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  • shanaber
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    Here are the Star Challenge results for last week - can really tell it is the end of summer. I suspect this next weekend maybe a challenge killer for many of us with the last of season parties and BBQs.
  • Kadi82
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    Hi all. I'm a no star last week and this week. The week of the 11th i got gold. That cold I had went into a full blown chest infection and was not well at all! The antibiotics made me feel even worse (which is why I try not have them). So I didn't log as I didn't eat much. Tuesday was the 1st day I ate every meal so started logging again today.

    Beep - hope you can find another job quickly. I've been laid off 3 times (2 were from the same company). No matter the reason you feel still feel like it reflects on your work.
  • amysj303
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    I guess the scale heard about my gold star! I was down 2 pounds from last week.
    chel, I have low blood pressure, I know that can make you dizzy. I don't know why I was so dizzy Sunday, yuck. Hope you are ok.
    The vertigo did keep me alcohol free for the last 3 days!
  • Beeps2011
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    shanaber - thanks for the star challenge!

    Kadi - layoffs suck.

    amys - WOOHOO on the two lbs down!

    Today, i lift!
  • shanaber
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    Amy - congratulations on being down 2lbs! I wish my body would get the message too!
    Chelneal - I would check your blood pressure and your HR. I have a very low HR and my BP can drop precipitously if I am too hot and/or dehydrated. Be careful with it!

    I am trying to get back on schedule and into my routine... this last trip was really tough and celebrating our success on Monday night did not help. I got a workout in on Sunday at the hotel gym, nothing on Monday and nothing today (packing books and things to send to my daughter was my workout). Tomorrow I am going for a short run and have training in the afternoon! looking forward to both!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Hey ladies. Hope you are all having a good week. Mind has been good. I have eaten relatively well. I played golf Monday (I am still sore, so I am counting it as a workout), did 45 minutes of my class Tuesday and walked briskly with Daphne for about 45 minutes yesterday. It was just too hot and muggy, even at 9:45am, to run. Walking was a nice switch up actually. But I haven't run in like 2 weeks and I really don't want to stop running, so maybe a little run on the mill this weekend or next week anyways. I just realized today is weigh in day and I forgot to do that. Oops.

    The best news of the week is we can afford our home addition! We got our quote from the contractor yesterday and it is within budget! And they can start in 2 weeks if we get our financing in line that quickly. (We're doing a line of credit, so 2-3 weeks is actually feasible.) So I'm excited. I really thought I'd be nearly 9 months pregnant waiting on the renovations to be done. Looks like probably November finish date.

    I've got a dentist appiontment today so I'm skipping my pre-planned lunch workout. I may try to lift at some point, or may just shoot from some yoga Sunday and maybe some walking at some piont if it cools down. Have a great day!
  • ChLoE1130
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    Hey ladies!

    Ashley- That's great news about your house. I have never lived through a renovation, but I can imagine its stressful!

    I am having a pretty good week. Or I should say couple days. Because I was off Monday for Mike's bday and that day was not good and I have just been trying to make up for the damage. I made a shrimp, cilantro rice, black bean mango salsa dish I found on pinterest last night. It turned out pretty good, so I have that for lunches for the next couple days.
  • Beeps2011
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    Better! Congrats on the renovations! I moved cities when eight months' pregnant with my third child....totally NOT fun!

    I am off to the gym.

    Oh, i am 5.6 lbs down on the scale over the last nine days.....so, bloat is gone and i am now shrinking bodyfat! THAT feels great!

    One more week at 1,200 cals per day. If i get another scale-swoosh next week, i will up my cals to 1,250 per day! BOOM!
  • abigail1977
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    Congrats to both Amy & Beeps on your losses, yay!

    shanaber - enjoy the run & training

    better - good luck with the home adition

    chloe - that shrimp dish sounds delightful

    That's all I can see for now. I did not get to do my mountain run last night due to threats of thunderstorms. :( We plan to try again on Friday night. I didn't really feel like doing anything anyways due to a bad reaction I got from a yellow jacket sting. He got me in the back of my lower calf & I have a huge nasty red area that is itching & burning like crazy. I have tried antihistamines & cortisone creams with no success. It's miserable!
  • Go_Deskercise
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    Just a newbie to the group passing by :flowerforyou: Hi Everyone!

    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 5"
    CW: 128
    GW: 115 - 120

    I am looking to tone up a little and not be "skinny fat" - My arms are weak, my thighs are fat and I have a front 'pouch' on my stomach I'd like to get rid of once and for all!!
  • Beeps2011
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    Hi GoDeskercise!

    I did tape measurements this morning and certainly have some work to do,during my self-challenge.

    The last time i did tape measurements, formally, was end of January!

    Since that time, i am up 1.5" in waist and about 2" in hips. My shoulders are down an inch....all of this has to be reversed to get me back to Venus!

    Today, i lift!
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Wow, it has been a busy week!

    Awesome loss, Amy. Your hard work paid off.

    Ashley, you are one fit mama! I told my husband I want to learn to golf when the girls get older and we have time for our OWN lives.

    Ouch, Abigail! I hope your leg feels better son.

    Dang, Beeps! That is insanely awesome!!!! I kept thinking my weight. I have accepted that it is not. I don't know if I can do 1200. I'm struggling with 1400.

    I did two Jillian workouts and one elliptical, which is NOT enough. I really should workout when I get home, but this is one of the few days my kids won't be there, so I would like to clean their rooms!

    Have a great weekend, ladies!
  • Beeps2011
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    kclynch - i have now learned that it was WORK that was interfering with my fitness focus! Who knew?

    Now that i am strictly focused on nutrition/fitness, it is all coming together.....i will swing it for as long as i can!

    I have now worked out for eleven days in a row....today was scheduled cardio....boring, but true.

    I have to switch to another gym. For the next three weeks they are redoing the gym floor and some other renovations, and my asthma lungs can't hack that.

    New is good!
  • shanaber
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    Hi everyone - A really quick check in for me as we have been super busy. My in-laws are back for the weekend before they head back to Dubai. I will really miss them but am looking forward to having my own schedule again.

    Beeps - that is awesome about your loss! Not having work get in the way of your focus is a great thing!
    Ashley - I am not quite sure how you are doing everything you do and be prego! I look back though when I was and am amazed at what I could do then and I didn't have another child to care for!
    Abigail - I hope that wasp sting is getting better! They terrify me.
    Kelly - 1200 is tough, I did it for a long time and now doing 1300 is hard - not sure I could sustain 1200 for long.
    Hi there Go_Deskercise - welcome to the group!

    My big news is I ran on Thursday, 4 miles... well walked and ran and it felt wonderful and continued to feel wonderful and NO pain! I felt so good I ran today and did 6 miles almost all running and NO pain! I must say though that my entire body is tired and achy now :tongue: but I know it is because I really pushed myself. Maybe I will be ready for the half in October after all. Tomorrow is the dog beach and maybe the gym, I am training on Monday. And... I have lost 3 pounds, finally moving back down where I want it to be and this is after traveling and drinking too much.

    Have a great rest of the weekend and remember to post your star challenge results tomorrow night or Monday morning - last one for August!
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    I know most of you won't be checking in today,but I had to check in for another challenge. I am Gold this week...47 over. My macros weren't bad either 43/28/29 I gained about 2 pounds this week. WHAT??? I haven't worked out since Thurs so it's not related to dooms.

    Shannaber- That's awesome on your run. :-)

    Beeps- that's funny but true. I actually have a harder time in the summer when i am not working because I need a schedule. I am happy for you though. Keep up the HARD work.

    2 week challenge
    1. 4 dates with Jillian - I'm really liking her Shred in 30 on YouTube plus her Yoga
    2. 2 dates with Shaun T
    3. Keep logging???? I'm staying at 1400. Otherwise I will eat my arm...or a bag of Goldfish.
  • Beeps2011
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    I ended up walking nearly 22 km yesterday! Wow! And only ingested 1,600 cals....so, i get a PLATINUM star for last week!


    I hope to go lift, today, but my s-i-l and her kids are still here....so, my time to lift is running out!

    No problem....i can lift tomorrow - life will go on!

    School is back in, tomorrow. I will attend my daughter's grade 7 orientation and then go to the gym. Then i will develop a kind of "work" schedule so i don't go too far off the rails into "non-working" land.
  • shanaber
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    Quick check in for me... In-laws leave in the morning so there is the usual flurry of activities to get everything purchased, packed and ready to go. As well as getting a really nice dinner prepared.

    I made gold this week - 285 over. Trained this morning and I am so stiff and sore. Maybe some of that is residual from my run over the weekend, just not used to it!

    I am starting back to a 1300 base and eating back my workout calories... not sure how I will do the star challenge with that but I guess I can track if I just stayed under whatever that comes out to? Or try to determine where I think I will be with the exercise calories? What do you all think?
    1) Run 3 days
    2) Train 3 days
    4) Water, Water, Water
    5) Hit my macros - struggling with this and getting enough protein. Hitting it once and not coming close the rest of the week isn't cutting it.

    Kelly - Good job on the Gold and your macros!! Be patient with your weight - it seems like it has taken me a really long time of staying flat and going up before I finally lost the 3 so far - that is of the 10 total I need to lose to get back to my goal weight

    Beeps - congratulations on the Platinum!! I would definitely need a schedule or I would be playing on the internet or just reading all day long out by the pool :) especially as it cools down!

    If people check in I will get the results posted tonight - otherwise tomorrow. Let me know if you are in for the Star Challenge for September. Kelly and Beeps I put you down already - both at 9800.
  • Beeps2011
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    Thanks, shanaber....i will continue with star challenge for sept.

    One more week at 9,800. And then a raise to 10,000 per week, after that.
  • shander7
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    Hey ladies! I have a bronze star for the week.. I had 11,236 cals for the week... I really really need to get my head into the game!! Gah!!! I'm frustrated with myself which doesn't help!!!!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Beeps, great work! I always think if I did not work and/or take care of kids all day, I would be in excellent shape. That damn job gets in the way of everything!! Good job for taking advantage of this time. I'm glad you're having great success!

    Shanber, Awesome on the run and the loss! Keep it up!

    Kelly, sounds like you are moving in the right direction, even if the scale isn't. Sounds like you have a plan! Do you do any lifting?

    Hi Shander! And hi everyone else!

    I actually did pretty well over the weekend. I came home Friday early and lifted in my gym for the first time in a bit. My lower back was hurting and squats and deadlifts and a little stretching made a huge difference. I am sold that lifting has helped me be more pain free than my last pregnancy. I also walked to lunch Friday. Saturday we traveled so I didn't do anything. I ate not great but not terrible. Sunday was a lazy day mostly, but I did go for about a 25 minute bike ride pulling Daphne and did a little stretching. Biking is getting harder; not sure how long I'll keep that up. Yesterday we were at the lake early and then relaxed the rest of the day. So I feel like I got a good mix of activity and relaxing in, which is always my goal on weekends. I did gain 2 pounds last week, but I'm not sweating it too much. I will take a 5ish pound increase in weight gain from last time if I don't have to log or stress about food for 9 months +. I sort of regret that I cared so much last time.

    This week I will do my class (today) and tomorrow try for a run on my day off. I may try to lift Thursday at work and do something outside Sunday because it's going to be gorgeous! Other than that, I will keep water intake up and eat reasonably. And go to bed early, which I have been pretty successful at.

    Have a great week all!