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    Pam, so glad to hear from you! Great job on the 4 lbs and I'm happy for you that you are able to run again.

    Maureen, it is tough to fit everything in while working! Although somewhere there is that sweet spot where I find I'm more productive while busy. It's been so long since I found it though!

    I did weights last night and will do workout 6 of R4FL tonight. It's 40 minutes at a steady pace. I loved the intervals for the last workout!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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    Ok. Confession time. I am gaining weight. I feel horrible about it, but can't seem to get things under control. My weight is up 13lbs since my lowest weigh in July.

    I am going to adjust my macros, start weighing & measuring my food today. I gained 6lbs while I was camping. I am very surprised & maybe it is just water weight, because I was fairly active & mostly ate well. We used to eat so much more & not as healthy before. I can't even imagine what I gained then. We went out for an Italian supper last night for my son's b-day & wine.

    Sigh. I wish it was easier.
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    Lisa, the 6 lbs has to be water weight. No way you gained that much in just a few days. Has to be just different routine, etc. has thrown your body off.

    Keep your chin up! You will get back on track! If you weren't in this for the long haul, you would not have posted this morning. I've tried so many times before and given up at the first sign of disappointment. Each time I failed, not because I messed up my diet or skipped a workout, but because I gave up. You are not doing that though. You are buckling down today and tightening up! That's why you will be successful! :smile:
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    I wanted to add some inspirational quote or image, but since I don't know how to post pictures yet, I decided to quote yours!
    ETA: Looks like I start the new thread for this topic! I feel like I should say something inspiring or something!

  • Each time I failed, not because I messed up my diet or skipped a workout, but because I gave up. You are not doing that though. You are buckling down today and tightening up! That's why you will be successful! :smile:

    Emy, well said!

    Lisa, glad you "confessed", keep talking with us, logging, and remembering how great you've done and you will get there. You started C25K at 1 min of jogging, lifting weights at a low rate and now look at you: you run, you lift what absolutely amazes me …. you WILL get through this too!!!

    My only thought/suggestion is what Emy went to, eat foods that will remove water gain, put carbs and natural sugars to earlier in the day (before 2) and keep them as minimal as possible. In a week or two - we will hear you smiling and back on track!!!!
  • Good morning. I've been MIA, but it's a good missing …. I've been busy with longer walk/runs which has sucked some time away. I haven't logged, which there is no excuse for, so I'll get back to that today.

    It's getting dark here early … by 8:00 it's almost too dark to be outside walking, in the next few weeks it will definitely be too dark. I'm going to have to figure how to rejigger my nights so I can still be walking. I don't want to give this up until I have to. I'm enjoying the walks, hills, conversation with my friend and the fact that we are out there for an hour if not longer. I'll push it for the next two weeks and then come up with a game plan.

    Have a great day … talk with you all later.

    Lisa … another hug to you!
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    Thanks Emy & Cindy. Just back from my run/walk. It was hard today, but glad I went out there. I did just over 4km but my calves were screaming. Too much crappy food & alcohol, not enough water.

    You are right, normally at this point I would quit & completely stop everything. I am ahead of the game. Maybe I will have a huge loss week that will get me back to where I was. Even slow & steady is better then continuing to gain.

    Now to find some food to eat, since we don't really have much in the house & I am back to work today!
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    I'm baaaahaaaaack! waving-hi-text-smiley-emoticon.gif

    All good, holidays were pretty boring but at least this time I didn't fight with my parents :laugh:
    I didn't track food or exercised, but only put on the tiniest bit of weight, about one lb, so pretty pleased with that. Won't be back in work till Monday and I'll be getting back on track then, for now I'm still in holiday mode.

    I see we have a new thread, I'll catch up shortly on all your news, hope all's well!
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    So glad to see you back Marielle!!!
  • Welcome back Marielle! Glad you had a good week :)

    Congrats on the weight loss Emy - you are flying along!

    Luna, good luck with your surgery. Keep chatting with us in the meantime to keep yourself focused and ready to jump back in. Hope it helps you be pain free!

    Lisa, hope yesterday was a new start for you and you are feeling it again.

    I went to my friends cottage last night so am without scale until Sunday when I'm home. I'm actually anticipating this week's weigh in as I feel like it was a good week. I guess the good news in that is that maybe I'll continue to be extra good today/tomorrow for the weight in :)

    Have a great weekend all!!!
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    Yesterday, I did get back on track. Today will be even better. I weight lifted this morning and felt strong. I know I can do this. Just gotta be mindful.

    My fitbit decided to break yesterday. Very frustrating. It does motivate me to take more steps. Hopefully it is under warranty & they send me a replacement.

    Have a great Friday!
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    Hello all! Well, it's been a rough week. Haven't felt well all week and yesterday the stomach flu hit. Uggg. All this laying around drives me bonkers! But I'm getting some reading done that I haven't had time for and the saltine cracker "diet" for a couple days can't hurt! Will be glad to get back to normal food and back to exercising!

    Have a great day!
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    How are you all this weekend? I'm feeling bored to tell you the truth. Definitely time to get back into some sort of routine. Weather is changing too, I guess the summer is definitely over :sad:

    Husband is very grumpy at the moment, which is not helping matters. He is out of work for a while and has been doing days of work here and there through employment agents, but I guess he's feeling frustrated and bored. Taking it out on us as well, but will not talk about it. Not the nicest atmosphere here. :indifferent: The girls are still on one week's holidays till school is back, so he'll be home with them next week while I'm at work. Not something he's too excited about either...

    Sorry to hear about your stomach bug Brenda, hope it's only a 24 hour thing. But good you got to catch up on the reading! I got a e-reader recently and am loving it more than I thought I would.

    Yay go Lisa, back on track, good for you! Hope the fitbit is still under warranty.

    :devil: Grrrr 6-year old is reading here over my shoulder.

    Cindy enjoy your weekend in the cottage, sounds great!

    What did I miss, Luna is having surgery?
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    Today I went for a very short 3Km run. I am doing a 10K race tomorrow (while hubby will be doing the marathon). I haven't run a lot this week so I felt like doing something, but want to keep fresh legs for tomorrow. lol

    Brenda - hope you are feeling better soon, its no fun being sick when you want to be out there doing stuff. However, its nice you get to catch up on some reading :)

    Lisa - so glad to hear that you are getting yourself back on track. I am trying to do the very same thing. I had a couple of great months, and now I feel like I'm struggling. Too bad about the fitbit! I do hope that you can get a replacement. My cousin who visited here this summer had one and she was showing me how it worked, so cool.

    Cindy - enjoy your time at the cottage. It sounds like you are in for a great weigh-in! I am not looking forward to the darker nights either. wish summer would be a longer season!

    Marielle - welcome back and one pound isn't much so you did very well!

    Thought I had sent this message, but I guess I didn't! I just came in from mowing the lawn, about an hour on the ride on a 15 mins or so push. Making macaroni for supper (got to carb load for tomorow!) and then we're going to take a ride in to town to pick up a few things. Hope you're all having a good weekend!
  • Hello! Hello. Maureen, I need to run as much as you do so I have a reason to carb-load; sounds yum!!!! Carbs are definitely not my friend. I've learned to change them to the good carbs, eat the right amount and as early in the day as possible. But sometimes, a big ole plate of ravioli or a yummy bagel for breakfast …. mmmmm. BUT, I'd rather be happy in my weight than eating those (yes, I'll keep telling myself that til it's true :wink: )

    This weekend was great at the cottage. On lake, best friend, nothing but girl chat and relaxation. I got home around 5 today and did my walk/jog with friend so was happy to still get that in.

    I have about 1 maybe 1.5 months of outside walking left (well M-F, weekends I can), so I'm going to get as much of that in as I can. The winter I'll use my kettle bell and Jillian Michaels dvds. My son challenged me to do 3 full pull-ups my February; so I'll definitely have my work cut out. Right now when I try; I think I may actually go negative inches.

    Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend!!!!
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    Good luck on the race today Maureen! I am sure you will do well!

    Welcome back Marielle. Glad to hear that visiting your parents went well. Husbands seem to have a harder time not working then we(well me anyway!) do. I have TONS of things that would keep me busy and happy if I wasn't working. I love winter just for that!

    Glad you had a nice weekend away Cindy. It is fun to do things like that.

    Hope you are feeling better Brenda!

    My camping weight/water is slowly coming off. I have not been as diligent as I should, but better then I had been. I knew that I would have a weekend of challenges so I was planning to recommit on fully on Monday. On Friday I tried out my changed "diet" menu & it is 1500 calories, full of protein & I was not hungry. I am trying to cut out protein bars unless they are homemade, & anything that comes from a package. Still a bit of a challenge, because I am working, but only about 8 more weeks until things slow down & all pools are closed.

    Today we are celebrating DSs birthday with family, but my brother and his wife could not make it today so they came last night & took him out to a movie. They stayed after and we visited (which we never have time to do) and stayed up, in the hot tub chatting, until 2am *gasp* I am tired today but have burgers to make and a salad so I have things to do. I will also cook chicken ahead for the week.

    Have a good day all!
  • Why do the weekends go by so fast? :(

    Lisa, glad you are getting back to your weight. I just finished cooking up my chicken and putting that in the fridge as well :)

    Today, I took the Kaz (my dog) to the trails and we walked for about an hour. When I logged it in MFP, I was shocked how great the calorie burn was. But I will say it was hilly and there were times I was breathing heavy. I'm definitely going to try to get more of these in before the winter!

    Well, I weighed in today…. not an ounce of a change. Bummer……. But not a gain so I'll be happy -- and just try harder this week.

    Have a good night all….
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    Good morning, another weekend of summer gone! man, where did the past couple of months go. Why is winter so much longer than summer? This doesn't seem fair. haha after the winter we had last year I am NOT looking forward to another one. I hope this one isn't quite a stormy.
    Did the 10K Bean There Ran That race yesterday, my goal is usually to finish in under an hour but I was 1;01. Oh well. There is a wicked uphill at the finish, probably about 1/2 kilometer long. I am still happy that I did it. Dh had a good marathon finishing in 3:15 and coming in second place. The shins are sore today, werid, I don't normally get that. They were fine during the race, its just today I feel them.

    Cindy - nice job on the trail walk with Kaz. Nice that you can take the dog out with you, I've only ever had cats. lol Good luck this week, I have been stuck for awhile, but I know why, its not a mystery.

    Lisa - glad that pesky weight water is coming off, slow but sure. Good luck with the menu change, hope that it works for you!

    I am going to to my sisters cottage for a night or two, so I won't be posting until I get back. It shouldn't be "too bad" food wise, but I'm sure that there will be some wine involved. hehe

    Have a great couple of days, drink lots of water and try to get your exercise in! (I'm going to take my running clothes)
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    Good morning all!

    Today is my day to reset, and get back to every day exercising & eating right.

    I also am sad about winter being so long! They say we are going to have a SUPER cold one like last year too! Blech.. I didn't run all of December, January & February because of the cold. I do not like running on a treadmill. Hopefully they are wrong & I can get some runs in. I know that we have a few more months to go. I bought myself a headlamp so that I can still get out there at 6am until it is too cold. I don't need it yet, but I am sure in a few weeks I will!

    I have been to the gym this morning, and today I am staying home from work to organize the kids back to school stuff & buy what they need for school supplies this year. I don't want to wait until the week & it should be relatively slow at our store so DH can handle it. I did not get my chicken cooked yesterday, so I will do that today.

    Happy Monday!
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    Good morning! I didn't really check in here over the weekend so I had a lot of reading to catch up on!

    Brenda, hope you are feeling better by now! My daughter stayed home sick yesterday after only two weeks of school, so it's starting already for us.

    Marielle, love you new picture! Hope your husband either finds a job he likes or gets in a better mood soon! A friend of mine was telling me a story about a woman and her cranky husband. She found some essential oils that improved a person's mood and she found all kinds of ways to use them - massage, aromatherapy, etc. He didn't even know what was happening, but his mood improved! Ha! Not sure if I believe it, but sometimes I do wish for a magic pill. My husband can be moody as well. He gets it from his mom, and she gets it from her family from Wales. I've heard it gets worse with age too.

    Maureen, great job on the 10K! You did so well! Have fun with your sister. There is nothing more relaxing and therapeutic to me than spending some time with my sister with a little (or a lot) of wine or beer. We can do some talking!

    Cindy, sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend! I'm also working on full push ups. I can do 1 pushup for three sets. Last week, I managed to finally get two twice, but yesterday I was back to one! I'm going to keep working at it though!

    Lisa, so glad to hear you are feeling better now about your progress. Jordan's plan for me is 1500 calories on my nonlifting days and 1750 on my lifting days. I found 1500 tough at first, but it's getting easier. Just have to plan ahead to avoid being really hungry! Maybe for the winter, you can really focus on lifting during the time you can't run. Get in some great PRs! A headlamp is a good idea for running when it is dark. I will be working later hours over the next couple of months and was thinking I might need to get something like that.

    All the talk of upcoming winter, but I'm the opposite of most here. I'm looking forward to a little cooler weather! Fortunately, we don't usually have the bitter cold and snow that a lot of you get, but the summers are brutal! I don't really like cold weather, so I'm going to try to really enjoy October.

    I signed up for a dexa scan for Friday. There is a research study going on right now with our university to compare the accuracy of bioimpedance analysis with whole body dexa scans. I'm pretty excited but scared as well to see what my body fat percentage is. Will try to update here afterward if I'm not too deep in a depression over the results, LOL!

    I'm still following R4FL and will do it tonight. Lifting is going well. I squatted 65 pounds last night, so I'm progressing! Still using pretty light weights relatively speaking but I'm really started to feel them!

    Hope everyone has a great day!