our form so I'm not really sore this morning. I have a lot of work to do on my squat form. I was reading about some exercises that I can do that might help me with a nice, deep squat. I'm working out at home and really want a power rack. Don't have the money to spend right now, but yesterday I found Valour squat towers on craigslist for $45. Picked them up after work and they seem to work pretty well.

    Cindy, I'm not still doing the 17 day diet exactly. I decided at the end of C3 to basically continue it indefinitely. I was worried about going back to C1 and still being able to increase the intensity of my workouts. Also, I just couldn't bring myself to give up my morning oatmeal! I figure I will see how it goes and adjust later if needed. And you are lucky to be in New England right now! But as much as I dread the summer here every year, I know I couldn't take your winters!

    Pam, so glad you have had a great week! Crossing my fingers for you for tomorrow! I'm so glad to hear from both you and Lisa that strength training helps to minimize injuries in running. I've been hoping that is the case, but so many of the articles on the web are contradictory when it comes to combining lifting with running.

    Marielle, your weekend plans sound wonderful!!! The ghost bus tour sounds awesome. Nothing better than getting together with your girlfriends for drinks and fun. I hope your friend's daughter gets to feeling better soon. The recovery from that surgery is rough. The first month especially. I had to get familiar with all of the assisted living type equipment available in our local drugstores. Husband and I had to take shifts with her after we got home because she absolutely was helpless. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. It was so worth it in our case and by about 6-8 weeks she started her first semester of college and was driving, walking, etc.

    Johanne, you are doing a great thing by helping out your sister, but I know it can be challenging to have someone else in your home indefinitely. Just remember, this too shall pass! Cindy is probably right, you will miss her when she is gone. The house will seem so quiet!!!

    Maureen, it must be just a great feeling to see all the miles you have run since 2010! I like to look at my total and it makes me feel really good even though I have only been doing this since May.

    Brenda, hope w6d3 went well! You are almost a graduate!

    Tonight I'm going to the fun run. Kind of dreading it. The last one was fun, but I pushed myself too hard. Trying to focus myself on going slower and not worrying about whether I am the last to finish or not. I really thought there would be people of all fitness levels in the running club I joined, but it appears they are all high achievers! One guy did the 1/2 mile run with his daughter, then did the 2 mile fun run, and didn't even break a sweat. He told us the 2 mile run was his wife's third run of the day!

    So far this week, my weight has stayed below 190! I'm hoping Friday I will have some progress to report.

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    Marielle, just read your post after posting mine. I have the New Rules for Lifting for Women book. I think it is a good book but the routine seemed a little complicated after the first stage or so. I read a good many forum posts from women who switched to Stronglifts because NRFLW got complicated quickly. Another good book that I liked is Strong Curves by Bret Contreras. I'm probably going to try one of his routines at some point in the future.

    Johanne, you asked about lifting heavy. Some of the books mentioned would be good to read just to get an idea of what's involved. I'm trying to learn as much as I can right now as all of this is very new to me. I've found the books to be helpful even if I didn't decide to follow that specific program.
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    Morning everyone! Just a very brief check in as I have some urgencies to take care of at the office before I can get to a proper response to all of you. I have to manage to find the best time of day to prepare this post in the a.m.! You all have so much great stuff going on and when it's not so great, are there lifting each other up. Cool to see. :-)

    I see a lot of you are talking heavy lifting. On the (ok perhaps unlikely) assumption that I would find the time and energy outside of my karate classes to look into this, what would be the minimum I would need in the way of equipment etc.? Budget is pretty tight. Time too, honestly, but I'm just curious since so many say how beneficial it is.
    The running you girls do is also fanstastic. As I've said before, you are all an inspiration while making me feel okay about have just a regular day with regular struggles and aches and pains ! Speaking of...karate class was pretty rough last night. I was already tired and it was intense - but I got through it. Barely ! Was one of those days where I felt like I have aged very quickly all of a sudden !:-) I'm seeing that if I don't actual do my classes so log the exercise, this 1200 calorie thing does not seem like a lot in a day ! So on a day I wouldn't be training...I feel like I would be hungry. What's up with that ? In any case, doing my best to stick with the plan. I'm shooting for making it back to karate tonight despite my cat feeling the need to wake me up periodically throughout the night last, night surely just to tell me how much he loved me ! :-)

    Very dark and stormy day here today. Good day to get tasks done! It should break the humidity and, crossing my fingers here, pave the way for a reasonably warm bright weekend !

    Will go back and read everyone's entries when I have more time today to really catch up with what's going on!

    Later girls!

    p.s. Yes I did see the comments about my sister, and you are right. It is true that it is not easy to live with someone, but it was a no brainer to tell her she could come and stay with me as long as she needed to. As for the quiet when she's gone...have I mentioned the 3 teenagers? lol
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    Good Morning and a Happy Wednesday to you all! I had a great weigh in, down 2.6 lbs! So I'm less than half a pound from my 10 lb weight loss milestone! My local friends and I have set fancy restaurant goals for each of our 10lb milestones. I know, it seems a little strange to set an eating out goal, but we're weird like that. My guy friend is a foodie and has eaten out at all the finest places in Atlanta. So the three of us have set Busy Bee for their fried chicken and southern sides as our first goal. They started a couple weeks after me, so I'll have to wait for them to hit 10, but I'm happy that I'm almost there.

    Today I will start off attacking week 6! I've logged my food and plan to work on cleaning out the garage more today, which will be sweaty. I've got loads to post on craigslist and ebay. This is PMS week, as evidenced by two completely uncalled for teary moments yesterday. Geeesh. So I'm ready to channel my inner Johanne and karate chop all those wild cravings that come at me!

    Lisa - I've heard a lot about that program on Fitocracy. I feel the same way about all the gorgeous muscles hiding under my insulating layer of fat!

    Marielle - I used NRLFW last year before I was told to stop lifting the 45 lb barbell (due to my foot injury). I really liked it, but hardly made it into the 2nd stage. It's a great starting point! Lol at not wanting to change the weights! Just think, you burn calories getting ready to lift!

    Emy - the magnitude of stuff online for squat form is overwhelming. I found it super helpful to video myself squatting. So much of the form has to do with your range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. And if you try to achieve the right form without your joints being able to move right, sometimes you end up accommodating and hurting something. I would recommend starting with lower weights so you can achieve the right form first (many say that you shouldn't use any weight to start at all, but I find my form is better if I'm pushing something up). Good luck and I'm glad the first workout went great!