Initial Weigh In



  • khol1
    khol1 Posts: 100 Member
    Current Weight: 123lbs
    Lbs away from goal: 14lbs
    Goal for August: lose 8lbs!

    I'm looking for a happier & healthier me... & I think I'm getting there!
  • lorikolke
    lorikolke Posts: 7 Member
    Weight 219 lbs
    Overall Goal weight 150 lbs
    August goal 10 lbs
    Stick with the check ins and begin moving more.
  • kldickison
    kldickison Posts: 9 Member
    Weight 213.4
    Overall Goal 170
    August goal 7 pounds

    I want to stick to eating healthy. I am working at a festival and state fair this month as well as traveling and working long hours. It is hard not to grab something easy instead of healthy.
  • bussyfeso
    bussyfeso Posts: 77 Member
    Current weight -114lb
    Goal weight -110lb
    August goal- 110lb

    Goals: Workout for at 720minute this month
    Stick with my caloric goal
    Drink 10cups of water daily
  • maximumcutie
    maximumcutie Posts: 33 Member
    Current weight: 206 lbs
    Overall goal: 135 lbs
    August goal: 206 lbs

    Action plan for August - I will need to up my workouts in order to meet the 6 lbs goal. My goal is 4 workouts a week, every week. I currently only do about 1-2.
  • CompM
    CompM Posts: 47 Member
    Current weight: 152.2 lbs
    Overall goal: 125 lbs
    August goal: 148.2 lbs

    For this month, I want to keep up the good habits developed thus far when school starts again! This includes keeping up my hydration levels, training days, and MFP logging.
  • serenissima14
    serenissima14 Posts: 10 Member
    Omg!! I'm really putting this out into the universe black and white goes:

    Current weight: 228.5
    Overall goal: 155
    August goal: 217

    My August goal is to get over my shame and fear and get back in the gym. Drink more water, track, track, track......

    You got this!
  • LMDlove230
    LMDlove230 Posts: 63 Member
    LMDlove230 wrote: »
    I can't edit the chart, but if someone could update mine I'd really appreciate it!

    So, I didn't put the update in my comment *oops*.

    Current weight (as of 8/01) - 179.8
    August goal - 169.8

    If someone could update the chart for me I'd really appreciate it!
  • margauxmilchen
    margauxmilchen Posts: 17 Member
    edited August 2015
    My current weight is 250
    Total goal is: 135
    August goal: 240
  • nannersp61
    nannersp61 Posts: 2,315 Member
    Aug 1 SW 201.6. Aug 31 GW is 195
    Lose down to 198 by Wednesday Aug 5
    Reward: new pair of Sketchers for my birthday(Aug. 5)
  • ruffalicious
    ruffalicious Posts: 799 Member
    Current Weight: 136 lbs
    Overall Goal: 125 lbs
    August Goal: 132 lbs (to lose 4 lbs)

    My goal is self control, do not binge eat.
  • lorikolke
    lorikolke Posts: 7 Member
    I saw the chart once, but could not add myself. Now I can't find the chart. HELP!
  • Rach_B_81
    Rach_B_81 Posts: 38 Member
    I added you :) The link is under announcements
  • ashmarie8722
    ashmarie8722 Posts: 247 Member
    Current Weight: 163 lbs
    Overall Goal: 140 lbs
    August Goal: 152 lbs

    Sorry my weigh in is late, with the weekend I missed the 1st. :)

    My biggest struggles and what I continue to focus on, are to log everything while staying in my goal and drinking enough water. As for a fitness goal I am trying to get my 2 mile below 20 min. I have also started working with my personal trainer 3 times a week again. I am pumped for August. Let's get this ;)
  • 46carmen
    46carmen Posts: 110 Member
    Current weight: 173.2
    Goal weight: 160
    August goal: 168
  • heather3781
    heather3781 Posts: 7 Member
    I'm on vacation this week, so it's not going to be really pretty. But here's my check-in:
    Current: 226
    Overall Goal: 150
    August Goal: 210

    I'm doing Insanity. I actually started a couple of weeks ago, but with a work trip last week and at the beach this week, I'm definitely not doing it every day. Although, being as out-of-shape as I am, this may be a good thing since I don't think my body could do every day.

    Also just picked up a fitbit, and hoping that will serve as a 'ribbon' reminder on my wrist. Good luck everyone!
  • FitNFabulousByFifty
    FitNFabulousByFifty Posts: 25 Member
    Current weight: 175
    Overall goal: 127
    August Goal: 170

    My two primary goals right now are: (1) Keep exercising and (2) Drop to x1 diet soda or -0-
  • MinaMaharet
    MinaMaharet Posts: 13 Member
    Hello all! I'm officially the slacker of the group. :)

    Current: 278.7
    Overall Goal: 185
    August Goal: 269

    I need to add more cardio... and veggies.
  • ImNayNay69
    ImNayNay69 Posts: 10 Member
    edited August 2015
    August 1st weight: 188.9 pounds
    Goal weight:145 pounds
    August goal: 185 pounds

    Action goal is to find exercises/activities that I can still do to loose weight with back problems.
  • lulu_78
    lulu_78 Posts: 7 Member
    August 1st weigh in: 144
    Goal weight: 127
    August goal: 137

    Action goal to workout at least three times a week.