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  • I signed up for a dexa scan for Friday. There is a research study going on right now with our university to compare the accuracy of bioimpedance analysis with whole body dexa scans. I'm pretty excited but scared as well to see what my body fat percentage is. Will try to update here afterward if I'm not too deep in a depression over the results, LOL!


    Thanks for the laugh. Think of it this way …. do it now and then 6 months to a year from now you do it again and will be amazed! I did chuckle though :)
  • Happy Tuesday!

    Today is department lunch day … going to a roast beef shop, my plan is to not order the roll or onion rings. But let me tell you, they have the BEST onion rings. Already need to stop talking about them :)

    Tonight I'll do another walk/jog run with the neighbor ladies. It's been nice pushing for that entire hour. I will say, the trail I did on Sunday was awesome - my legs told me the story yesterday. So I have a new desire for pushing it on the trails. I'll get back out there this weekend for sure.

    School starts here tomorrow, Noah is just about 17 so the hubbub of getting all ready, etc. is much easier than years before. His friends father had an ATV accident in NH and is up there still in hospital so I have his friend for the week. They are like little kids start school together; kinda funny watching them.

    Have a great day :)
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    Emy, well done on your 30+ weight loss, I love round numbers like that!
    Was laughing about your friend's story about the moody husband and yours. My husband's dad's from Wales too, so there you go!
    He had a job interview this morning which went well and he also got a call from a recruitment agent and he'll be working a nightshift again from this Thursday onwards. Could be a month's work, and the nightshifts work well, so happy days.

    Maureen well done to you and to your husband on the 10k and the marathon. Such a fit family you are! Hope your shins feel better now.

    I'm with you Lisa, so sad that the summer seems to be over. It's grey, dull, windy, rainy. I'm wearing tights to work again :angry:
    When I came home last night, all I wanted to do was put on my fleece PJs and veg on the sofa. September can be good sometimes though, so there's hope yet!

    Good luck on your department lunch today Cindy! I definitely cannot resist things like that, but luckily they don't happen too often here. I saw a couple of teens with school uniforms here this morning as well, but we still have till Monday. You're very good taking in his friend for the week, hope his dad's going to be ok.

    Today I will.... no idea....! Still finding it hard to get back into the routine, eating right is my first priority at the moment!

    Better get back to work, lunchbreak's over!
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    Good Morning all! Happy Hump day!

    I am going to the gym today. Normally I work out without eating anything before I go. I woke up insanely early today so I decided to try to eat a banana to see if that gives me more energy to work out. I woke up at 2:45 so I don't know that I will have that much energy regardless.

    Today I will stick to the 1500 calories. It isn't that bad, just I am not sure that I lose weight at 1500 calories.

    Emy: I think that scan thing would be really cool, especially since you will have a marker of where you are now, and where you need to go. Hopefully you can get one once you reach your goal to see the difference.

    Have a great day!
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    Hey! Where is everybody?

    Happy Friday! I am up bright & early & heading to the gym again. I got a PB on squats on Wednesday. Accidentally (because we can't add) I squatted, *kitten* to grass, 130lbs. I couldn't figure out why I was dizzy & why it felt so heavy on my back. LOL :) Gotta say that I had to go home from work and take a nap that day. Before that I was working on 120lbs, so not that big of an increase, but that means next weight increase. I will be up to the the big plates, 135 lbs, which just looks cool to me.

    I have not been able to get my runs in, but I will tomorrow for sure.

    The weight is coming off, all of the camping weight is gone, now just working on the summer "not tracking" weight.

    Last official weekday of summer vacation for the kids. Back to school on Tuesday, so we will have a busy weekend getting stuff together & getting those 1st day of school outfits

    Have a good one! (and please check in so that I am not just talking to myself!) :)
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    I am here! Spent part of the week at my sisters cottage though, and then have been sort of busy getting the kids ready to go back to University. One is in an apartment so a lot of his stuff is already there from last year. But, the one in residence needs a lot. One goes back on Monday and the other on Tuesday. Going to be a lot of driving! I hate it when summer is over, I do love Fall but summer is never long enough.

    I have lost 1 lb since last friday putting me back in the 140's. I was 146.5 at one point this summer and am now 149.5. Hopefully before long I will be back there. I know what I have to do, I just have to do it.

    Ran 6K yesterday, first run since the 10K race. Today feels cool and its breezy - so fall like! I will run today but not sure how far.

    Lisa - great job on the squats! I can't even imagine doing that. I am really looking forward to my classes starting up again this fall. They are a mixture of cardio and strength (somewhat like the Jillian Michaels workouts) and they're a nice change for me.
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    Hello all! Well I've pretty much taken the entire month of August off from eating right and exercising. I actually lost weight though (pretty sure that's due to the saltine cracker diet for two days:laugh: ). All month I have been struggling with getting up at 5:15 am to exercise. I've been trying to figure out a different time, but it's either that or 8:30 pm. Not sure I could get to sleep before 11 if I do that! It's funny how it takes so long to build muscle, but as soon as you quit exercising for a couple days, everything gets "jiggly" again! Well I am NOT going back to my 150 pounds. I've come a long way this summer (mostly thanks to this group!!) and I'm not going to give up now.

    I'm setting my goals for September to get my butt out of bed at 5:15 am and exercise at least five days a week and focus on healthy eating. I found some "virtual running" videos that I can play on my tablet while running on the treadmill. One of them is running through parks in California. It's pretty cool. Waaayyy better than watching TV!

    Welcome back Marielle and congrats on the weight loss Emy - great job!

    Have a great Friday!
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    Hi Brenda, you are right for me anyway....I have been exercising but my eating hasn't been great this month. I am down a lb this week though, and not too much damange was done. I am getting myself back into the non-snacking after supper mode. Or at least, control my snacking after supper. lol

    Yesterday I ran 6K, it was very windy so it was a one-way deal. I am so spoiled. But I got it done! Not sure about today, we will be very busy packing up my boys stuff - the big move back to University is Monday and Tuesday.
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    Good Morning All!

    I just got back from my run. It has been a while. It felt good. it was hot (80F) and windy. I crossed the wind so it was kind of like running against the wind both ways. The sun felt great and I am very happy I went.

    I started to have some anxiety about running. DHs friend said I looked like I was in pain when he saw me (and it wasn't a particularly painful day) and customers have been seeing me run. I know I should be proud, and screw them and all their comments whether good or bad, but I just couldn't get myself out there. I am overweight & my face gets red. My face will always get red unless I don't push myself. It is a family skin thing, but still, I felt too self conscious to even go for a run. Last week I drove across town, like 20 minutes away & was going to run but I had to go to the bathroom so bad & there wasn't one at the park I stopped at so I just drove back home.

    I need to run to keep depression & anxiety at bay. I am making a promise to myself that I will not allow anyone's comments to stop me from doing what I need to do again.

    Good luck with the 5:15 thing, Brenda. With kids back in school I will also be getting up at 5:15 so that I can get my exercise in & make sure they are doing their morning routine stuff to get on the bus.
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    Happy Sunday! Today I will get 10,000 steps in. It's time to take down the pool so there will be a lot of walking and a little weight lifting:laugh:. Tomorrow I start back to my six days a week exercising and eating better. I'm going to create a calendar today that will tell me what I do each day. I'm hoping that will help me stay on track and maybe add a little motivation.

    Lisa, I agree, screw them and the comments! You need to do what is good for you and that's running! I dream one day of running as long/far as you do!! And what are THEY doing to get healthy??!!!
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    Happy Monday & Labour Day Holiday for everyone off of work. WOOHOO!

    Today I start a new challenge. I joined a group that has weekly challenges for 9 months. It hit me because their catch line was in 9 months a new person is born. I look forward to being that new person in 9 months. This weeks challenge is to burn 3500 calories & get 25 miles. That is over 40km! That is A LOT. I will go for a bike ride today & I may have to ride my bike to work a couple of days to get it all in there. I have taken my measurements, weighed in & can't wait for the progress that will happen.

    Tomorrow I will get my new fit bit. They did honour the warranty. They said it was a faulty battery.

    Heavy lifting today, bike ride today, cleaning, grocery shopping, back to school clothes shopping & meal prep are on my agenda. Good thing I got up at 5:15! :)

    Have a great day!
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    Good morning all!

    Kids are back to school today! Doesn't matter much to my routine, just have to workout earlier in the morning so that I can supervise them getting ready. I will also go to work earlier as well.

    I went for a run this morning. It was SO humid that my hair was wet & I don't think it was from sweat. It was worth it to go out early to see the beautiful sunrise this morning.

    Have a great day!
  • Happy Tuesday -- hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! I did a lot of walking, running and logging my food so it was good in that perspective.

    Lisa, glad you're fit bit is being replaced; I'm very close to getting one, but since I'm using MFP and MapMyWalk, I'm wondering if it is truly worth it. Thoughts??? Brenda, I noticed you are also tracking steps - fitbit? How many steps were each of you doing on an average day before starting into the exercising etc?

    Maureen, I hate running in the wind! I love your idea of the one way :)

    Emy, Johanne & Mariselle - hope you are well also!

    Talk soon ladies - have a great week :)
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    Happy Hump day! This week is going to fly by just like all of the rest of them!

    Well, as I said, I am back at it! Heavy lifting done at the gym, plus push ups & 45 second plank. I am getting stronger everyday. DH tried to ask me to help with a hot tub delivery today, but I really worked my muscles & didn't think I would be much help, so I am at home until they leave the store, in case they do ask me & so that I do not hurt myself. 140lb deadlift is different then my share of the 1000lb hot tub!

    Cindy: I love my fit bit. Gets me going, even on those days when I would just like to sit. It is not only your walks that count but the other things that you do in a day. I try to get 10000 steps even on a rest day. That is tricky, but makes you see the reasons why some days you should really eat less. I also like the sleep tracker. It shows you why some days, even if you were in bed for a long time, you still feel tired because you had a restless sleep. If mine breaks again I might consider getting the fitbit one. I am not a fan of wearing the fit bit as a bracelet & that one you can clip to your bra.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Morning girls!

    Sorry I'm MIA. All is good, still not exercising and I'm not tracking either, but weight is under control and I'm back in a routine, so less need for a daily focus, other than logging in daily.

    Really should get back to exercise though, my arms are getting weak :sad:
  • Happy Thursday … one more day!

    Been a good week for me both exercise and food wise, so I'm happy. Been trying to push my workouts to be first 30 minutes C25K and last 20 mins power walking. I've been going almost daily so I will say I'm very sore, but I like it! Hoping tomorrow's weigh in will make me happy.

    Lisa, thanks for the info on fitbit; going to sporting good store with son tomorrow and will check it out.

    Marisella, nice to see you back!

    Hope everyone else is having a great week and to hear from you soon!!!
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    Good morning, Good morning, Good morning.

    Here we are, September. I feel like I can sort of start fresh like a Monday.....except bigger scale. haha The boys are gone back, just me and hubby home. I've been so busy getting them packed up and traveled to their schools that I have not had a run in a few days. I am looking forward to getting out there this morning. The water is flat calm and it is a beautiful day.

    Woke up yesterday morning to a 6am call to work. I had planned to run yesterday but it did not happen. I have lots to catch up on here, between housework and bookwork. I love summer and really never want it to end but I admit that I love the fall and the routine that comes with it.

    I had a great spring with my exercise and weight loss....stalled a bit in August, but now that September is here I am READY. 135 by Chrismtas! HA! That would be so great. But, I'll be happy with 140.

    Cindy - glad that you're having a good week, I figure you'll have a great WI tomorrow!

    Siannah - hope you can get back into the exercise. I haven't run for almost a week. I am looking forward to my exercise class to start up again as well. my arms are getting weak too!

    Lisa - you sure are back at it....WTG on the lifting! I am interested in a fitbit as well, my cousin who visited here this summer had one and kind of showed me how it worked. So cool

    well I am off to get this day going, and I am hoping to stay in this frame of mind....I feel like I'm going to have a good day.
  • Maureen, agree could have summer forever! I'd still work, but the warmth, the sun, the longer days, etc. would be wonderful. Sun is starting to set at 7:30 here so my nightly runs are getting hard. I get home for 5:45 which gives me no time to eat/digest before I run; so I need to revamp all that. Work has so many hills that I can't really run during the day, but I think soon, I'm going to have to figure that path out.

    Lisa, getting my fitbit tonight!!!! I'm curious to see what steps I'm at!

    Hope all are well and talk soon …. have a great weekend!
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    6K run done. Beautiful day, warm and light breeze. Love September.

    I have a friend coming for lunch today, going to make grilled chicken salads and hope to eat them out on the patio. Its a friend who is home visiting for the weekend so haven't seen her in awhile.

    Cindy - I know that if I were working full time I would not get my runs in, or I would find it hard. When I do run after work its usually as soon as I get home, before I eat my supper. Sometimes in the winter I will take my running clothes to work and run in there - there are street lights and I actually enjoy it since I always pretty much run the same places here. Let us know how you like the fitbit!
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    Good Morning all!

    I weight lifted this morning & I am exhausted! Some days are harder then others. Maybe because I lugged 10L chlorine jugs yesterday & my body was sore from that. An employee didn't show up, so I was the chlorine filler, squatting for long periods of time. Joys of being a business owner. Everything is my job. C'est la vie!

    Today it is HOT here! First day of the year it is going above 90F, and it is crazy humid. I figure it is also going to be the last day of heat so I am going to spend as much time soaking up the heat & sun until the storms hit. A cold front is coming through today so it will be better for running, but the start of the true end of summer I believe. :sad:

    Cindy: I hope you enjoy your fitbit as much as I do. I am very happy to have it back. I have been running in the dark in the morning. I was so happy I did on Tuesday as I saw the most beautiful sunrise. It made it worth it. I was going to bring my headlamp, but the area I run is well lit enough, I think. (and it makes me feel a little silly)

    Maureen: Enjoy your lunch & you time outside :) It is nice to visit with friends.