August 2016 Move Your @ss Challenge



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    Thanks, everyone! He is beautiful! So tiny.

    Walked w/DH this morning then got on the recumbent for 55 mins then did an arm challenge for 60 mins then went to our DDD's and held our grandson for a few hours!!!

    08/27 - 7.10 miles
    08/27 - 15.00 bike miles


    Hope you all have a grand Sunday!

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    @anaconda469 well done getting to your miles after your setback.
    @kar328 so sad the lose a pet you have had for so long! Thinking of you.
    @cpanus so jealous of that lovely baby small :)

    27 Aug 8.5 miles
    28 Aug 14 miles

    MTD 255.3 miles
    Going to be pushing it to get my miles - don't want to lose my streak!
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    Having a wonderful time in the Smoky Mountains. (pictures to follow once I get some tech support from my wonderful DH). Added 2.5 miles Thursday, even with the 6+ hours driving. Hiked 8.5 miles Friday and 11.75 miles yesterday on some beautiful trails, including a portion of the Appalachian trail yesterday. We'll see how our muscles respond this morning before we decide how ambitious we will be today.

    August total 109.25 miles


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    Though I forgot to register u moved 230 miles in august. 148 in july
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    Thank you for the kind words. I managed to make myself get out and walk today. I did 5.10 miles because the number on his ID tag was 510. Fitbit said I burned 514 calories, but I logged 510 :smile:


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    9 mi run to complete week 4 of marathon training, plus doggie walk and yesterday's 3 mile leaves me with 37 to go! I can do it!! :)


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    adding 5.64 miles

  • JTH11706
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:

    Congrats going out to future_rockstar on making goal.

    Anaconda - so close. Looking for you to cross the line!

    Scarfe - you got this!

    Lady Persia - welcome back. You didn't mention what your goal miles were so I set them to your actual. Congrats on making goal!!
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    Thanks to a great group of girls, I rode 40.1 miles yesterday and 31 today. Today was like a sauna!

  • kar328
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    Managed to get myself to a HIIT class and did 0.5 miles on the indoor track before it started. It was a good distraction.


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    edited August 2016
    Aug. 28: Adding 21 miles of 11 miles cycling and 10 miles walking today. Boy it was brutally hot and humid here today and I pushed a mower for over two hours. I am whipped out.
    TTD: 538.14 miles


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    August 28
    27.62 miles
    733.64 miles MTD
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    Oh Kar, I'm so sorry for your loss. :'( I know that after your 25+ year friendship you made the best and hardest decision for Merlin. Hang in there, it will always hurt, but you will be able to keep going.
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    Let's see if I can manage a couple of pictures


    This is the Appalachian trail on the way to Charles Bunion then the view from Charles Bunion.
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    edited August 2016
    Reposting for the 23rd: 1.15 miles swimming
    24th: 2.7 m running; 3 miles purposeful walking
    27th: 3.13 m running; 1.5 m purposeful walking; 0.98 swimming
    28th: 1.26 m swimming



    Hopefully I'll manage to get the last few yards in over the next day or so. :):)
  • anaconda469
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    Rode to Mass this morning, had my bike blessed. Then a relaxing fun ride.

    08/28 - 15.0 miles cycling (Vuelta Solo Effort Stage 9) Rode to Mass, then fun ride

    Total: 288.0 miles

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    Thanks, @Leanz!

    Walked w/DH this morning then got on the recumbent for 55 mins and some Ray Donovan then did some strength exercises then went to DDD's to hold our grandson for a while!

    08/28 - 7.19 miles
    08/28 - 16.00 bike miles


    Hope everyone has a fine Monday!

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    8/6/2016	17.78	km
    8/7/2016	2.43	km
    8/8/2016	2.62	km
    8/9/2016	1.69	km
    8/10/2016	1.08	km
    8/11/2016	1.66	km
    8/12/2016	6.18	km
    8/13/2016	12.26	km
    8/14/2016	7.17	km
    8/15/2016	5.92	km
    8/16/2016	1.98	km
    8/17/2016	1.22	km
    8/22/2016	2.63	km
    8/23/2016	1.60	km
    8/25/2016	3.19	km
    8/26/2016	7.49	km
    8/27/2016	6.05	km
    8/28/2016	7.19	km
    Total	102.33	km
    Goal	100.00	km
  • Leanz
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    29 August 6.2 miles

    MTD 261.5/275miles- this is going to be tight!
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