July 2016 Move Your @ss Challenge



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    @dave - I'm really sorry you and your gf and her son are going through all that. I sure hope you're able to find whatever it is that's needed to help him.

    @queengreene I'm really sorry about your family's loss as well

    We are off camping again, hoping for lots and lots of walking hiking and running miles! We are at 6000 feet though and my sea level lungs are a little unaccustomed to the thinner air (I swear I can tell!)
    Have a great week, everyone!
    My update:


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    @queengreene I'm so sorry. Please be sure to take care of yourself as well as your daughter.

    @dave I wish there was a simple answer. I hope you and your gf will be able to find him AND yourselves the help that you need.

    Missed popping in yesterday due to a few too many promises I made at work. Thankfully, although my walking suffered, I did get everything caught up. Today I'm off to help the college kid pack for her apartment move.

    Added 4 miles Monday and 1.5 miles yesterday for a July total of 76.5 miles.


    I should be able to get back in the green today. I hope.
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    2.5 mile walk really early since the repair people were supposed to show up at 0730 and I wanted to be done on time. Buggers didn't show up till 9 so I could have gone longer. I'm going to attempt to go out in an hour and go to my TRX class and leave them here on their own. These repairs are going to take a good six weeks and I'm not going to sit around all day long and not work on me.

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    adding 6.24 miles

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    July 20
    27.26 miles
    422.85 miles MTD
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    12 miles out of 350.

    Adding 56 miles for 68 out of 350.

    Adding 35 miles for 103 out of 350.

    Adding 101 miles for 204 out of 350.

    Adding 21 miles for 254 out of 350.

    Adding 29 miles for 283 out of 350.
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    @LISAH8969 - Sorry, meant to answer you yesterday but forgot. I'm near St. Paul, Minnesota and everyone definitely calls it pop around here. :) From what I've noticed, it seems you have to go about 4 states south of here to start hearing people call it soda.

    @CLEPANT - He has multiple things going on like ADHD, Asperger's, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and probably other things. His father died about 6 years ago of primarily diabetes but mostly from a willful and conscious choice to stop taking his meds for it....he just gave up. So there has been some trauma in his life too, but I don't know if he's ever truly processed that. He does take a daily cocktail of meds for his various things but I don't know that anything addresses this compulsion to do things he knows is wrong or to ignore what he knows (or SHOULD know) the consequences will be.
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    4.32 miles walked today

    85 miles walked to date
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    I hit goal Friday & then added another 2.5 since then. I doubt I will be adding much more for the month due to surgery I had done yesterday.

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    @Dave: I had a student last year with similar diagnosis. Very difficult situation and I feel for all you are going through. I sure hope that you can get some added assistance or help. I see more and more of this each year and it is just increasing like crazy.

    @vhuber: Sure hope all went well and you are back on the mend real soon.

    July 20: Adding 21.53 miles of which I ran 4.01 miles, walked 3 miles and cycled 14.52 miles
    TTD: 406.64 miles

    That makes goal three. I guess these will be bonus miles from here on in. We are about to get hammered with more heat and humidity.


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    Been a busy last couple of days. Current MTD is 94.4/80. Could you please bump my miles to 120 for me? Thanks so much :smile:
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    @ QUEENEGREENE - I'm so sorry to hear of the heartache your family is going through :(

    @ darkrider - Wow, prisoner in your own home sounds like an understatement. I sure hope you can get whatever help you need for the benefit of each of you. As others have said, vent away.
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    Walked, biked and shopped today...a good Wednesday!

    07/20 - 7.90 miles
    07/20 - 15.00 bike miles


    Hope everyone has a grand Thursday.

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    Late update
    7/1/2016	1.65	km
    7/2/2016	3.20	km
    7/3/2016	17.46	km
    7/4/2016	0.78	km
    7/5/2016	6.99	km
    7/6/2016	3.77	km
    7/7/2016	5.06	km
    7/8/2016	9.13	km
    7/9/2016	4.22	km
    7/10/2016	4.02	km
    7/11/2016	1.09	km
    7/12/2016	2.65	km
    7/13/2016	5.77	km
    7/14/2016	3.25	km
    7/15/2016	1.36	km
    7/16/2016	4.87	km
    7/17/2016	6.61	km
    7/18/2016	5.36	km
    7/19/2016	4.02	km
    7/20/2016	4.15	km
    Total	95.41	km
    Goal	100.00	km
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    I thought the travel time yesterday would keep my mileage down, but I was happily surprised. My daughter had an appointment in the middle of the day, so I had the chance to take a long walk around campus for an hour. I wasn't even too bothered by the 90F temperatures, but, of course, I wasn't trying for any speed records either.

    Added 7.5 miles for a July total of 84 miles


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    Sorry I don't read many posts but would like to give warm hugs to Dave and queengreene. love. x
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    adding 6.97 miles

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