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    NovusDies wrote: »
    I walked 'briskly' outside for the first time yesterday.

    Some of my new NSVs will seem kind of lame to a lot of people but I have been held back for a long time so I will celebrate them no matter how mundane they are.

    It's all relative to your situation, celebrate away they're all important.
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    Way to “do you”.......Congratulations!
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    Ok, @NovusDies inspired me to share a NSV that may seem kinda lame to others but, well, here goes!

    In the spring I packed our trailer with some clothes I planned to use for camping. The pair of jeans I packed was the "comfortable" elastic waist style, no belt loops. So, there I am, in July, pulling them on one morning ready to go walk the dogs and my husband watches us head out. When we return he smiles and said, "You were quite the sight, walking three dogs and hitching up your pants because they were falling down!".

    Now we are putting the trailer to bed for the winter and those old elastic waist jeans are heading out as a donation!

    Challenge: Post your "lame-est" NSV!
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    ...the gauntlet has been thrown @NovusDies …..
    and now I need a lame name, since "super lame" is claimed I'll go for: "Ultra Lame"! :smiley:
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    I love reading these, fantastic guys x
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    @merph518 What a GREAT NSV!!!! You have me smiling from ear to ear as I envision your accomplishment of rocking yet a smaller pant size.
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    Great Job @merph518
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    @NovusDies Congrats on crossing your legs! LOL on the compression socks. I'm envisioning your nice ankles!👏👏

    @merph518 WOW that is awesome. Congratulations! 👏👍👏

    @maiomaio71 Great NSV!👏👏
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    @NovusDies That is a fantastic NSV ! After I reached a certain age, one of the first things I learned and focused on was to love myself. You should look in the mirror everyday and say positive things about yourself. Be proud of how far you have come. I have a long way to go with my weight, but I'm trying to feel positive now and not wait until I lose weight. Congrats on your accomplishments.!