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Step-It-Up September Week 1 (9/1-9/7)



  • genmon00
    genmon00 Posts: 604 Member
    So proud of myself, I'm meeting and exceeding my fitness goals :) it feels good to continue challenging myself :) Also doing great on my plank challenge! And no desire to step on the scale :)
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    Day 6:
    Water goal: 2000ml/1500ml - woo!
    Step goal: 10,014/10,000 - squeaked that one in! Did some dancing in my living room to get to my target haha
  • Phrick
    Phrick Posts: 2,765 Member
    barely squeaked in my steps today but I knew it would be a light day. Just proud of myself for getting it done!

  • tishsmith101
    tishsmith101 Posts: 1,607 Member
    For 9/6/16

    Plank - no
    Steps - less than 5000
    New food - I did make zucchini lasagna
    Yesterday was mostly a fail.
    Today will be a better day.
  • Cyndi146
    Cyndi146 Posts: 411 Member
    Sept Goal >10,000
    6/1 - 10,702
    6/2 - 12,616
    6/3 - 6/5 - My husband highjacked my weekend! He bought me a new convertible mustang and we have been joy riding ever since!
    6/6 - 12,852
  • slimzandra
    slimzandra Posts: 955 Member
    Glad to see everyone planking, squatting, walking, stepp'n. Hoot!
    @elize7 - Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up and don't let the bad stuff get you down. Seems like you've got this.
    I don't have a handle on it. It takes me months with a .6-1 pound loss a week and then I can seriously gain 5 pounds in a week! Made a bunch of Keto Meatloaf last night and packed it up for lunches thinking I will get back to what worked before. I ended up eating 3 servings before the night was over. I'm starting to log everything again. I need to be accountable. So far I'm OK today. One day at a time again. Planning on a solid walk tonight.

    @Cyndi146 - It's September already! HAHA Jeal'ly of your convert 'tang. I bet it's red too! So fun!
  • Cyndi146
    Cyndi146 Posts: 411 Member
    slimzandra wrote: »

    @Cyndi146 - It's September already!

    oops :)
  • Sarahb29
    Sarahb29 Posts: 952 Member
    I'm joining in on this and upping my steps by 2k per day :)
  • cstehansen
    cstehansen Posts: 1,984 Member
    I will be hitting my final weight goal in September of 175. After spending about 15 years at 215, I had a small surge up to 223 in 2012. I began very slowly losing since then until I reached just under 200 in early 2015. T2D diagnosis last summer helped me make up my mind to not just be in "good shape for my age" but to actually be in good shape. Funny thing is I initially went LC with great success lowering my A1c and weight and then decided to follow the ADA guidelines which caused both weight and A1c to go up. Back to LC hardcore and down about 8 lbs in the last 3 weeks and fasting BG readings are averaging about 15 points less - generally all the way down into the normal for a non-diabetic range. Weight as of this morning is 179.6.
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    September Step It Up goal: 1200 minutes of exercise.

    9/7: 60 minutes on stationary recumbent, Level 7 of 8. Average 13.35 mph. 860 minutes to go for September.
  • toadqueen
    toadqueen Posts: 592 Member
    Exercise Week 1 - Walk at least 1/2 every other day (even days) - MET

    Diet - all month: stick with the plan (protein, fat, salt), record my food, adjust for issues - MET
  • elize7
    elize7 Posts: 1,088 Member
    30 minutes walking, slow pace
    10-5.2 lbs = 4.8 lbs to goal
    Basic plank/program scheduled rest day.

    Feeling pretty good about this challenge so far. I always do like the fall season and feel inspired.
    Following through pretty well on other projects as well, making progress every day.
    Three, Yes three! Dance nights coming up all in a row. I feel very happy about that, and Sunday is going to be a glorious do- nothing, lazy, lounge day. Except for "step it up" challenge requirements ...because no excuses!
  • kfat1
    kfat1 Posts: 50 Member
    Did my planks. Everything else is on track as well. Planks felt easier today, finally, lol
  • macchiatto
    macchiatto Posts: 2,890 Member
    Great day! Under calories, 28gm net carbs, and I did a 1-hr private swim lesson.
  • jmd543
    jmd543 Posts: 174 Member
    Stepped up too much and hurt myself. I gave myself time to recover and returned to cycling. DH suggested I should stretch before/after walking so far. I've never been athletic and need to learn these things. Hopefully not in such a painful way next time.
  • eneild
    eneild Posts: 198 Member
    17,174 steps (15,000 step goal)
    Weighed/measured food✅

    Worked an extra 1.5 hours making up time from being sick last week-pretty worn out tonight. Working tomorrow morning and then Friday off!
  • bremm2015
    bremm2015 Posts: 14 Member
    My step it up goal is to stop eating anything which contains sugar or flour. I had successfully lost 20 lbs but succumbed to eating home bakes so regained 10 lbs, but have come to my senses and will record my food so that by Christmas I will be slim once again.