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    <3:'( poor Babe😢
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    So sorry to read Babe has more medical problems Sandy. I know it’s an old cliche but he is in the right place. Please take care of yourself. ❤️

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    Poor Babe. So very sorry to read.
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    You might not hear much from me tomorrow because I’ve invited the family for a sort of brunch. Hope they all like roast lamb chops! I am as slow as molasses but after a not very good 2022 want to welcome 2023 with open and hopeful arms. And that’s what I’m hoping for you all as well and wish I could invite you and the pets. Actually it will be a good chance to use my best dinner service.

    Oh my, looking back, Jackie and the saga of the allotment terrorist - .not to mention the next door terrorist. Patsy and the freezer - plus. Sandy and poor Babe, Barbie the loss of a beloved pet, Diane and the family move, Lin and washer problems, me scratching away, the only good thing about 2022 for our little group is it’s on the way out. Much, much more happened to us all but at least baby Aloha cheered us all up.

    It’s a very rainy day here. Not a sniff of snow remains at 7C right now. So I will away and wish you all:

    NEW YEAR. God bless,

    Anne and of course Jilly the Bean.
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    "Ring out, wild bells,
    to the wild sky
    The flying cloud,
    the frosty light:

    The year is dying
    in the night;
    Ring out, wild bells,
    and let him die.

    Ring out the old,
    ring in the new,
    Ring, happy bells,
    across the snow:

    The year is going,
    let him go;
    Ring out the false,
    ring in the true.

    Ring out the grief
    that saps the mind,
    For those that here
    we see no more;

    Ring out the feud
    of rich and poor,
    Ring in redress to
    all mankind.

    Ring out a slowly
    dying cause,
    And ancient forms
    of party strife;

    Ring in the nobler
    modes of life,
    With sweeter manners,
    purer laws.

    Ring out the want,
    the care, the sin,
    The faithless coldness
    of the times;

    Ring out, ring out
    my mournful rhymes,
    But ring the fuller
    minstrel in.

    Ring out false pride
    in place and blood,
    The civic slander
    and the spite;

    Ring in the Love
    of Truth and Right,
    Ring in the common
    Love of Good.

    Ring out old shapes
    of foul disease;
    Ring out the narrowing
    lust of gold;

    Ring out the thousand
    wars of old,
    Ring in the thousand
    years of peace.

    Ring in the valiant
    Man and Free
    The larger heart,
    the kindlier hand;

    Ring out the darkness
    of the land,
    Ring in the Christ
    that is to be."

    🔔 Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Ring Out Wild Bells
    🎨 Nino Peradze Art

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    I thought I posted yesterday but there’s nothing here from yesterday so, sorry about that.

    Wishing everyone a good day (and evening) and a better new year.

    Sandy, my dad had MRSA and they did culture it and found an antibiotic that would work to clear it up. I hope they have done the same for Babe.

    Anne, enjoy your family gathering tomorrow. You are probably busy getting ready for your gathering. Hello Jilly.

    Jackie, I hope you have decent weather for the New Year.

    Patsy, it is great to hear John is doing better right now. Enjoy! I have lost track, did Damon get the house he was interested in?

    Barbie, best wishes to you and Jake as well. My cable TV isn’t working 100%. I have just a few channels but I happened to get one just as Australia celebrated the New Year. So I have enjoyed my fireworks for this occasion.

    Hello Diane and Jeri🪩🪅🎊🪅🪩

    All best wishes.



    And a second teapot for the one I missed yesterday.


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    Happy Saturday! :) Two more loads of laundry before our family zoom call and before I head to hospital.
    I will not be going to the kiddos to celebrate NYE with them after all. I would rather not take the chance with Charlie just having surgery, Lisa just getting over strep throat and Lisa's dad in remission for bladder cancer. I do hope I can go to Joe's memorial service next Saturday and Max's birthday party next Sunday but will take it one day at a time.
    Just talked to Babe and he has a sour tummy today so I told him to tell the nurse who happened to be in the room and heard him. He doesn't tell them when things bother him and that makes me crazy.
    I will watch NYC bring in the new year and than Chicago. One of our weather forecasters and a news reporter do a dance routine every year and I enjoy watching them so much. Bryanna usually texts me a midnight which always makes me happy.

    Lin, nice poem. They did do a culture and the infectious doctor came in and explained it all to us. He did say I could be with my grandkids because about 2% of people have MRSA without even knowing it. Still I don't feel right going so I will stay home. I was a little shocked when I went to his room and there was a sign saying to wear a gown, mask and gloves when visiting so I went to nurses station to find out why. One nurse was really nice and knew I was upset and near tears the other was like everyone carries MRSA in their body and was very cold about it. I teared up and said I have heard horror stories about people dying from MRSA that they get in the hospital and stormed off. Thus she sent the doctor in to talk to me.
    The next time she came in room she was more than pleasant and said she thought it best doctor explained it all since she couldn't.

    Anne, how wonderful you are preparing a family brunch for the new year. I love lamb chops and I am sure they will love whatever you prepare. You are a great mom.

    Barbie, thank you.

    Happy New Year to all of you and I hope 2023 is the best year ever!
    One Day at a Time
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    LIN, your choice of Lord Tennyson’s poem said it all. And I loved the cherubs. Thanks for sharing.
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    The year is ending with it pouring with rain and too miserable to do anything other than snuggle in front of the fire. I did manage a very short walk about midday and check the hens but that was my excitement. It’s just gone 6pm so I will pour a glass of wine and decide on a meal.

    Sandy, of course you must protect your family even if the chances of you being a carrier are so low. When I’ve had any hospital procedure I’ve had swab tests for MRSA before being admitted because it’s apparently everywhere but let’s be honest, you would never forgive yourself!

    Anne, I would love to be joining you for lamb chops but never mind, you will be in my thoughts, as will all Sneakers.

    Lin, dear old Lord Tennison could have written that today it’s so relevant.

    Have a great evening whatever you get up to. Soon be my turn for the fireworks.

    Happy New Year
    Jackie 🥰
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    :) Our New Year's Eve celebration was tostada salads from the Taco Time drive through

    🎊🥳🥂Happy New Year to all
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  • Sandydur
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    Happy New Year! I brought in NY and Chicago while texting with a friend. I do hope this year will be better for all of us.
    The MRSA Babe has is nasal which means it is colonized in his body and I am in no danger of getting it.
    He still feels weak and his dizziness is not good because his blood pressure is low. Still waiting for the lung doctor to tell us where the fluid is coming from. Probably won't hear from him until tomorrow.
    I will go this afternoon to the hospital but I am in no hurry as sitting in a chair for hours is so tiring.
    There is football on for him to watch so he should be fine without me for a while.

    I did miss being with the kiddos to celebrate but they did facetime me and sent me videos so although I was teary eyed it made me happy. Bryanna texted me at midnight like she always does so that also made me happy.

    Have a wonderful New Year's Day and let's party like it's 1999!
    One Day at a Time
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    :) Bessie, Jake, and I got through the middle of the night fireworks with grace. We went to bed before seven. Bessie moved from her bed to our to the floor next to the bed to the office to the dining room and back to the side of the bed. When the fireworks ended at 12:30 I took her out to pee and she went back to her own bed and stayed there until morning.

    :) All our groceries were available at QFC this morning. In a few minutes I'll go out with my Sunday morning friend and walk for an hour.

    <3 Barbie
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    I woke up feeling positive about facing a new year. Last year was one I would rather forget in many ways so looking forward to the fresh start. We dodged rain showers to enjoy a lovely walk on the moors then when we got home I phoned dog walker David to wish him a happy new year and let him know the plant plugs are nearly all dug into my flower beds. I also asked about his visit with a cancer specialist and that has been moved forward to Friday so he should know what he has to deal with. Meanwhile a couple of cancerous growths have been removed from his forehead that were probably due to our sunny heatwave so although feeling a bit sore, he’s happy they’ve gone. This afternoon I called friend Pat on WhatsApp and we talked for a couple of hours. She has a nasty cough following on from a head cold but feels she is on the mend.
    Tonight the first episode of the 3rd and final series of Happy Valley is to be aired so I will be transfixed!

    Sandy, I’m glad your New Year wasn’t too bad on your own. I hope Babe doesn’t expect you to sit hours on end every day. I’m sure he will understand that you have family commitments, after all you did explain before he moved in with you.

    No fireworks to speak of in my village last night so we all slept soundly!

    A New Year and for some, things can only get better!! 🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶

    Jackie 🥰
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    Hello friends. I have written a check to send to my church for my January contribution and I did remember to use 2023 in the date. Wahoo! Good start right?

    I watched the New Year’s Eve service last night which was nice. And I was back this morning for the regular Sunday service. The person doing the message got bogged down a bit in the passing of our congregation member. I didn’t know they were such close friends. She finally made it through although I could not understand much of what she said as she was so overcome. With emotion.

    Otherwise, I did some laundry, addressed some things to put in the mail, made black-eyed peas (yummmm), got back to doing more coloring and finished reading a book.

    No Rose Parade until tomorrow. I hope I remember to tune it in tomorrow morning. And the cable company finally got the stations back for my area late

    Jackie, that is a good way to wake up—with a positive attitude! Excellent.

    Barbie, how great that you got your groceries today. My favorite store is closed today. I didn’t check any further. And congrats on no fireworks. I could have done without them. 😂

    Sandy, I didn’t know there were types of MRSA that are not transmissible. My dad had a wound on his toe caused by a foot doctor who wasn’t very cautious. His toe got very red, and swollen and it was very uncomfortable. He had to take antibiotics, put some kind of antibiotic ointment on the toe and soak that foot in warm water and Epsom salts daily. It took a while to clear up and the doctor said he was very lucky to have a type that responded to an antibiotic. But if many people carry this around, it cannot be lethal. At that time they were concerned about fatalities. So thankful Babe will recover from this. Take care of yourself. Sitting in hospitals can be so tiring.

    Anne, how was the family get together today? Did they eat everything or do you have leftovers?

    Patsy, I hope you and John had a pleasant New Year’s Eve.

    Be safe!



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    Lin, that’s definitely a Cornish cream tea because the cream is on top of the jam. A Devon cream tea is jam on top of cream. Yummy either way!
    When I was tested for MRSA before hospital procedures, I was swabbed in each nostril and told that’s where a frightening number of people carry it, luckily not me!
    I’m watching the Bond movie, No Time to Die…. All a bit silly! 🙃

    Jackie 🥰
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    Happy New Years everyone !!

    Well our New Years Eve brought us a rain storm with torrential rains as well as very strong winds giving us the most unusual weather that doesn't happen to us. 9 inches of rain about 40 minutes away, plus 36 inches of snow up in the mountains at Lake Tahoe. Plus a 5.4 earthquake a couple of hours away, which is the second in about a week. Locally we are soaked but from the photos on tv there is so much water in the rural areas with about 12 cars getting stuck in the middle of it and many peoples homes flooded out. This is a major highway that has been closed due to a large washout. Thankfully we are dry here today, but the next 3 days we are due for more rain. Of course the storms all head east after us, so just warning it is on his way.

    Due to the above we didn't go anywhere, but called it a night earlier than midnight. However still heard many firecrackers at midnight, so there must of been a dry spell. We took the ornaments off of the tree this am, so just have to put the tree away. Headed outside during our rain break because I needed some fresh air and my 4 roses bushes needed to get pruned. Needed to get done before the rain returns.

    Our granddaughter, Kenzie, returned from her trip to Australia with her other grandmother, to see her uncle and family. After that flight she is in no hurry to return. She wasn't home long before she left for LA for a week to visit her boyfriends grandpa and spend some time at Disneyland. Sure hope the rain holds off because both of these college kids were looking for some time in the sun at the beach and play time at Disneyland. They return here just long enough to head back to UN Reno and Arizonia State. On to be young again. Adventures of the young and

    Anne....Glad your family was able to spend some time at your home. Just can imagine how beautiful your table was with all of your fancy china. A time that is sadly becoming a thing of the past. Still have my moms china, plus my own but the grand kids show no interest in them.

    Patsy....Very pleased to hear that your hubbie is doing a bit better and you all were able to spend some time together remembering happier times. Laughed at your frozen block of freezer items. Sounds like something that would happen here too. Thankfully your son took care of what had to be done. Stay dry up there.

    Jackie.... When I am cold, which is common for me this time of the year inspite of dressing in layers I
    think of you in your home. Jealous of your fire place. I so miss ours, but very thankful for my
    afghans and soup making days. You are one brave lady taking your pups for their walks in the winter elements. Brrr

    Sandy....As you say one day at the time. Hopefully an antibiotic zaps Babes MRSA quickly and his dr is able to help him be comforted. Thinking of you.

    Lin....Be glad you didn't get a GE Washer and Dryer set. We had to make that purchase a couple of yrs ago when little was available and stuck on ships. Having a functional washer is a must and glad that problem is resulted.

    Barbie....Stay dry and warm up there. Are you having any snow ? Bundle up....

    Time for the Kings Basketball game, so I will end for now. Its Jerrys 78th birthday today and he wants meatloaf. Need to run....


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    Happy new year my dearest sweet sneakers! What a year this 2022 has been! Not my favorite but it did have happy days as well.

    Nice new year everting. Not really a big celebration but nice contact with friends and family. Sweet John struggling to keep up and being valiant. He is a trooper! We tucked into bed around 2:00 and the fireworks kept us company for awhile. This made for a late start for the day. But that’s okay. New Year’s Day is a day of quiet reflection, and if we lived in the south, like I used to, we would have black-eyed peas and cornbread for New Year’s Day. It was the good luck meant to start the year!

    I had heart felt loving emails from both of our children on New Year’s Eve. John wasn’t sure he knew who Eve was……oh dear! This morning he was thinking better. He wrote some Checks to pay some bills. I double checked and they were just fine. This is a mysterious disease. Sometimes it is here sometime it isn’t. Life is very busy for me. I must do a lot just to keep us operational. But I do get some help from both of our kids.

    Watched a series on brain health on pbs. Great series. Uplifting and positive. More reasons to exercise and learn something new. No sugar and avoid bacon and processed foods. Well! Do you think our food industry will ever get the message? Unfortunately everyone loves bacon! Including me.

    Back to work. Chicken burritos tonight.
    All my love and best wishes for a wonderful 2023!
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    Happy Monday! :) Finally got some answers to the best I could understand with all the medical terms.
    The lung doctor came in and said the scan showed new places of fluid, sort of like broken glass in his upper chamber. Some of it emphysema from smoking, a little heart failure and the meds they gave him for his AFIB caused some fluid. They put him on prednisone which is helping his breathing and his levels were normal. Blood pressure low when sitting on edge of bed but pretty good when lying down. They did another x-ray this morning on his lungs to see if things are improving. They mentioned rehab to him and I asked what he said because he told me no way he way going back to rehab. This morning he said he would think about it.
    As far as the MRSA Jackie is right, some people carry it without knowing it and in Babe's case it is nasal so not life threatening. I am free to be with people and for them not to worry but that is a little hard for them to understand. Both my friends and Lisa's parents are hesitant of being with me so we will see if I am going to Max's birthday party next week or not. I am un-certain what to do for Joe's memorial as his daughter has MS and although the doctor's told me I am fine to go I feel I should call her and let her know. What do you think?
    I have groceries being delivered at noon today and will probably wait until tomorrow when people are back at work to return my coat. Will go to hospital but I am leaving a little early from now on because I slept almost ten hours last night because it is exhausting just sitting in a chair watching Babe watch TV.

    Have a great a day and enjoy the new year with love, happiness and kindness.
    One Day at a Time
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    I’m not posting a lot because yesterday when I posted and pressed post reply a message came up which read “you can’t do that”. Why not? Anyway the post shows on my old account but not on this new account, I’ve just logged in again. Not much on the old post anyway, just comments on my do which was a great success.
    So, if I disappear again you know why!


    PS. I haven’t a clue what MRSA is. What does it stand for - MRSA. Baffled.