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    @Gidgitgoescrazy That sounds really hard to have your husband gone a lot when you are use to being together. My husband and I are together a lot and I know we would really struggle with that as well. Maybe you could set up a routine that you check a few things off the list for the evening and then enjoy a phone call or zoom with your husband. Even starting small like 5 minutes of tidying up the living room and then build from there. Maybe just self care stuff. I hope you can get out of your funk. Cut yourself some slack, that's a huge life change. I know I would definitely be sad, pouting and in a funk if my husband were gone for work a bunch.

    @DD265 Great job on realizing you were starting to binge and slowing it down. I'm really proud of you for working on this issue and getting help. Sounds like this process has been very insightful.

    @ashleycarole86 I think it is so awesome how you are getting your exercise in on vacation and wearing your clothes with confidence! I have no doubt you will be back on track after the trip. I think Vegas would be a hard trip to not over eat on. It's basically set up to promote overindulgence every where you look. Enjoy and you will no doubt bounce back after the trip.

    @Kali225 Hope your interview went well!

    @jugar The store closing is a real bummer. When you live a ways from shopping, even 15 minutes farther can just feel too far. Enjoy your hair cut! If it makes you feel better, the guys at my house won't even leave the mountain for hair cuts anymore. I'm the official mountain barber whether I like it or not😁

    I had an indulgent weekend. My husband and I stayed at a hotel and went to fine dining restaurant. It was great and we ate way to much. We both agreed we hadn't eaten that much since Thanksgiving. My body is definitely not loving the rich food so taking a few days to get back to normal. We had a cocktail and it was tasty but I know alcohol doesn't make my body very happy.

    I'm back on track since this Monday with food and exercise. I really need to get to the grocery store. I am back to working on my target heart rate zone for exercise. My watch some how got stuck and showed my heart rate at 51% so I was working harder and harder with no change! I restarted my heart rate track and it shot up to 87%! Phew, problem solved!
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    Thanks @ashleycarole86 and @conleywoods - I think the interview yesterday went pretty well, but the job overall might not be the fit I/they were looking for, so I won't be shocked if I don't hear from them. I am much more excited and nervous about an interview I have tomorrow. This is the second round with this company and it's a case style interview, which I don't have a lot of practice with, thus major nerves. Doing as much prep as I can the last few days. I am much more interested in this job than the one yesterday.

    However, if it doesn't work out, I heard back from 2 more applications that I will be moving forward in the process (one will be an interview Friday afternoon, other undecided) so I am not at square one if I mess up the case!

    Decided to try for a little jog today in my walk and it felt good to get the extra calories and the HR up - but wow, is chub rub real. I wear out so many leggings. Which doesn't feel as good but that's why I gotta get back to jogging! My foot felt okay afterwards. Hoping I can rejoin the step team soon.

    I love making playlists on Spotify for the seasons. My Summer 2022 list is in full swing. What's a song that really makes you feel like summertime?
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    @AshenMoon Happy Birthday 🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!

    @PlaneMonkey I am also guilty of not starting my watch or just leaving it at home 😅 Glad hockey went well!

    @CarolAnnM2 Hello and love the little bear!

    @Kali225 So nice to have so many options for the job search. Fingers crossed you find the right job.

    @micki48 You will definitely be moving a ton in your 4 year old preschool room! There's a reason a lot of the preschool teachers I work with wear yoga pants most days! Good luck getting a routine going.

    I still need to go grocery shopping and it kind of messed up my food today. I made good choices but I just ran out of time to eat and am about 50g short on protien. We went to the lake to help set up and clean the dock, do some boat work and launch the boat. It took longer than we thought so I missed my snack at 2:30. Dinner was late and then it was too late and I just couldn't eat my evening snack. My husband and I had massages today at 3:00 today. Felt great but contributed to the weird schedule. No exercise today. Tomorrow I am up early for CPR training. I really don't want to go. I think I have had a CPR card since I was 12 or 13. With a renewal every 2 years I am just over taking CPR. Something tells me that will not be the case and I can plan on taking it about a dozen more times in my career 🙃 At least it's only a half day and then I will get to the grocery store!
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    PW 151.8
    CW 152.4

    I'm not surprised. We had an indulgent weekend and I have been slacking since. We leave for vacation on Sunday. I will pack my workout clothes...let's see if I use them!

    @jugar I will need to be excused next week. We will be traveling and I won't have a scale.
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    Do I need to do anything to register for July? I know I haven't been super active, but the accountability is helping and I'd like to continue.
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    JEB03253 wrote: »
    Do I need to do anything to register for July? I know I haven't been super active, but the accountability is helping and I'd like to continue.

    No need to do a thing! You're stuck with us :wink:
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    Just heading for the airport now. I will weigh in tomorrow instead. Thanks!
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    Good Morning WA's ... You have a new member joining your awesome team ... Please welcome @robinhardysmall :)
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    Welcome to our little family @robinhardysmall .. looking forward to getting to know you!!
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