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    So, I have had two unhealthy days in a row. Today, will probably make number three. But I am blaming it on the stress of finals. Tomorrow I will have no excuse! In fact I will probably celebrate end of class by working out even harder so I am a sexy SOB when fall semester starts. I am still refusing to let all of my time and effort go to waste. I joined some August challenge groups so hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep working out and watching what I eat.
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    Aloha Friday!

    Well, yesterday was an epic fail...is there another word stronger the "epic" LOL. We went to the tech fair and the free food I was expecting to be sandwiches was actually a catered buffet! I did pretty well except I got into the desert bar and had a small taste of most things (about 4) but it still came out to an extra 400+ calories I did NOT need. For dinner I was planning on meat and veggies at a Mongolian BBQ...but our friends visiting really wanted to eat at Top of Waikiki (the rotating restaurant on the 21st floor). I thought I was going to do good b/c I was pretty queasy and couldn't look out the window LOL. But the food was comin' and the wine flowed and we laughed and talked and 1500 calories later...OMG! It was all such rich decadent food....small portions but lots of calories. Unless a miracle happens this weekend, it might be yet another maintenance week...grump.

    Today I have calories plotted and right now I am sitting at about 1500...maybe I can whittle that down a bit but even though I went over 1500 cals for dinner, I was still kinda hungry this morning b/c the portions were small I guess. Exercise today is circuit training so that will take a few calories off. I feel good today, my ankle and elbow are much better after my rest day. I am starting to notice a trend that 3 push days is my limit before my body starts to hurt.

    Weekend goals:
    8 mile run

    That is all...over and out :)
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    Thanks, Amy. MAYBE the hot dogs that I ate were less fattening then the one I logged!!! LOL.

    I bought frozen quinoa and kale mix at Costco. SO YUMMY! It has a citrus twist. Super simple and healthy lunch. :smile:
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    I think it is just IMPOSSIBLE, during the summer, to be ANGELIC 100% of the time.

    Um, no.
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    Sooooooo frustrated. Mr. Scale is p*ssy this week and keeps inching up. Luckily it is a slow and gradual increase but an increase all the same. And I'm just like wwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy????? However, not losing my resolve just yet, I am still motivated enough to try to turn this around. My online classes are over for the summer, so that stress is gone and I can focus on developing a healthy routine. But with the scale going up, and fall semester getting closer and closer, I really feel the pressure to workout more so I can be one of the sexy girls on campus. Hahah don't worry, I'm not going to overdo it and burn myself out, or starve myself (I like food too much). *sigh* I wonder if this is because I am eating my calories back from exercise for the first time. Before this week, I always cut myself off at my calorie limit before adding in the exercise calories. Which I am only eating back half of what MFP says I earn by working out. Ha sorry, I just needed to rant about by lack of progress this week. Especially because weigh-ins are tomorrow and I want to be able to have something to show for this week.
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    Wow - I didn't have time yesterday to see what everyone was up to and this is moving along so fast!

    Amy - when I saw your picture I thought we had another newbie join the group :happy: Your dinner sounds like something my daughter would love! She loves beets and goat cheese - me not so much, but I am sure it was delicious!

    Kelly - we BBQ'd Nathan's hot dogs a couple of weeks ago and I was absolutely shocked at how much fat they had and I also had two but they were very tasty!

    Beeps - I love my HR monitor because I can see how I am doing with my cardio/running. I have a VERY low HR and it is often difficult to know if I am really pushing myself but with my monitor I can see it. It has also shown me how differently my body reacts to different temperatures, especially when it is hot.

    Chelneal - it is so easy when you are enjoying yourself, with friends to monitor and be so careful about what you eat! I just try to come back the next couple of days and work it all out of my system, with better eating and lots of exercise!

    I took my sister-in-law to the Hollywood Bowl last night and we met our group of friends there for dinner and I did much better this time than last. We brought a huge salad and quinoa tabbouleh to go with brisket my friend brought. We had some wine but the s-i-l likes white and I am not much of a white wine drinker so that helped me limit that! The other friend brought cannoli for dessert and I had one bite and couldn't eat any more - it was just so overwhelmingly sweet!
    I am going to another concert tonight with a friend but don't know yet where we are going for dinner. Hopefully I can do as well tonight as I did last night.
    I am off to the gym this morning to get in some cardio and lifting so that should help! Tomorrow we are hosting a BD party at our house so I should hopefully be able to manage what is available and what I eat.
    Have a great weekend!
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    Hi all. Seems I'm back! I used another person's advice and stopped at hungry Jacks carpark (which is burger King) and used their free wifi and logged daily. I'm actually surprised not over once without trying ;)

    I've had a whopping cold this week. A really chesty thing. I've not ran at all just a few walks. So today as I'm having withdrawals I'm going for a run. It's meant to be 10km according to my training plan but I'll see how I go.

    ram- I'm with the others. Every person I know who got told that had a 8lb baby. My midwife guessed my 2nd would be 7lb due to my first being 6lb. She was out too as she was 8lb6 haha. They don't know really.
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    Hi! Check in after the weekend. I feel like a broken record, but it was so-so. I only got 2 real workouts in last week: my class and running/walking Thursday. I pushed Daphne on her bike for about 30 minutes yesterday because I was feeling pretty lazy. We were up late at our friends' on Saturday night so we were all tired and kind of lazed around all day. I didn't do awful at our friends'. I had a pretty bad breakfast - waffles (with tons of oil....I watched my friend make) and sausage for breakfast, but the rest of the food wasn't bad. And of course all tasted good.

    I was proud for meal planning on our drive home and shopped shortly after we got home. On the menu this week: pasta with green beans, chicken, tomatoes, basil vinagrette, then turkey burger and tomato mozz salad, then homemade grilled pizzas, and then we'll probably get takeout Thursday after the PGA tourney (parents will be in for that) and I never plan for meals on weekends. I also got whole grain tortillas to fill with deli turkey, cheese, kale, avacado, and tomatoes for lunch. It's going to be hard to get my workouts in since we'll have company Wednesday - Friday. I may try for a run after work today to get a head start.

    Have a great week all!
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    It is holiday monday here....i will do some cardio and some weights today.

    A "gold" star for me....blew it last night. Ugh.

    So, then i go and try on the dress that i am wearing to the september wedding and, ugh, i have SErIOuS work to do. So, NO more f*cking around....i am in PU.r.e cut mode.


    I'll see food again come late september.


    Bring on the protein and water. The end.
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    UGH! Too many parties!!!! Dumb scale was up.

    I was 479 over...which means it is time to drop my calorie. I will be eating 9800 a week for the rest of August.

    I am going into my classroom this afternoon to move furniture around. I have Kindergarten Assessments on Wednesday. I need to get SO MUCH DONE this week!

    2 week Challenge
    1. Prep Food and EAT IT
    2. 5 Workouts
    3. Watch fat - it was pretty high last week
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    Morning everyone! You guys move quickly and per usual I don't have time on Monday's to check-in with each of you, sorry but hi all!

    This is my last check-in for star challenge as I've decided that until the end of my pregnancy I'm going to take some time off logging. It's just causing me to stress out too much, so as long as I make healthy food choices (most of the time) and keep active I'll be happy. I got a Gold Star for last week, due to the fact that I worked really hard to cut down on processed carbs.

    My goals this week are:

    Healthy eating throughout the week
    2 lifts, 2 days at yoga and walking as much as I can

    Have a happy Monday everyone!
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    I changed my pic because Warrior Dash is less than 2 weeks away!
    My weekend was ok, I ate at home and had some drinks but I think better than if I was going out.
    No star, though! I was almost 2000 over for the week. I weighed in Saturday and was down a little, but same as two weeks ago.

    I went to Trader Joe's for the first time, well, in Colorado! I got some beer, wine, cookie butter, mochi balls, and a couple of things for lunch, which I forgot to bring.

    I ran around the lake Saturday and did the Jillian 30 day shred yesterday, and it was really tough! I have some friends coming over, if the weather cooperates we'll run around the lake, if not maybe I will make them do 30DS:tongue:

    So this week I am really working on the workouts! I have no plans so I should be able to stick with it. Well, my anniversary is Thursday and we will go out. And speaking of the husband, he was gone all week for shows in North Dakota, and then yesterday he was driving home and his alternator went out and he's stuck in ****inson ND. Hopefully it's a quick and not too expensive fix. I miss him!

    Hope you feel better, kadi :flowerforyou:

    Ram, good for you, taking a break from logging should be fine, a healthy baby is the important thing.

    Better, I want to try the grill pizzas! I have been enjoying some garden produce...
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    Hi All - I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I know mine was very busy!!
    Ramalem - the problem is we are in the west coast so everyone is up way before us unless we are getting up really, really early :tongue:
    Beeps - I'm sorry about the dress (more sorry that you aren't going to see food until September) but it looks like it is giving you more incentive!
    Kelly - I am with you on the fats - I had the same issue this last week but seems my macros in general were way out of line...
    Ashley - I think it is great that you can plan out meals for the entire week! I am so bad about that but I do try to do it a few days ahead. My problem is my husband will decide he doesn't really want whatever it is I had planned :ohwell:
    Kadi - Welcome back! I hope you are feeling much better!

    I squeaked under this week overall despite a big night on Saturday and I am down 2 of the pounds I gained while traveling so my deficit seems to be finally, slowly working.
    I am going to continue with what is working:
    9100 calories
    Running or cardio at the gym - 4X
    Strength training - 3X
    Macros - 35/35/30
    I WILL get my macros back in line this week!

    If you haven't already - get your star challenge results in so I can post it!
  • jess1jane
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    I think I get a "gold" star because my goal was <9300 and I was 139 over with 9439
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    Hi everyone, I am swamped at work again so not much time to check in, will go back through posts when I have time. No star for me because I could not keep up with the logging. I had my first fall yesterday when I was out trail running by myself which I will never do again. I realized just how dangerous it was when I fell about as far away from my car as possible. I had just turned around to run back the other way & fell practically flat on my face. All I had on me was my car key in my hand, nothing else. I got up & kept running, but I have a wicked bruise on my quad & I am sore. Hopefully I will feel better before my next race on Wednesday.
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    If Monday were shoes...they would be croc's...

    The weekend did not go as planned...grump, miff, humph. I DID get my 8 mile run in but got a late start (830) and it was blazing hot! Had a lovely bfast with hubby on the water and ate a lot of calories...I was doing good until hubby wanted dinner/movie night and I ended up destroying any deficit I had...and then going over by about 1500 AGAIN! Sunday I didn't even track...some yard work in the morning and then shopping with hubby...then chores when we got home and hubby was going to cook but he is switching from nights to days and was super tired so we ordered out....again. I didn't even get on the scale this morning...just didn't want to know.

    Strength training- 2x DONE
    Run: 4-4-8 miles DONE
    Hills: 2x NOPE

    Replace 2x breakfasts w/ smoothies DONE
    Lunch: Salad 3X GOT 1 In
    Min 20g protein per meal

    Calories for the week: 10,570 I WISH

    So new week...

    Strength training- 2x
    Run: 5-4-9 miles (storms rolling in)
    Hills: 2x

    Replace 2x breakfasts w/ smoothies
    Lunch: Salad 3X
    Min 20g protein per meal

    Calories for the week: 10,570
  • jess1jane
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    This week, I am aiming for <9500 calories. This time I took into account eating back half of my calories burned from exercise. We will see how this week goes. Hopefully, better than last week.
  • shanaber
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    Ok here is the complete Star Challenge report for July! Can't believe it is August already - wow!!

    It looks like most everyone is doing really well overall - lots of Gold and Platinum!! Quite a few 'No Stars' also but I really think it is more a matter of not logging, for whatever reason (too busy, no access, too difficult to translate what you ate into something in MFP)...

    Below is what I have for goals for everyone for August. Let me know if anything needs to change.

    Come On Everyone - Let's get going for August and hit Platinum before the summer runs out (except Kadi - I think it may be winter where she is)!

    We Can Do This!! :bigsmile:

  • shander7
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    Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA! Life has been busy busy! Sorry I had to back out of the star challenge! I only have a few minutes, but I'll try to read back later if I have more time

    Shanaber - I'll try to join for the August Challenge!! I'll go in for 10000. Thanks for keeping track for everyone!!

    Abigail - I'm sorry you fell! I know what you mean with being super busy though!! I hope you heal before your race!!

    Hi Jess & chelneal! I haven't been by to say welcome to the group! Your goals looks great!

    My goals are going to be:
    1. Get back into logging everything
    2. Stop cheating so much, I have goals to reach for and it's time to stop getting in my own way!
    3. Exercise 3-4x per week
    4. Try to get in more protein (already working on that by adding a hard boiled egg to my lunch salad!)

    That's all I can see for now, I'll try to come back and read on later!!
  • Beeps2011
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    I have 6-week challenge goals to post:

    1. 1,200 calorie days with ONE cheat day per week.
    2. back to 3 x weekly weight-training....I literally cannot get to the gym everyday, so my July experiment with daily (shorter) work-outs wasn't a great success.
    3. drink more water.
    4. CEASE all food after supper. No excuses. I know I am eating to combat boredom or failure-feelings from work or something. I just have to cut out this nonsense. Brushing teeth helps and i'm going to re-institute THAT.
    5. Weigh every single week!

    And.....back to MEASUREMENTS/PHOTOS every 2 weeks. When I did that (years ago now...) I STAYED on top of "good habits" because i knew those (yucky) photos were right around the corner. No hiding it anymore....it's gonna be IN MY FACE to make me SHUT MY MOUTH.

    6 weeks until (nephew's) wedding....and i'm gonna KILL IT in my dress!