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    I have about 5 weeks til wedding, so I am with ya, Beeps. I put on the dress I was thinking about, but I am not sure...
    the pic is small

    It just doesn't seem like the right dress for some reason...

    Last night I made chia pudding. It's pretty easy-1/3 cup chia seeds, 2 tablespoons agave syrup, 1 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup lite coconut milk and then it sits overnight and the chia seeds bloat up. It's like tapioca. Probably not much better for you, although chia seeds are supposed to be superfood. I like it. 5 grams of protein:)

    I did jog around the like and did pushups and dips on the benches here and there.

    Rest tonight, hopefully veg with my long lost husband:bigsmile:
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    I think that dress looks GREAT, Amy!

    For me, my upper body and waist look fine in the dress....maybe even so does my butt....but then, it is that WIDENING part, BELOW the butt, at the TOP of my thighs, that bulges out like the WORST Project Runway hip-thick design!


    Even with me doing a crash-diet, likely no hope that it will trim my saddlebags (never does....)....so, I am also on the hunt for SPANX that hide all that ails me.

    Gawd. I just cannot succeed at this bull-crap....I feel like the BIGGEST failure and the harder I try, the HIGHER the scale is going.

    it is NUTS.

    Aaaagghhh.....can't wait to wake up when this is all over and say, "There, for SIX SOLID WEEKS, I DID IT."

    Re-calibrate THEN.
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    Beeps, I know easier said than done, but don't be so hard on yourself! I think having 6 "good days" and one cheat day will be helpful. I know personally if I restrict restrict restrict, I WILL binge. But for me it's like I can do a 3 day cycle of low calorie and then I'm just hungry and need the food. Good luck with it all. We all have that problem area. For me, it's my midsection.

    Amy, I like the dress! You look thin. But I think you always do in your pics.

    Hey Shander!

    Hey Shanaber! Close names..... Nice work on the star challenge. Good luck to all you challengers!

    That's all I can see.

    I am enjoying not logging my food. :smile: I suspect I will start again after I have the baby to drop the weight. I do hope that sometime shortly after that I can quit. I just don't want a life of logging everything i put into my body. I still have a hard time not counting almonds as I eat them. I hope to cut back the drinking after baby (obviously I'm not drinking now!) and that will help a lot. I drink (when not prego) a lot of calories......

    I did not run last night. It was hot and I straightened up a bit before and after dinner. Parents come tomorrow. I made a really yummy pasta salad. I had the last cookie and a popsicle for dessert. And some cheddar pretzels after dinner. I was just hungry. I woke up hungry. I'm just listening to my body, so that's that. My turkey veggie wraps for lunch have been really yummy. May be a new lunch for work. I estimate it to probably be around 400 calories. I pair it with an apple with soynut butter and there's my lunch!

    I just learned my husband's car has to be towed tonight so I will miss my pilates strength class. Boo. So I am for sure going to work out during lunch tomorrow. Also will try to get out for a run or walk (most likely as it will be hot again) right after work while Eric meets with the steam cleaner and contractor that is adding onto our house. Oh well....life happens ane I'll do that best I can!
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    Hello everyone, for me the weekends are the worst... I do good all weekend and blow on the weekend too many splurges and too many drinks. This week I plan to stay on track....

    1) work out 5 times a weeks ( cardio, turbo kick, boby bump)
    2) stay within 1300 calories limit
    3) drink plenty of water.

    Tired of this yo- yo thing.

    Good luck to everyone..

    P.S. Amy the dress looks awesome
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    Ugh fall semester seems so close and I seem to be getting further and further away from how I want to look for school. Plus, I still have no idea what kind of workout routines I will do. It is either run around town, or the school track, but I would really want a heart rate monitor to better track my calories since I know MFP is so inaccurate. I just want the most accurate information possible. Or I could join a gym and see how high tech their machines are. I am spoiled at home, the stationary bike I use tracks my calories burned and seems pretty accurate since it takes my age and weight into account. Plus, I will have to go grocery shopping and stock up on all the food I am used to eating here. I only bought junk food and snack food to keep at my place down there because it stores better. Ugh, I just want this week to be over, but only if next week is better. I can't imagine more than two weeks gaining water weight. Does anyone know how long it takes to lose water weight? Or how I can slow it down? And this is me assuming it is water weight I am gaining. I really have no idea or how to tell.
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    Better_Balance - it is true that I am UBER-hard on myself. I think my 'treat' to myself, for when I dump this weight, is this: meet with a stylist who will help me: a) find the colour-palate I should wear; and b) take me shopping to find (decent) clothes that I should wear - given all of my body flaws.

    Then, if nothing else, I will FEEL better about myself in the clothes I am buying/wearing.

    Maybe the REAL reason I hate shopping is that nothing ever fits me!!

    Anyway, that could be a HUGE motivator, for me....because it would mean a substantial amount of $$ to actually hire the stylist and then buy the clothes.

    Hmmmmm....how should I actually TRACK my progress to make sure I'm going to get there?!??!!?

    Ideas anyone?!?!?!?

    jess1jane - if it is "water weight", it actually could come off in a day!!! I know one woman who has 9 POUND weight swings in a single day....and she is LEAN (she is not fat....and she lifts heavy and works out, etc....). 9 lbs. omg....I think I couldn't handle that sort of swing on a scale without going batsh*t crazy.
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    I have a few minutes so I will try to catch up with everyone!
    Abigail - I missed your post before! I hope you are ok and not too sore from your run!

    Shander - I will add you back into the Challenge :)

    Beeps - I agree with Ashley, I think you are being too hard on yourself! It would be nice if we could 'spot' reduce but our bodies seem to only lose from where it wants and usually that isn't necessarily where we want to lose. Besides I have seen pictures of you and you look fantastic! Your hips or saddlebag area may look big to you but you look great in every dress you have posted!
    As far as tracking progress... I would use your measuring tape. That seems like the best way too me but then I am the one who is always looking at the scale and complaining about it!

    Amy - I think you look beautiful in that dress!

    I am off to the gym for some strength training and then I am going to get dunked for a body fat measurement at a friends cross-fit gym... I am a little worried about what the result is going to say but I would rather have the information!
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    I totally will be using the tape measure, too! And photos, shanaber, don't you worry about me.

    But, I have to get back under 150....I spent ALL of 2013 below 150, so i totally know it is doable....I have spent the better part of 3 months OVER 150, right now, and it is playing havoc with my psyche.

    All of a sudden, 149, which I HATED on january 1st, 2014, is starting to be a hallelujah number for me, lol.

    I think I can get to 149 before the wedding. 147 would make me even happier.

    And then I have to sit tight. 145 has only been doable for the briefest glimpses of time.

    143 was like, one day in my life. One day....
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    shanaber, I am excited to see what the dunk tank has to tell you! I have seen that idoes travel around to the crossfit gyms around here and I have thought about it. I am just not sure how knowing will make much difference! I am curious, though...

    Jess, I don't know how your treadmill is any more accurate than MFP, MFP takes into account my age/weight and pretty much agrees with the GPS ap on my phone which also knows my age an weight. For instance, MFP and Nike Run estimate my calorie burn the same if I say I ran 30 minutes at 11.5 minute/mile.

    HRM might help if you thought you were not working out as hard as you should, and if your heart rate isn't getting up there you won't burn, or you might be getting efficient at that type of exercise and burn fewer calories after awhile.
    I understand your frustration about knowing what to do, I get so many mixed messages! If I am lifting heavy, I gain weight and am super hungry but can't run 3 miles, but if I focus on running I get discouraged because I never seem to get any faster.
    The only time I can stick to a 1200-calorie/day diet is if I don't exercise at all!

    Let me know if you want the Vacation Body Blue print, it's an e-book and has a short-term plan to cut fat, but it's extreme for everyday. Also, the 21-day Clutch on Body-building.com is similar if you were looking for short-time:
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    Hi Beeps I totally feel you. I can't seem to stay under 160 here today gone tomorrow....The struggle is real..
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    1 day into the new week and doing well so far :)

    Amys303- I think I made those chia cups too! But I didn't have almond milk but had some whip cream I had to use up (yeah not too healthy LOL) and they were really good. I froze a bunch of the cups and if you let them thaw a bit they turn into a ice cream type of slush :)

    Yesterday was a good day! Food came in about 100 cals over my goal but I also got my 5 mile run in and felt really strong and then quick showered at the gym and headed to my running group meeting thinking we were just going to go over stretches and running form...well it turned into going over running form and then practicing said running form for about 30 min...oof. I got home and hubby had made some yummy pizza balls with bacon/salami/cheese/lots of veggies. I was so wired that I tossed and turned most of the night and woke up all puffy faced, allergy, cranky...not good for morning workouts. Ok, a word on morning exercise...maybe they just aren't meant to be? I have been trying now for nearly a month and succeeded once...and they actually made me tired the rest of the day. I just don't have enough time in the afternoon to do all I want to do!

    Might jump on the scale tomorrow...IDK. TOM is coming so might not be a good idea. Not sure what is going to happen since I am now 30 days off BC (after 15 yrs) and going all natural, well sort of...I got the copper IUD. One thing I have noticed so far though is I have way more energy. I had the same thing happen when I stopped when hubby deployed for nearly a year, and I thought it was just b/c I was running more and I was having trouble sleeping and walking up at the crack of dawn ready to go! But now it is happening again so I wonder if that fatigue was hormone related. Now to translate that morning energy into workout and not just lay there....especially since Saturday training is 0630 start time SIR!

    So on track this week. Sculpting today...rest of the week is iffy b/c of the two tropical storms coming in...but I will roll over dead before I do a 9 mile treadmill run LOL.
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    1) Drop another pound or 2
    2) Minimize my breakfast calories and eat something at 4 pm or before the gym every day. I'm going to the gym way too hungry.
    3) Consider my long term goals as I have almost reached my second goal
    4) Enjoy my new body...go to the beach and get some sun!
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    Shanaber - I hope the dunk test went well! I would like to find a place that does that.. kind of nervous on the results though!!

    Beeps - You have looked fantastic in every picture you've posted. I'm sorry you aren't seeing the results you want though, that can be extremely frustrating. You'll get where you want to be though! Hiring the stylist sounds amazing though!! I hope you get there so I can hear about your experience!

    Amy - Could you send me the Vacation Body Blue Print?? I'm thinking that might be helpful to have right before my boudoir shoot! And for the wedding for that matter! You look great in that dress by the way!

    Chelneal - Those pizza balls sound amazing!! I'm sorry you woke up with allergies though :( Morning work out definitely aren't for everyone, find what works for you you!

    Smarie - Those goals look great!!

    Has anyone ever read into the Garcinia Cambogia thing? My friend just started taking it and she asked me if i had heard about it. I have, but I don't know if it's safe or not. Have any of you read into it??

    I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and eat healthy again. I turned down my fiance to go to a beer night, which was hard to do, but I think turning over this leaf will help my goals and my wallet! I just want to see some results, not seeing any movement is getting to be very draining! I'll keep trucking though and hopefully I'll see some results at some point!
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    Amy - I will say that, in response to "the only time I can stick to a 1,200 calorie per day diet is when I am not exercising at all" seems to be the SAME for me. I remember, 2 years ago, I had a 10-day stretch at work where I was working 16-hour days and had no time for exercising, at all. And I was eating crap (vending machines) to get through my day. After 10 days, I went to the gym, TERRIFIED to step on the scale....BOOM - I had lost 3 POUNDS. That's right....all that water-weight from lifting had come off!

    Anyway, I like how I look when I lift, so I'm not ending that....and I recognize that I'd rather weigh myself water-logged (i.e. which is everyday since I weight-lift all the time) than falsify my results with a water-depleted #.

    I only did 840 calories yesterday....and i lifted heavy yesterday....so, for SHORT stints I can do it!
  • Beeps2011
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    Hi Beeps I totally feel you. I can't seem to stay under 160 here today gone tomorrow....The struggle is real..

    Oh yeah. It is. Especially after 40....it is just an endless cycle of lose 2 lbs, gain 3, lose 5, gain 1. Rinse. Repeat.
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    chelneal - you really have A LOT of running to do! ZOOM!

    shander - when is wedding (again....I'm sure I've asked this 100 times)?

    smarieallen - goals look good....really good.

    Today, I rest.
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    Sooooo... the dunk test was quite a shock. I thought I would be in the 20-24% but was much higher - almost 30% :noway: Looking at my body and trying to figure out where exactly that fat is hiding. Between the running and strength training I consider myself pretty fit and pretty muscular but I guess that is really not the case :frown:

    I have to say I was really upset last night but now I am determined to change it - from a health perspective if nothing else. My daughter wants me to talk to a nutritionist and may set me up for a consult online with someone from her school. She is convinced I am not eating enough calories and that is part of the issue - we will see... Also meeting with my trainer tomorrow to discuss with him as well.
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    That is surprising shanaber! You appear much leaner to me as well! Did they say there is a range of accuracy with that? Also, you seem to eat pretty well, I will be curious to hear what the nutritionist has to say.

    Shander, I will send the vacay BBP but I think you need to PM me with your email:)

    Hubby and I chilled last night. I made a spaghetti with pesto and added shredded zucchini and andouille sausage. It was pretty good. Then we had beer, popcorn and watch Justified. It's pretty good... The scale didn't have good news for me this morning, but oh well, I am definitely staying in a range. Tonight I am running, probably treadmill, the plan calls for 10 burpees every 10 minutes, for 50 minutes...

    Enjoy your rest day, Beeps!:yawn:
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    @shanabar omgoodness that does not sound right at all. But I have always heard the dunk test is the most accurate. Dang numbers...
    Today, is going to be a good day. I can feel it. Last night I put the most effort into strength training that I have done in awhile, so it felt good and I think it paid off. This morning I felt great, and it didn't hurt that the scale was also feeling great. I got my car fixed, there were cute guys working at the dealership, my mom is bringing home healthy groceries.... Gosh the list goes on and on.
    Happy hump-day!
  • amysj303
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    1 day into the new week and doing well so far :)

    Amys303- I think I made those chia cups too! But I didn't have almond milk but had some whip cream I had to use up (yeah not too healthy LOL) and they were really good. I froze a bunch of the cups and if you let them thaw a bit they turn into a ice cream type of slush :)

    yum! I cannot do morning exercise either! Although when I fostered a dog I think I did feel a little better getting out for a walk in the morning...