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  • beachwoman2006
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    @michael_atx Another "oldie" who remembers you well from the days of the WW GOAD board.
  • beachwoman2006
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    Welcome to all of our newbies (and returning olbies :) )
  • minimyzeme
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    Hey, @michael_atx , welcome back. Sorry for the tough ride to you took to get here but you're here now. The road behind you provides perspective but the one that really counts is the one ahead of you. Stick with it--as you know, losing weight doesn't solve all of life's problems but I'm convinced life's better in a smaller body, even on my worst day.

    Looking forward to your participation here--GOAD isn't a spectator sport...
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    Apparently I need to read the announcements and put things in the right place. I posted this as it's own thread. My bad, please forgive. :p

    Hi all. MANY years ago I followed and contributed to GOAD on the WW forum. So much has happened since then, including WLS which was very successful. WLS is a tool and that tool needs to be used right. I have gained some back due to not using it properly, just some, but am working at stopping the backslide. Community helps.

    Apparently I have been part of this group for many years! Wow, I found it, then I lost it (my mind I am thinking). I am looking for a new or in this case a previous community, so here I am. Let's see if I can jump start not only my lifestyle but my participation in this community.
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    I too was a WW GOAD several years ago and loved the support I received over the years. I was very successful on WW but slipped a little backwards when I stepped away. Well, I’m back and motivated to continue my journey but this time with MyFitnessPal and my pals at GOAD.
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    this looks all too familiar around here .. I've been here before, but then life got in the way, and it hit me hard. Time to put the rest of it all aside, and focus on me for a bit now. see you around the salad bar ..