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    07/10 steps 11036

    Maintenance weigh-in 134.2
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    Friday check in
    Food - 200 over
    Water - 2.2 l
    Exercise - rest day
    We have continued to enjoy our child-free weekend and had a distanced bbq last night. It was fun! I stuck to my 2 drink maximum and just went a bit over on food as I wanted to enjoy everything we prepared. I actually felt like getting a bit dressed up and putting on makeup too.

    I have to run and will catch up later.

    A reminder to all of our steppers to post your steps for the week tomorrow!
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    Wow, did I miss a lot!

    I especially noticed the team rallying around each other with support this week. @timibotkin and @ljdanny, your insights to @tryingagain5 were inspiring to me and probably others.

    @GingerPwr I learn something from you every week. I have to find some fun activities like ping pong to get more steps in and have fun!

    @Zumba_Luvah That’s dedication, taking your scale to camp…well, or planning to. Great loss!

    @ProfDawnLee Great loss! I’m glad the app issues didn’t derail you. I worry about that with people. Did I tell you that I downloaded the Happy Scale app. It’s so cool that someone created an app with one focus like that.

    @bburrer30 @sleepymom5 @Cafelelia @lenka1 @hope002 @KUMEcyclingteam Great close to the week with your losses!

    @lenka1 I hear you about finding balance. With little ones, it’s fleeting ~ on a mintue-by-minute basis. Looking from the outside in, I do see you achieving balance. It’s hard to feel it in the moment as I recall from that period in my life. You are doing a great job.

    @bburrer30 Wonderful news that your gramma can visit your grampa. Ouch about the thorn.

    @sleepymom5 Housework can be great when you can't get outside to work out. It's good for step count and calories. We’ve had a couple of storms and they seem to have been different across the city. We had some trees struck by lightning here but my friend just a few kilometres to the east of me had just sun showers.

    @Cafelelia I’ve been meaning to ask you if you had trees down. A different friend in The Junction showed pictures on FB of several large trees down and her big container of strawberry plants on the upstairs deck blew down into the backyard. Glad you got to the restaurant and enjoyed yourselves sans kids.

    @Mrsbell8well When I was at my favourite weight of 142, I had a 10-pound range that I would go up and down between. Good job taking the time out to listen to your body. I’m sure you will find your balance and groove. Were you a vegan before your weight loss journey? I love vegan food too and read a book called "VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health . . . for Good," by Mark Bittman that really resonated with me. It's highly regarded. He's a true foodie, in fact, a New York Times food writer.

    @pacsnc6 Lunch with your daughter sounded just wonderful. What a nice time after a bit of an ordeal at Chemo. Glad you continue to do so will in treatment. I’m often thinking of you and sending my well wishes.

    @lennoncpa Great maintain and cool insight about giving into the nut craving once and how it took care of the problem. Too bad your clients aren’t being more patient. I noticed that in general this week. I think people are losing some of their socialization ability in 2020.

    @brown6267 Great maintain/loss!

    @timibotkin Great, great week and fantastic loss! I agree with you about a bike fetish but totally see you doing it. I dreamed about bikes when I was a kid and still love them now. I used to have more than one, including a fancy road bike, but now found my ideal bike. It’s light and sleek and still works in the city. It’s a bit heavier now that I added the dog basket. Nothing makes me feel like a kid again, like riding a bike does!

    @kirsten11872 Look at you go! I have to head over to your diary and take some tips from you. :blush:
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    @minstrelofsarcasm You’re so scientific! I loved your explanation about the hormones and the kidneys protecting us in a heatwave. I have a friend who I bet you’d really get along with. He’s super curious ~ always asking himself and a bunch of geeky guys we know, “What if…?”

    They make videos about just those questions. You can just imagine them sitting around coming up with the questions.

    What if?
    e.g. What if we all flushed our toilets at the same time?

    Your Amazing Body
    e.g. Have you ever asked yourself why your stomach doesn't digest itself? Plus some good ones on losing weight and IF according to science.

    How to Survive
    e.g. Anything, including 2020.

    Snackable Videos about the World’s Most Interesting Stories and Facts.

    @KUMEcyclingteam I can imagine you sitting around with these guys asking about just how your body reacts to cycling long distances or dehydration or funnier things too. (I don't think you're a geek though.)

    @hope002 and @GingerPwr There's one about IF in the 'Your Amazing Body' series.
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    My week
    My apologies for not checking in yesterday. The week was very busy with finalizing the website for launch. It reminded me of exam time in university, or that week before you put your house on the market, or pack for a move across the country. I've never experienced the last one but you get the idea.

    Balance and listening
    Finding balance was a challenge. Three times during the week, when I got particularly overwhelmed, I would want to order pizza. I tried to listen to what that was about. I believe that you can eat anything you want while losing weight when it fits with your plan.

    Friday night
    By Friday evening, I had to make a decision. I was burnt out from work and the heatwave had made the house humid even with good air conditioning. I Googled, 'What is the healthiest food you can order on Uber Eats,' and ended up finding horrifyingly healthy things. Just unspeakable. One place sold various sized containers of blanched broccoli, or just chopped carrots, or diced tomatoes. Why? So I Googled again using healthy instead of healthiest and chose a neighbourhood restaurant called Flock.

    Whenever I order from Flock I'm reminded that the chef who opened it was dating Meghan Markle when she fell in love with Prince Harry. Yikes! She lived nearby. You should have seen her street when Harry came to visit. Lots of cars surrounding her house with security people. Can you imagine what the neighbours would have thought the first time he stayed the night?! Well, I actually know, I got hilarious texts about it. I guess they were really in love to put up with the scrutiny.

    Back to the story
    Anyway, I was only up to about 1,700 footsteps and had decided not to do a workout, so had to go for a walk in the dreadful heat. It was too hot to do a dog walk, so I decided to go run some errands at the drug store and the grocery store. Both have good air conditioning and walking the aisles is great for racking up footsteps.

    Trigger alert ~ snacks
    I had no list, which is okay at the drug store but not so great at the grocery. I made a deal with myself to go wild but only with healthy (not healthiest) treats. I wound up getting a big bag of juicy black cherries, two boxes of Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings (so good!), two bags of white cheddar Skinny Pop, a box of mini ice cream sandwiches, and a 6-pack of baby bottles of Coke Zero. Not terribly unhealthy but bad enough. So, I listened to myself.

    For the save!
    In fact, just the act of buying them and putting them away put out the craving (Building on that tip from @lennoncpa .) I ordered a half rotisserie chicken, some crispy lime sweet potato wedges, and a large salad from Flock. Put my feet up and ate the whole salad with four ounces of chicken breast, skin removed, and some sweet potatoes.

    Friday night saved! And today I have room for some mini ice cream bars and am enjoying a tea now. Maybe one day I'll order that blanched broccoli from Uber Eats.

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    I'm glad the nursing home is letting your grandparents see each other.

    I've been working on getting water in too. My trainer told me to try and drink 8 to 12 ounces of water before each meal and that will help to get in some water.

    Glad the medicine is working for you. Sounds like that really hurt.

    Nice that you're so close to the bridge. Northern Michigan is really pretty.
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    sleepymom5 wrote: »
    @hope002 You are just amazing! Look at that overall loss! From what I remember, you have been consistently losing since you started with the IF!

    Yes, that's right. Although it was not easy in the beginning... Once the hunger goes away - easy-peassy :smile:

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    GingerPwr wrote: »
    @hope002 I've been researching IF and I think I'm going to give it a go after we get back from vacation. The last couple of days I've sort of casually tested myself and I can get to about 13 hours without much effort, so I think I can work my way to 16/8. Do you fast every day or every other day or just M-F? I've been seeing a lot of variations online. Feel free to message me if you want.

    I fast every day. Most days I do 20:4 with no effort, I eat what I want and as much as I want. Some days I do 18:6, depending on how busy I am, or if I do my weight workout a little later - I have protein shake.
    Right from the beginning it's better if you fast every day.

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    At last!!! F2F has a new chat thread for members from any team who are now at their goal weight, getting near it, or just want to see what maintenance is like. Drop by any time!


    If you are already at goal, or want to stop where you are to see if it is indeed your final weight goal, be sure you are in the "Goal Zone" section of your team spreadsheet. Then come to this chat to explore this new and much longer phase together with others. Let's not be a statistic and just gain it all back, right?

    WNM has two people on the Goal Zone part of the team, and at least 2-3 more who are very close. Can't wait to see this group grow!
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