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  • Pearl4686
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    Friday weigh in
    PW: 88.3 kg
    CW 88.6 kg
    I will put this down as water retention due to my running. A lot of sore muscles so I hope this isn't actual weight gain. I'm also lacking fibre which is causing some 'plumbing' problems.
    Onwards and upwards!

    I can't keep up with all the newbies but a very warm welcome to all!
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Good morning!

    How do we find our previous posts? I want to make sure I’m keeping up. Haha I’m getting a bit better with this app everyday.

    I’m a Mom of 3 women, and 3 grandkids. My youngest, and only one home is 16 Wow. Time really flies. I stay home, and take care of my Mom who lives with us.

    I’m super excited and motivated for the November challenge to begin.

  • micki48
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    TOTAL TEAM STEPS - 392,074



    1st - @Kali225 100,169
    2nd - @KellyBgetsfit 92,661
    3rd - @jugar 66,686

    Way to go ladies!

    Steppers meeting daily goals...

    @Kali225 7/7!!!
    @KellyBgetsfit 6/7
    @YinxFed 5/7

    Great Work Team!!!!!
  • CurvyCalorie
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    Wooo Hoooo Way to go everyone!! <3
  • jugar
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    Aloha from Maui! My name is Sheila and I am 56 yo. I would like to lose around ten very stubborn pounds -- I quit smoking several years ago and became addicted to Nicotine replacement gum. I finally was able to give that up a little over a month ago. Within two weeks I gained 6-7 pounds and they seem like they are not leaving anytime soon My bff is also very sick and probably wont survive much longer. The grief is really taking its toll on my mental health along with covid. I do exercise daily but struggle with night time snacking. Am hoping to give and get some motivation being on a team! Let's go Waist Aways!!
    Hoo boy! Lots of stuff you are going through - welcome to our team, Sheila! It may take a while to get to know everyone and find out how everything works, but we are glad to have you here. We are now in SO many time zones! We have New Zealand, just about every time zone in North America, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg - it stretches our concepts of time. You will certainly get to know people who have quit smoking - @Gidgitgoescrazy is the one I know who has worked hard on this and I think she has beaten it! - and grieving is part of many of our lives. Snacking is universal, I'd dare say! And the struggle with those last 10 pounds. It is hard. You'll see everyone's introductions when we open up the new November chat threads tomorrow, so take your time, and feel free to ask all the questions any time. Hold your friend's hand if you can, and we'll be there to hold yours.
  • jugar
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    Good job on walking off the extra intake! Yes, we have a team within the team who tracks steps and/or exercise. Some people only track steps, others combine steps with strength training, biking, Pilates, yoga, or whatever else. We use a "translator" to convert exercise minutes to steps (you can check it out here https://www.arhs-nc.org/live-healthy/data/StepConversionChart.pdf ). That way we are all on the same units. I do use a bit of flexibility on the exertion factor - super sweaty can hardly breathe vs dawdling along on the bike, for example - but it all adds up! My co-captain @micki48 will be calling out for who wants to be on the step/exercise team when we get going onto the November chat thread tomorrow. Walking a ton at work - you'll give us a run for our money!!
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    @jugar here is an example of my last 30 days. You can clearly tell which days I didnt work lol bv1fclmlrrz49.jpg
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