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  • RickABR
    RickABR Posts: 2 Member
    Hello. My name is Ricardo, live in Austria, just turned 30 and am joining MFP for the first time.

    Started exercising and doing a "common sense diet" and dropped from 135kg to 115kg. One week ago took the next step with counting calories and checking macros with MFP.

    My first real milestone would be reach 95 kg by december 2018. That means 20 more kg to go...

    In case you are on a similar situation or just wanna get a friend, feel free to add me.
  • CharlieBFitness
    CharlieBFitness Posts: 2 Member
    Hi Everyone! My name is Charlie Bruno I was born on October 4th, 1985. I am a group fitness instructor, I teach different Zumba® programs, I am also a Disc Jockey and I was a professional mascot performer. Feel free to add me as a friend. Lets help each other out.
  • peppermintcaroline
    peppermintcaroline Posts: 151 Member
    Hi! I'm Caroline, and turned 30 in April. I am at maintenance right now (110), with my highest weight being 150, 2 years ago. I am 5'0, so on the short side. I run, do yoga, martial arts, ride, and occasionally swim. So cardio, not much in the strength training area (working on that).
  • scrawford0514
    scrawford0514 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello!! My name is Savanah I’m 34 married to a great man. No kids but we do have 3 fur babies. I ha e been using the MFP app per my bariatric surgon to get ready for bypass surgery and I love it!! Hope to meet new ppl and hopefully get some more insite to all this weight loss stuff lol.
  • earningmywings2014
    Hi. I'm kait. Age 37. From BC Canada.
    I hit my highest weight ever after trying to recover from eating disorders. Mainly anorexia and bulimia. However, my "recovery " ended up being binge eating instead. I went from 89.6 lbs to my highest of 220. So I now know both ends of the spectrum. This high weight affects my breathing, my self esteem and my actual recovery as now I have to lose weight without relapse. I'm now 210. This is my struggle. I hope I can find support here. I'm also with an eating disorder outpatient team. So I'm trying.
  • lia_2018
    lia_2018 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi there, I am Lia and I am going to turn 30 next month. I am German living in Ireland and working in health-care. My looming 30th birthday motivated me to change something because I want to start my 30s off with the right attitude and a lighter, healther body. I started my weight-loss journey at the start of September although I have always been struggling with my weight since beig a teenager. I want to lose about 20kg total. This week I was struggling a lot so I thought I'd join a group and make some friends for motivation and support. I am looking forward to meeting you all :)
  • orissiagriffith
    orissiagriffith Posts: 6 Member
    I am now reintroducing myself to MFP after a year long break. I am working on portion control and balancing a proper diet that can be maintained long term. I have a weight loss goal of 150 by the end of the year. I however need to confess that I cheat, defend the cheating, diminish the significance of cheating and then cheat again because I have already failed and now I need to comfort my guilt with the food that started the whole cycle I would love to shatter. Any support and/or accountability is greatly appreciated.
  • orissiagriffith
    orissiagriffith Posts: 6 Member
    Forgot to mention that I am 37 years old.
  • EmieJSF
    EmieJSF Posts: 5 Member
    Hello! I'm Emie, 31, from Southeast Missouri. I am a single mom of 2 boys (ages 8 and 9).

    I have been battling my weight since my tween years. Later I found out that my heavy weight was mainly due to some health issues and a hormone imbalance that wrecks my metabolism and system (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which causes hormone imbalances, changes in metabolism, water retention, weight gain and retention, and significant lack of energy).

    In 2008, I was at my ideal weight of approximately 190-200 lbs and maintaining. Regardless of BMI Calculators, I feel this was my ideal weight. However, after 2 kids, a failed marriage, the loss of my father, and a number of significant emotional events... I've never managed to reach that weight again.

    In addition, a few additional health problems have created new personal obstacles to overcome in my weight loss journey. (Arthritis, Back Problems i.e. Herniated Disk & Pinched Nerve, borderline Anemia, Depression, Bronchitis, Acid Reflux and yeah... A bunch of crap.) Mainly I have to do low-impact exercises and limited cardio.

    At 31, I'm tired of feeling like a stranger in my own body and planning to make 2019 MY YEAR!

    I would love to find similar people for encouragement and support.
  • mamato3babies
    mamato3babies Posts: 73 Member
    35 yr old mom of 4. I live in Trenton, SC.
  • glamourgurl
    glamourgurl Posts: 12 Member
    Hi, my name is Esty and I am 33 years old. I currently weigh 250 and hope to bring it down this year. I have a good plan and hope to stick to it. After a long life searching for something that will work I hope that myfitnesspal works to track my calories.
    Fun facts, I have a cat named Lucy and I live in the country.
  • CalamityJen80
    CalamityJen80 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello! I'm 38, married, 4 furkids, no realkids, mid-Atlantic U.S. I've lost 86 lbs since 2001 and want to lose about 75 more. I do a modestly lower-carb diet (25% of my macros) and I frequently update my blog on here. Would love more friends for encouragement and motivation!
  • PennyPeabody
    PennyPeabody Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, I'm Penny! I live in the Netherlands, recently turned 30, and just re-joined MFP, since I'm planning to lose just under 50 lbs. I caught myself reminiscing once too often about "20s Penny" and realised I've been looking forward to my 30s for too long not to make the most of them :blush:

    I'm still in the process of setting up my profile, but if you're looking for friends, hit me up!
  • FaithAnne04
    FaithAnne04 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi, my name is Faith. I have the daughter's (14, 7, and 5) and I am a newly single mom starting my life over.
  • noiseydonut
    noiseydonut Posts: 18 Member
    Hello everyone! I'm from the US and i'm looking to lose at least 30 lbs this summer. I have been a stay at home student for the last 3 years and really let myself go :o I'm a mother of three and i'm done with having babies. It's time bring sexy back! 30's are the new 20's and now that I have more confidence I'm ready to have that reflect back on how I look.
  • IronBunny84
    IronBunny84 Posts: 2 Member
    34 year old single mom in Michigan here. Jan 2017 I decided to get myself healthy because at 195lbs i knew I needed to make changes. I set a goal of 135lbs which i recently reached and now I have gone 4lbs past that. As well as recently reaching my goal i also recently became single again. New goal is 125lbs and I am looking for new friends for support and motivation
  • kahlie1
    kahlie1 Posts: 16 Member
    Hello My name is Kahlie, Recently celebrated my dirty 30 lol woo :)

    I lost 100 pounds the last part of my 20's (after my divorce) and am here to get some friends to help me get this last 40 to 50 off to hit my goal

    Batman fans and nerds a plus..I am a single mom of two and even though I am only allowed half the calories I use to be (downfall to shrinking) I def love food still so foodie buddies would be nice lol
  • Viddo82
    Viddo82 Posts: 116 Member
    I'm Pete, reporting live from Australia! Dirty thirties has been...... up and down! Keen to meet all!
  • mike_rom
    mike_rom Posts: 680 Member
    Hey everyone. My name is Mike and I am 32 from Utah. I am brand new to this whole MFP thing. I just started a new fitness program this week and it goes for 9 weeks. I don;t have a ton of weight to lose, but want to completely reach-shape myself and get back into great shape. I am here for motivation, hold myself accountable, and make some friends along the way.
  • ImChipper
    ImChipper Posts: 44 Member
    Wow I found my post from 2016 and it was crazy! At the time I was 172 and trying Zumba with my boyfriend. Well, I am now at 149 up from 142 for my wedding (he is now my husband) and wanting to get back that lean physique. It's funny how people hear that 7 pound difference and think its nothing, but its truly a shift from muscular 142 to flabby 149. I need some new accountability friends on MFP, need to see other peoples posts and diaries to help me figure out my out. We can do it!