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  • kika5105
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    Weird question.... I ate my dinner at work, when I came home my family had panda express. I had some bites of chow mein, fried rice and orange chicken...... Would you record that? If so how would you? I had like 3 bites of each thing
  • kos33
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    Weight in day- Saturday
    PW 165
    CW 165
  • kandi3570
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    PW 203.4
    CW 199.6
    Loss this week 3.8 lbs

    Total loss from my heaviest weight 68.8 lbs in August 2018.
    Woot woot I’m in onederland finally!!!!
    This is a comparison from my heaviest to now.
  • tryingagain5
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    Check in for the week
    Haven't been doing well with food or exercise.

    My knee has been bothering me quite a bit so that's making it difficult to exercise. I've been going to the physical therapy office twice a week and doing my "homework" twice a day. So that's been my exercise for most of the week. I did work with my trainer at the gym on Thursday doing just upper body. I also spent about 15 minutes on the bike. The physical therapist said it's ok to do that. He also said I could do the elliptical or treadmill as long as it doesn't cause me any pain. I haven't tried either one of those yet. Will have to try them sometime next week to see how that goes.

    I've been finding if I sit or stand too long my knee gets stiff and I end up limping for a few minutes when I start moving.

    My trainer did ask me how the nutrition was going. I didn't like having to tell him it wasn't. He told me we had to talk about it (I really didn't want to). I meet with him again on Monday. He told me I need to start tracking again and bring it to him then. I tracked everything on Friday and was a little over but not too bad. Now to keep doing that and get my knee back to normal so I can get back to the high intensity workouts.😊
  • brown6267
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    11/06 steps 10060

    Maintenance weight 133.2
  • melaniedscott
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    kika5105 wrote: »
    Weird question.... I ate my dinner at work, when I came home my family had panda express. I had some bites of chow mein, fried rice and orange chicken...... Would you record that? If so how would you? I had like 3 bites of each thing

    I would. They shouldn't be huge but those are some of the higher calorie items there. We do Panda Express once in a while...My husband really likes the orange chicken.
  • melaniedscott
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    edited November 2020
    How sad our fox is so tired! Love the image! A while back I developed four little fox images (for an animation at work) and they are much perkier than that! I've got a soft spot for fox-related stuff.

    I ate everything in sight last night (I think because I was exhausted) and then fell asleep in the comfy chair...200 over and ate all my exercise cals, too. Sigh. At least I had exercise cals. It has really been a week.

    BUT we made it!! As Roxette says, here comes the weekend!
  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Friday
    Food-not too bad but more than I should with alcohol
    Water-over 64 oz
    Exercise-30 min walk, PT, strength and stretching

    Not too bad of a day. I was pleased actually with everything except alcohol. When I say I am drinking too much I mean from an empty calorie perspective.

    Went to see the whale but it was on a sandbar so it was hard to see. It was sad. They let nature take its course when they die. Apparently other sea life and birds etc feed off of it. They said they were able to get in to put a tracker but that was all for now because it was too dangerous. Between the water condition and there were sharks. Eventually they will either take it away or bury it on the beach. I am not sure what determines what they do. I hope it died of natural causes and not because of something humans did.

    Not sure if I will be able to check in tomorrow. We are going to be heading out early. I will be back on Monday if I don’t check in. I also have an orthopedic appointment Monday. I am looking forward to seeing what is going on with my knee. It is much better but still not back to normal. I also would like to stop taking the ibuprofen but can’t yet. It will be nice to know what is going on and why it is happening so much.

    @lennoncpa. Lol! That is so funny, yes maybe aim towards the feet. Hope you all can figure it out :)
    @kiane50 Nice loss this week
    @1theresamcvean Yes, we got this!! And LMK when you figure out how to proceed with the 5K
    @podperson1 That is a good idea. To be honest, they put the leftovers in there and never touch them anyway, why not just get rid of them in the first place.
    @Cafelelia Nice loss!!
    @melaniedscott I am trying to distract myself from the election too Lol! Glad you are back to last weeks weight!
    @KUMEcyclingteam Nice loss! Hope you can rest this weekend and next week is better for you xo
    @kika5105 I would log it, it is surprising how things add up. Maybe look up Panda Express and log 1/8 of a serving?
    @GingerPwr I also know that work hasn’t been the easiest for you either. I am also not where I would like to be, it is so easy to fall back into bad habits. Maybe you can start with small changes and keep building from that. You may not feel like working out but go for a short walk, maybe plan a healthy snack since you have been snacking and then eventually take it out. Don’t try to jump right back where you were before July, start where you are at. I like that you are taking time this weekend to figure things out. I know you can do this, I have seen you do it before. You will get there! xoxo
    @debbiewsharpe I hope your eye is feeling better soon. I am also glad your husband is doing better with his tooth. Great job keeping up with your steps through it all!
    @kandi3570 Congratulations on getting to onderland! Your progress is amazing! xoxo
    @tryingagain5. I hope your knee starts feeling better soon. I am glad you are seeing your trainer through this. He sounds like a good one! I have a feeling he is going to get you back on track.
    @melaniedscott I eat when I am tired too. At least it is the weekend. Put it behind you and have a great weekend!
    @Zumba_Luvah It is probably TOM so hang in there until next week. I bet you will see a loss
  • goingape
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    Hi all,

    Going ape’s weigh in
    Last week 152
    This week 151
    Loss of one pound

    Not sure of my number for Ltd.

    I had been doing better on the scale but yesterday I definitely went overboard on the snacks. I think I my saving grace was that I was doing so much running/exercise earlier in the week.

    I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.
  • 4newrunner22
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    Username: 4newrunner22
    Weigh in Day: Sat
    Previous Weight: 232
    Current Weight: 233.8
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    I hope you enjoy your weekend away.
    I also hope you get some answers at your appointment on Monday. Glad it's feeling better than it was. Hopefully you can get back to normal soon!

    Thanks! I do too! It seems like it's been getting worse not better. I did ask the therapist about it. It's possible that it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    Since he manipulates my knee at each session and with me doing all the homework that it's possible we made my knee "angry". Hopefully it starts getting better soon.

    Yes, my trainer at the gym is great too! I think he'll get me back on track too. He's doing his part, now I have to do mine.😊
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    I'm with you on the slump. Have been eating everything in sight for quite some time, mostly takeout for breakfast and dinner, which isn't good for my wallet or waistline. Combine that with my knee issue from preventing any high intensity workouts and sometimes stops me from low intensity as well.

    I know what I'm supposed to do just have been having a really hard time getting back into it. I know I need to do something soon or I'll gain everything back and I've done that way too many times.

    I'm guessing that you actually do know what to do, but like me, are having a hard time getting started. My suggestion (for both of us and anyone else who's having a hard time) is to start small. Drink more water, park a little farther away, exercise a little harder or longer. Just keep track of one thing to start so you don't get overwhelmed.

    You can do it!
  • 1theresamcvean
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    kika5105 wrote: »
    Weird question.... I ate my dinner at work, when I came home my family had panda express. I had some bites of chow mein, fried rice and orange chicken...... Would you record that? If so how would you? I had like 3 bites of each thing

    Akela, I would record them in my snacks section as 'bites, licks and tastes,' and guess at the calories, e.g 100 or 150 cal
  • kika5105
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    @melaniedscott @sleepymom5 @1theresamcvean I did end up recording it and guessed on how many grams of each I ate. And surprisingly it did add up! Even though it was so little. Thanks for the replies
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