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    03/03 steps 4426
  • Freeglerock
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    User ID: Freeglerock
    Week Number: 1
    Previous weight: 199.3
    Current weight: 195.4

    So, first week back on tracking and a good amount off.  Not back to where I was a month ago, but certainly a good way towards it.

    I am focussing on tracking and drinking water, and it seems to be paying off.  Since writing my March goal of not eating between midnight and 6am, I have only drank water in the night and the last couple of days I have actually slept well - waking a couple of times but getting back to sleep quite quickly.  Hopefully this will continue.

    @sleepymom5 Well done with your self control around the candies and cookies!  I too would really like to get to the point where such things can be around I I don't devour them immediately.  And such a lovely photos of your kids!
    @kirsten11872 just wow to the number of steps you do!  Even really active days I find do not give that kind of volume, instead only if we go on  really really long walk!
    @hope002 Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉🎈
  • Freeglerock
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    Steps 03/03 7,729
  • Cafelelia
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    Good morning everyone!

    I did well yesterday. I followed my food plan, had 64 oz water and did 32 mins on the stationary bike. I needed to follow my hunger a bit more at supper and should have stopped earlier, but it wasn’t too bad. Much to my surprise, my husband tried to get me to eat chips with him last night. He knows what I am doing, so I was kind of surprised he would do that (he was watching the Super Tuesday results, so maybe got carried away, who knows). I did not eat them (a big deal for me) and did even explain, just didn’t eat them. We have another 1 day school strike tomorrow, but I know that the negotiations continue and fingers crossed! If they don’t settle, I may be facing another teen invasion!

    @freeglerock - Fantastic loss and you are doing great! I think that the tracking is paying off, so keep it going! Your kids are adorable and love your selfie! You have great hair!

    @brown6267 - Logged the steps, thanks!

    @amsandos - That is a small gain and you’ve got this. I like your plan, and just try to build your habits in small steps. I loathe the work counter with its temptations. I had to develop a rule that Injust did not eat anything on it. Now that I am working from home, I keep fruit on the counter, so at least I can control that! But when I visit clients, they always have cookies or pastries out, or even provide lunch, which is a nice gesture, but usually not a healthy option.

    @kirsten11872 - You are doing great and you are back in the zone! Keep going!

    @sleepymom5 - Love your Bitmoji and you selfie! I can’t believe you managed a selfie with the dog! That is such a great photo of your kids too! Great day yesterday and fantastic news that you are going to Huston! You do so well on vacation and glad that you will be able to continue the check ins.

    @tryingagain5 - Sorry that you did not get the job, but as you explained, it is the best for your health insurance situation for now. Don’t give up though and you never know, maybe something will come up at your current job. You really do make the best of your night shift schedule and you are so consistent with your training, walking and social activities.

    @pacsnc6 - I hope that you feel better today and got some rest.

    @Mrsbell8well - Nice steps!

    @hope002 - Happy Birthday!! You look beautiful and should be so proud of all of your accomplishments! Hope that you are having a great time!

    @Zumba_Luvah - Don’t give up! I know it is frustrating when the scale does no move. Maybe look at what you have been doing, and change a few small things.
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    Let's keep March marching along! It seems like our team is starting March off strong! Let's keep it going! :) Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!

    @kirsten11872 You really have amazing step counts! I only got into the 20,000s when I was at Disney World!
    @amsandos I love how you are recommitting and making a plan. You have done well before and you will get there again. I like the idea of looking at the sweets as stock and not for you. Sometimes you do need to make foods off limits. I have a problem with peanut butter. I don't buy jars anymore. If I want peanut butter, I use the individual packs. Remember tiny steps add up and no more beating yourself up. Learn from when you go off plan and move on. You got this! A hug from across the pond to you my friend!
    @brown6267 Nice! Keep it going!!
    @Freeglerock Look at you go! One week and a significant loss! Great job! Things like water and tracking food can add up. I also am glad that your sleeping and night time eating issues have improved. Hopefully that is over with! Beautiful pic too! Love your hair! I absolutely love the picture of all of you on the swings. You all look so happy. Your little ones look so cute in their little masks too! Thanks for sharing!
    @Cafelelia My husband was doing the same as yours last night. He was watching the Super Tuesday results but wanted me to eat cookies instead of chips Lol! I still don't think he understands. Those cookies that were sent were really delicious and they are soft. He acted like we have never eaten soft cookies before. Lol! Maybe they were stress eating watching the results Lol!
    @tryingagain5 they are talking about what a scotcheroos on TV Lol! "A midwestern delicacy" she called them. Lol! The New York based hosts didn't know what they were either so I was glad that I didn't
  • Cafelelia
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    @sleepymom5 - I think you are right about the Super Tuesday stress. But the funny thing is, we are in Canada, so it’s not like we are voting! My husband does love American politics and I think he gets caught up in the personalities and debate styles. He and my younger son are obsessed. They even collect the merch for all candidates, both parties!
  • tryingagain5
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    Scotcheroos are basically a Rice Krispie treat with chocolate frosting. (At least that's what I had a few times when the person who made them called them that)

    I didn't grow up on them and didn't know what they were until a few years ago.😁
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    @podperson1 I know exactly how you feel. As soon as you step a little off the path you want to throw in the towel and just wallow in all the badness. I think when dealing with depression and anxiety, any little setback just verifies that part that sees myself as a failure, so my brain is like "See? there's no way you're gonna succeed at this so why bother trying. Eat all the things."

    It's hard, but keep reminding yourself that you are worth the effort you're making.

    Hugs to you. You've got this!
  • tryingagain5
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    Week 1
    PW: 185.8
    CW: 187.8

    My own fault. I know what I did. Time to get out of my head and focus again. Leaving soon to work with my trainer.
  • amsandos
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    daily check in

    Just got back from tri club swim really enjoyed in my neck and shoulders are quiet sore from my work out yesterday.
    I pretty much eat to plan unfortunately I felt drained after my school group and eat some biscuits for energy. So does anyone have any better ideas for dealing with the midafternoon energy slump? It is something that I experience often and it is one of the main reason I snack. I also had yoghurt with a little peanut butter after swimming.

    tomorrow's plan
    breakfast porridge (already in the slow cooker)
    lunch pasta and salad (getting bored of it now glad this is the last of it!)
    dinner paprika chicken in a wrap
    snack fruit yoghurt freddo (if I want it)
  • amsandos
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    @Freeglerock I love your pictures you like like you are having so much fun.

    @sleepymom5 and @Cafelelia thank you for your encouragement. I know I need to do it so I am boring a tip from Corienne start doing what I am willing to do and build from there.
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    edited March 2020
    I feel good mostly. The belly pain comes and goes and I'm still trying different things to manage it. At first I thought it was constipation but then had diarrhea Sunday and Monday. I should get some Pepto Bismol I guess. No Pam I have not contacted the doctor. I slept an hour + this afternoon and feel better since I have not been eating much since Sunday so maybe the scale will show a good drop this week.
    Hope everyone else is staying healthy.
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    5,255 steps 3/3
  • GingerPwr
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    Wednesday weigh in

    Username GingerPwr
    PW 146
    CW 145

    I'm determined to break through this floor and get my weight lower.

    3/1 5,366
    3/2 10,499
    3/3 6,235
    3/4 10,032
  • sleepymom5
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    edited March 2020
    Wednesday 3/4
    Food: logged and on track as far as calories
    Water: 80 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute walk

    I did go off plan and had a brownie after dinner. My calories are ok but I still ate off plan and I did also eat when I am not hungry. Two things I am trying to work on. I am bummed I did it after a string of good days but I am not going to let this derail me. I had such a productive day today and I am beat. I will check in quick tomorrow! Have a good evening everyone!

    @Cafelelia That is so funny! I have a friend in England that feels the same way with the American politics.
    @podperson1 Technically it wasn't even one day, it was one meal. I know after years of beating ourselves up, it is hard to be kind to ourselves. Next time try to think of the good things, like how you did well at your other meals, or that you got your water or exercise in. If you look, I am sure you can find good things. Take it from me, I would let a little snack ruin a day that would turn into a week, that would turn into a month...you get the picture. Just get up, dust yourself off and get right back on track. Also remember that little things add up for weight loss. Just leaving a few bites on your plate add up, for example, think if you just leave 1/8 of your meal on your plate. In a week, that is almost an entire meal that you didn't eat. The same goes for adding healthy habits in, adding a glass of water a week, adding 5-10 min to your walk, small things add up. I that having depression and anxiety adds more of a challenge to things. Maybe that is a good time to remind yourself that you just need to make today a little better than yesterday. I can understand why you may not have wanted to go to the exercise class. Maybe you can look up some workouts on Youtube or online so you can workout at home when something like this happens again. There are so many, I am sure you can find one that you like. You can do this! Never feel badly about coming on here and being whiney. This is a good place to come for support and possibly learn something. We all have had times when we feel the same. Hugs!
    @tryingagain5 I know you know what to do! You have been so successful. Hope you had a good workout with your trainer and you have a good night at work. :)
    @GingerPwr Nice loss and you will break through! You are such a supportive part of our team. I love what you wrote to podperson :) Hugs!
    @amsandos I am so happy you are back and posting! Do you eat protein with your lunch? Maybe add tuna or chicken to your salad. You have yogurt down as a snack, why don't you have that when you feel that slump instead of the cookies? I don't want to recommend anything with caffeine because that may hit you later when you would like to go to sleep. I am not sure what you are able to do at work but I was told whenever you feel tired, get up and walk around. Maybe you could try that too. I am interested to hear what the rest of our team recommends. I also agree with Corinne with the starting where you are at tip. It works better for me than jumping into something just to be sick of trying to keep up with it a few weeks later. You are being smart about it.
    @pacsnc6 Hope you are feeling better soon. There are so many viruses and illnesses going around. Take care of yourself. Hugs.
    @Mrsbell8well Hope you are settling back into work. I am sure this is an exhausting week! xo
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