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  • CassieGetsFit2013
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    User ID: CassieGetsFit2013
    Week Number: Week 1
    Previous weight: 199.2
    Current weight: 197

    A great come back from last weeks 0.2 gain! Not sure how I pulled that off because I felt like I didn't do so good, well guess I was wrong! Ome day I had a large cookie with a few other sweets after that, so I didn't do terrible, but still didn't think I did well enough to have this 2.2lb loss! Not complaining, just confused, lol.

    I'm still having quite a bit of sciatic pain. My legs are starting tk throb with pain even when I'm just lying in bed. Last night I had so many crazy dreams, well when my legs started hurting a lot so I even had a dream where I was back in a wheelchair! Ugh, it really sucked. My Dr. Wrote me a script to do PT again. My Clinician said I have to wear a mask the whole time I do PT and I don't really know what my problem is with wearing them...Everyone does so it's not like I have some bad disease where I'm the only one that has to wear one around everyone...But even with everyone else wearing them, it makes me super uncomfortable wearing mine. So I told her I don't know about doing PT because of that. With the pain getting worse, I just hope it stops and stays where it is or gets better instead of worse. 😔

    Love you all! 🥰🖤💜
  • bburrer30
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    Step challenge
    Sun. 1445
    Mon. 15452
    Tue. 6752
    Wed. 14326
    Thur. 10165
    Fri. 11092
    Sat. 14167

    This week I feel more motivated well atleast right now . I have been eating well and getting in my walks in . This week I walked 17.78 miles !
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Steps this week:

    Sun 10,227
    Mon 10,070
    Tue 8,981
    Wed 9,106
    Thu 6,257
    Fri 5,436
    Sat 6,430
  • 1theresamcvean
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    bburrer30 wrote: »
    Step challenge
    Sun. 1445
    Mon. 15452
    Tue. 6752
    Wed. 14326
    Thur. 10165
    Fri. 11092
    Sat. 14167

    This week I feel more motivated well atleast right now . I have been eating well and getting in my walks in . This week I walked 17.78 miles !

    Great stepping. Could I confirm that Sunday is 1,445, please? Totally okay if it is, but wondering if it's 14,45_ or some other variation. If so, I'll update your weekly total. Thanks!
  • KristieJC
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    @hope002 wow! What a transformation! You give me hope.
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Just a quick check in to say, wow I got a lot of steps and calories in just doing housework, gardening, and dog grooming today.

    I hope you're all ready for a great week ahead!
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Check in for the last few days

    I ended up having to work so I slept all day. (Friday night is really Saturday for 3rd shift). Got in 64 oz of water, got in a 30 minute workout. Was over on food but not too bad.

    I slept a few hours in the morning. Only 48 oz of water, 45 minute light workout.

    I knew I was going to do something with one of my friends. I've seen more of her cat in the last few weeks than I have of her. She's been helping out with family out of town and I've been checking on her cat for her. Her dog was going to doggie day care because she was gone longer and it would be too hard for me to watch him and work.

    We decided to get takeout. She wanted something from a different restaurant than I did. I got one of my favorite meals (without the dessert), chicken, roasted potatoes, broccoli and side salad. I even ate my meal slowly.

    72 oz of water today. I haven't counted my food today but I know I'm over. It's my brother-in-law's birthday today and I was at my sister's for dinner and knew I would be over but that's ok. I purposely made sure I didn't go overboard the last few days and I'm planning on not going over anymore this week. I got in a 30 minute workout. I "ran", it was actually more walking than running. I set a timer for 5 minutes. I don't know what my heart rate was but it sure felt like it was pumping. Then I did some resistance band exercises and some bodyweight exercises.

    Great check-in, Linda. I love how you fit in working out with a busy schedule of work and visiting. That's a lot of planning and strategizing for success. I'm inspired. Have a great week ahead!
  • 1theresamcvean
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    KristieJC wrote: »
    The next four days are going to be challenging. I’ll be spending all day each day working at a supplier rather than at home, and the kids are going to camp. With extra drive time, extra “getting ready time” (aka makeup!), and having to pack my food every night, it’s going to be tough to have enough time for exercise. And then while at my supplier, it’s going to be hard to stay on my normal eating schedule (breakfast around 9:30 and lunch around 2:30h because I don’t want to eat throughout our meetings, especially since i have to wear a mask the entire time. I’m dreading the next four days. Wish me luck!

    Good luck, Kristie! I hope all the extra activity equals more natural steps and calorie burn so that shorter exercises here and there make for a successful week. You’ve got this.

  • KristieJC
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    Username: Kristie JC
    Weigh in week: Week 2
    Weigh in day: Monday
    Previous weight: 198.2
    Today's weight: 197.9
    Loss to date: 14.1
  • KristieJC
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    I hate that you can’t edit posts here. That weigh-in should have said week 3.
  • brown6267
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    07/12 steps 12126
  • pacsnc6
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    @KristieJC Once you post a comment you can go back to it - sometimes I go to another page then come back. There will be a "gear" icon in the top right corner which will let you edit up to an hour later.
  • jedaschultz
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Week: 3
    Weight in day: Monday
    Previous weight:199.4
    Current weight: 202.6

    Terrible week, gotta get focused again.
  • Cafelelia
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    edited July 2020
    Sunday check in
    Food - under target
    Water - 2l
    Exercise - 2 walks, around 5km total
    Great day yesterday and the heat wave broke somewhat this weekend, which was nice. Our child free weekend was great and we ended things off last night by binge watching Fleabag, an Amazon show that I kept trying to find the time to watch. The kids are getting on very well at my mom’s and will stay through to the weekend. I will join them on Thursday, while my husband gets back to cottage renos on the weekend. I am taking a day off today, no working in my office, no big list of things to do around the house.

    @jedaschultz - I am sorry that you had a bad week, and I hope that things get better this week.

    @KristieJC - Good loss and LTD! I hope that you get through this stressful time at work ok and it sounds like you a plan in place. @jedaschultz is correct about the “gear” icon in the top right corner. If you hit that and select edit, you can edit your post in the first hour that it is up.

    @1thersamcvean - Yup, it is amazing how chores and to do’s can amount to a lot of steps and a good calorie burn. Have you heard the news that our province is making an announcement today that we are moving to Phase 3? It is unclear if it is the entire province, or if we will take a regional approach again. The new/active case numbers and hospitalizations are low, and many regions are reporting zero cases. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this is very exciting, even if Toronto is not included today. It means almost everything can open again with appropriate measures in place. It also give me a lot of hope that some form of in person school will take place in September. Just watching PM Trudeau’s news conference now regarding the Student Grant and WE charity controversy. On a different note, he cut his hair and it looks like his lockdown beard is sticking around!

    @hope002 - You are beautiful in both photos, but the top photo is just so striking to me. You look so fit, confident and lovely. I love clothes as well, and you are wearing the heck out of that dress! What an amazing NSV!

    @tryingagain5 - You are doing great, and please keep up your posts as you can! I love that you did a run yesterday, not matter how brief it felt. It can take a while to build or rebuild that cardio strength. I remember that I took a break from running for around 2 years after my second son was born. I had to take it really slow in the beginning. I attempted to run 9 minutes and walk 1 minute, but I had to do something like 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. I took me a while to build up from there.

    @kumecyclingteam - What a ride, congratulations! I love how you point out the mental health benefits to exercise, in addition to the physical. It’s amazing that you had a 4000 calorie intake and still had 5000 left over! Hope that you survived work ok as well.

    @bburrer30 - Fantastic walking, wtg! So happy that you are motivated and keep it up!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 - Great loss! It is hard to know some weeks, why we lose or gain, but in any event, you did great! PT for your sciatic injury would be really helpful. Sciatica really caused me a lot of problems in 2019 and PT was essential for me to get mobile again. I know that masks are not ideal, but maybe purchase a few different kinds to find one that you are comfortable with.

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Sorry that your migraines and nerve pain are continuing. Glad that you could function better on Monday. You are right that this too shall pass, and there will be good weeks and losses again.

    @mrsbell8well - Lovely chart! The goal zone and new goal zone thread are waiting for you!

    @kristen11872 - You are doing great and thanks for sharing about your IF, WW and cleanse.

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