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    Oh oh. I need more practice! The photo is huge to match Hobbes! Anne.
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    :) Happy Sunday! Slept in, doing two loads of laundry, took down my Christmas decorations and having a leisurely morning and early afternoon before going to Max's BD party. Feels good to get everything done and still have time for myself. I do feel a little guilty for not going to hospital before the party but only a little. Babe understands he said I come every day so I do need a break especially since we have a long road in front of us.
    The heart doctor said the fluid is not from his heart so it is a lung problem. They are treating him with antibiotics and steroids. With so many doctors all in their own field it is hard to keep up with what they say. I just hope they can get rid of the fluid and he is able to breathe without oxygen.
    His nephew is going to visit him today and I think his niece tomorrow. I told them about the mask, gown and gloves and they are fine with it. Cheryl and Marisa however are not I guess because they make no mention of visiting him other than to tell me they don't want to bring any germs to him. The infectious doctor said visitors are fine, the nurses said visitors are fine and I go every day and I am fine.
    Sorry just a little vent there.

    Anne, Hobbs is a beauty! No need to worry about the size of the pictures we love them all.

    Jackie, I do hope George is ok and it was just a hard strain.

    Lin, always busy with cards, they are your passion and they are beautiful! You should sell them on etsy.

    Hello to everyone who I missed.

    Have a great day.
    One Day at a Time

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    Jackie: so glad you are taking George to the vet. Blood in the poo sounds like a trip to the vet is a good idea! I am dealing with the nail clipping again. Katie has a few fishhook type nails tha. T need serious clipping. I am now going to do a sort of trick that Diane sent in that video. Peanut butter on the shower cap. That isn’t going to be my plan but an adaptation of that. Our beloved pets keep us busy and thinking of how to help them, even if they have no idea why we are doing these odd things.

    We have occasional sunshine. Delightful for a brief period. Today our grandson is bringing our Walmart order and he will run the vacuum around upstairs. Yea! John and I are cleaning out the refrigerator and sweeping and mopping the kitchen. Not a great Sunday activity but it must be done. We seem to have more than we can ever get done. Plus we are so incredibly slow.

    I did find some Amazon gifts for Valentine day. I hate to give mugs or stuffed animals. We all have too many of these things. I am opting for usable gifts. Valentine underwear would be fun but hardly useable. John would never ever wear underwear with hearts on them. Sooooooooo,

    Anne: Hobbes is such a handsome guy. No wonder Jilly likes him. Good job on the photo!

    Lin: I wish I had your computer skills. Both John and I barely know how to find the on and off button. We are still living in the 1960s.

    Sandy: our best wishes to little Max. And now he has his own “car” to drive. Wow! That would terrify me. Damon wanted power tools at that age,,,seriously! I think I remember John got him a tool box and some hand tools. And I was terrified!
    Spring is on the way, but probably not right away!

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    Good evening! I have been cutting, embossing, etc. for most of the day. I did take a break for online church and lunch. I am finally to the point of starting assembly of these creations. Have found that I cannot assemble cards after the sun goes away. I cannot get enough light and something is always wonky. Sometimes, it is several something’s on one card! 👀 I hope to put together a few of these card fronts together each day. Meanwhile, I will move on to February birthdays and give some thought about St. Patrick’s Day. I may not make any of those cards this year. Time will tell.

    We did get a bit of sunshine today after heavy morning fog. It looks like the coming week will be warmer. And that’s okay with me!

    Patsy, good for you, you’ve found some gifts already! You have so many things to attend to at home my friend. I no longer make lists of household chores as I know I will never get to them all. When something becomes absolutely necessary, I will try to do it. But sometimes I do not succeed. When you describe everything that goes on in your home, I envision a beehive of activity! 🐝🐝

    Jackie, I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with darling George. You are so good at keeping in touch with your friends. More of my small number of friends now prefer a short text, an email or a ‘conversation’ through Messenger. All are fine but they lack something that over the phone or in person conversations provide. I hope this is not a trend for 2023. 🙃 I am glad the power outages are not causing you lot more work.

    Sandy, how was the birthday party? Lots of gifts? Many delicious treats? I hope everyone was feeling well. And I am very happy that you got a more leisure morning for once.

    Anne, it seems you are always cooking these days. Your family, and Michael in particular, benefit from your skills. ❤️ oh, and Jilly as well.

    Need to rinse my new batch of sprouts and finish washing a few dishes.

    Good night all. Thinking of you and sending best wishes.



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    Good evening friends,

    Lin....Before I forget I must tell you I love that tea pot above, but then again anything with grapes on it appeals to me. I have a soup tureen that is white with grapes on it. Never used, but found it at a garage sale and I had to have it to go on top of my kitchen cabinets.

    Jackie....I am hoping that George is starting to feel better, but do agree a trip to the vet seems necessary. We have Jacque, a 13 yr old dog, who just keeps prancing around here. His health issues tend to be more frequent due to his age. It is his rx monthly bills that seem a bit excessive. Our vet tends to find a reason every 4 months to do another test on him. We finally decided we are caring for his cardio issues. Yes his kidneys should be checked, but he will die of something in his old age, but a recent eye infection had to be taken care of.....He is such a lover.

    We are in the midst of our second cyclone rain storm with several more rainy days this week. Our winters have been pretty mild for several years now due to a drought and now it has flipped. I was still awake listening to it at midnight last night with winds in the 50 mph range. They were horrible and I think the strongest winds I have ever experienced. This bedroom has winds coming from 3 sides of it, so it was so nosy. Finally moved to another bedroom, but the rains and wind continued so little sleep last night. It has just started again. Thankfully we don't have any creeks or tall trees in our immediate surrounding, but a lot of people have lost trees and are having flooding problems within an hour away from us. Our governor has asked for financial help from the federal government due to the problems we are experiencing in this state.

    Jerry and I have been back reviewing and researching more of our family trees since we both had our DNA done. We have a joint tree, but Ancestry has decided they will only allow one to be done requiring 2 fees to research both of them. Thankfully I have done a lot on mine and have binders with family trees and documents to support it. To individualize it I have to rekey all of the info in a separate area. I just know in time my siblings will request this information. Frustrated by this.....
    Meanwhile Jerry has done a lot on his family genealogy, but he has yet to figure out positively who his father was having lived with his grandmother and aunt most of his young life. We have found a lead that he is slowly giving them info that he has heard of in the past. His deceased aunt revealed this info to him and of course she and his mom are gone now. If this man is his father then we think Jerry also has a half brother. No DNA to trace unfortunately, but this contact that says she knows of this man and his 3 brothers, plus the area they all lived in. Time will tell because of reluctance to reveal some information by her family. We have a photo of this man and there is a lot of resemblance that we see. Of course he has passed away now. He too had settled in our state after spending time in the military during WWII. Interesting story.....

    Well it is getting late, so I will end for now. Hello to all of the rest of you. Stay warm and safe !
    Shall chat soon.

    Night, Diane

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    Happy Monday! :) Babe said one of his two own heart doctors was in and told him he might have a small heart problem. Is this getting ridiculous or what? Babe also said it is burning to pee so I hope he doesn't have an UTI. My kids suggested I get a hold of the social worker and ask for a conference with all the doctors so I can get some answers. I will do that when I go this afternoon. Bryanna is coming to color my hair any minute and when she is done I will go to hospital.
    The birthday party was fun and Max had a great time. It was good to get out and be with loved ones.
    I am sitting all day Wednesday so Rob can go to his office in Chicago. I won't have time to go to see Babe since I have to be there by 11am. Going out with friends Thursday for dinner and a little gambling. I will visit with Babe before we go instead of my meeting. I will do a zoom meeting tomorrow night instead.
    I feel bad when I can't go at all to hospital but I do call him at least twice to check on him.
    It would be nice if his DIL would go see him to give me a break but she feels uncomfortable with the MRSA. His nephew did visit him yesterday and said he looked good considering all that is going on.
    I think his niece is coming today but we will see.

    Have a great day and I do read all the posts but time is so short it is hard to answer everyone.

    One Day at a Time
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    Hello everyone. Signs of Winter have returned with hail crashing down and colder air. The good new is that George has improved somewhat. The vet doesn’t open for calls other than emergencies until 10am so I decided to walk first and see how we got on. Betty hated the cold but she had her coat on and trotted along as we walked on a nearby section of moor. George had a good sniff about and at one point disappeared so I imagine he did what was needed because he rushed back full of excitement and pleased with himself. We nearly made it back to the car but got caught a few hundred meters away by stinging hail in a strong wind and I’ve never seen both dogs so pleased to jump into my car…. me too! I spoke to the vet practice nurse when we got home and explained what happened and the blood and she told me dogs are prone to bleeding from that area when upsets happen and since that had stopped, give him another 24 hours but call if worried. He has been playing with toys and chasing in the garden while I cut up wood for kindling but more importantly, not feeling the need to keep washing that area so I think we are over the worst.

    Patsy, new dog nail clippers arrived in the post today so that might be my job tomorrow. The old pair were a guillotine design and difficult to place the nail into the round hole before cutting. This new pair looks user friendly but I mustn’t get carried away!

    Anne, that’s a beautiful photo of one gorgeous cat. I can’t always reduce the size for whatever reason, other times it’s easy but I haven’t worked out why! My chicken casserole turned out well yesterday and I’m hoping will help me lose at least one pound this week. I’ve lots of veggies to steam and today the hens enjoyed the leaves off a cauliflower so it’s win, win. 😁

    Diane, your Jacque sounds full of beans but I guess it’s inevitable health issues appear as our pets get older. George is 10 and was incredibly sensitive to all sorts of issues when first adopted but that might have been due to lack of care in his first home. Upset tummy was a constant for him but thankfully rare these days.
    I have thought of you when reading about the nasty storms rolling into California and hoped you weren’t affected. I hate loud wind noises, especially at night when my imagination takes over. My friend David that I met dog walking once told me he nearly died when a huge oak tree fell next to his previous home and a massive branch crashed through the roof and trapped him in bed. When help arrived the firemen assumed he was dead so didn’t rush until they heard him call out. That’s a story I wish I hadn’t heard!

    Lin, i don’t think you can beat a phone chat to catch up and get a true impression of how friends and family really feel. It’s as good as having a visit, especially when we use WhatsApp. You are good with your card making. I still haven’t written the shop bought Happy New Year cards that sit on the table looking at me!

    Sandy, I’m pleased you had a day to do your own thing. It’s so important mentally to have the occasional break, especially when you know Babe is in good hands.

    Time to light a fire in the wood burner and think about preparing my evening meal.

    Happy Monday. Stay safe and warm.
    Jackie 🥰
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    Oh my, a big round yellow thing is beaming in the sky after days and days of first snow and then rain. I think it’s called the sun?

    We enjoyed yesterday. First Michael showed up and then Mark and Mary Jo who said they’d come to take Jill for a walk. I declined the offer because it was freezing cold and she had two long walks with Mike. Mike came in looking like an icicle and felt like one when he touched my hand to show me how cold it was outside. So the three of us gossiped instead and I showed them a card I’d received from my artist cousin. Beautiful and taken from one of her paintings. I knew she had downsized from a big house having reached the ripe old age of 79. Mark decided to look it up on old uk listings. Oh boy, what a shock, it was indeed big and beautifully furnished. Made my place look a real pioneer shack! I had been invited to stay in my travelling days to visit Mom and now I wish I had! Anyway she and her husband have downsized to my type of living.

    DIANE, I can go back to the 1700s when it comes to ancestors via an old huge family bible in my mothers case and some research done by my dads cousin years ago. It appears we trekked north from Norfolk in Dads family, presumably to find work. But it’s just names and dates so I’ve no idea what those folk were like. My auntie Alice did go to Edinburgh to research moms side but got bored as well for the same reason. No Bonnie Prince Charlie or Wallace to be seen. So I suppose I come from peasant stock. In your case though, very interesting for your husband. Good luck!

    Oh LIN I’ve always cooked every day. Nothing new there. However this does not make me a gourmet cook with a Jamie Oliver somewhere in my past DNA.

    I’m wondering how George got on at the vets JACKIE. Jilly needs a claw clip. They grow at an alarming rate. I felt exactly like you described after my Xmas indulgence. Still daily walking and sugar is a no no in my life at the moment. Still trying to enjoy coffee without sugar. No problem with tea.

    SANDY, I hope Babe is still improving, waiting for todays post to find out.

    And PATSY, Jill sends sympathy to Katie and good luck with also having the trauma of nail clipping in her future.

    Anne. 🌲🌲🌲☀️🌲🌲🌲

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    Good Morning

    Just checking in. We’ve been on the go a lot looking for a couch and a loveseat. We finally bought them yesterday. Looking for couches is a challenge for me as I am so short. Most are too tall and my feet dangle like a little kid. Not comfortable either.

    Sandy - glad you got a little ‘you’ time. Still lots to figure out it seems with Babe’s health. I agree booking a meeting with sounds good.

    Diane and Anne - I love genealogy and now I have Ed hooked as well. We both had our dna done but Ed had way more matches than me. My Mom’s parents were Ukrainian and My Dad’s Mom was Norwegian and Swedish. So this makes it harder to find dna matches, mostly harder to communicate with them too.

    Lin you continue to impress me with your card making. Wow. Good job.

    Jackie that was worrisome about George but he sounds somewhat better now. Fingers crossed.

    Anne - loved your cat picture. I LOVE cats but we have bad cat allergies in the family. So years ago we had to give our cat away. Broke my heart.

    I’ve been very careful about my diet. Ate way too much the last couple of months. Down 4 lbs. Woo hoo.

    Well have a wonderful day. We are off to buy groceries. That’s a chore I hate.

    Big hugs


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    I guess Jackie and Jeri’s posts are above me but not here where I type! It’s a darn nuisance posts showing on the laptop where I can’t type, but not here where I can!
    I hope you will excuse me if I don’t answer any questions here. I’m just happy to be able to get in at all!
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    I have spent some time watching tv and looking on my tablet of all of the flooding that has been happening in this state. Just leaving out of our community we saw two large trees down at 7:30 am.
    The rain did stop here for the day in our immediate area, but going further south in the state there is still heavy rain and so many problems for people with water damage and trees down on houses. It makes us thankful we moved into our house about 8 yrs ago. However we do wonder if the big old trees are still standing in our backyard at the old place. I doubt the people that bought our old home even considered those tree issues. We had a few good storms when in that house and it was always a big concern for us.

    Just an update on what is going on in California right now and rain is predicted for this whole week.

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    Good evening. We had a nice day with a high temperature reading of 50 degrees. I did get a few more cards put together. Placed and picked up a grocery order. Picked up some library books on hold. Received, read and filled out the paperwork from the bank that I had been looking for. It is back in the mailbox.

    I did receive a phone call today. It was from a friend with so many problems/worries/family problems. Oh my gosh. Her husband’s cancer treatment is going slow. Lots of wait time for appointments. She is very worried about him. Then some of her family members got sick with some type of respiratory illness that will not go away. One of them is now on Cipro and prednisone. Really, that sounds like an atomic bomb of treatment. I have never heard of this combo. Her best friend is in ICU as her cancer treatment failed and she isn’t expected to live much longer. But she isn’t allowed to visit her which is making her very sad. I think I lost track after that, she has her own health problems as well. Anyway, I wanted to talk to people, I guess I got what I asked for.

    Jeri, furniture shopping. Oh my! Now, can you actually get your choices delivered? Or is it like us with a 5 - 6 month wait? Grocery shopping is much easier when you just place an order online and then either go to the store to pick it up or have them deliver. You can’t add any impulse items to your cart! 😄

    Anne, oh yes, sunshine is glorious when you have seen it for a while right? How do you get the Bean’s toenails clipped? And you can be a gourmet cook as far as I am concerned. 👍🏻❤️👍🏻

    Jackie, and you have toenails to clip as well. How does the new clipper look? Keep feeling better George!

    Sandy, I hope you can get a consult of some sort to learn as much as you can about what they are doing for Babe. Try to get as much time for yourself as you can. How did your hair turn out?

    Diane, all of that research is very interesting. I have a friend who is adopted and her dad passed away before giving her information about her birth parents that he had promised her. She has been searching ever since then. She got a special private investigator for adopted children and he did find her mother BUT he was not allowed to put her in touch unless the birth mother agreed. And she did not. She was still a very angry woman about what had happened to her and how it had affected her life. Anyways my friend started doing all sorts of hunting through records, had DNA tests done with one or more companies and somehow she started to get information. She did find out who her mother and that was about all she found. She also found her father (deceased) from getting hooked up with people who had also had DNA tests done. Ultimately she found 6 half bothers and sisters. They have been in touch, had a reunion of sorts and are planning a trip to Europe. She found out she has Jewish heritage. All fascinating.

    Patsy, how did your day go? Was it a day for grooming Katie?

    Barbie, hi!

    Be safe everyone. No more interesting info.



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    I’m surrounded by damp laundry again! The forecast was for a dry morning so before I went to bed I loaded my washing machine and set the timer but when I got up it was drizzling and hasn’t really stopped. Lots to do around the cottage if I set my mind to it but motivation is lacking.
    We walked round the block again and although not settled, George’s tummy is under control.
    My older brother’s ex wife emailed Happy New Year wishes which was a lovely surprise. My nephew had sent her a photo of my garden in bloom which prompted her message, including her phone number should I ever visit Brittany. I’ve reciprocated with mine. I need to renew my passport so must pick up relevant application forms from the post office.

    My paternal family tree goes back to the 1700’s when most ancestors lived on the south coast in Dover when it was a military garrison town so most males found themselves in the navy and a couple of them jumped ship in Australia and made their way to the gold mines. Mother’s side were Huguenots escaping persecution in France. Apparently that was when the word refugee was introduced to the English language!

    Lin, the new clippers look frightening so I will have to be careful when I next groom George. Ahh, that’s a beautiful Collie. Somewhere I’ve a photo of our Labrador Captain but he was definitely dad’s dog when I was growing up.
    We have an outbreak of Strep A that’s leaving sufferers with a nasty sore throat and cough. Apparently more catching it than Covid or flu! Pretty teapot!

    Jeri, I have the opposite problem sitting on sofas…. My legs are too long so I end up with aching muscles at the back of my thighs!

    A pile of washing up is sitting in the kitchen so I must deal with it, then light a fire. I hope Diana is safe from the storms that I read will get worse today. Take care ❤️

    Hello Barbie, Sandy and Patsy.
    Jackie 🥰
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    Happy Tuesday! :) I woke at 6 and couldn't fall back to sleep until 7:30 so slept until 9:00. I finally got an online account for Babe with Medicare and his BC/BS supplement. I hate things being mailed to me and prefer paperless accounts, much easier for me to handle.
    It doesn't look like a conference will be had as I requested for the nurse in charge of the floor to come to Babe's room and she never did. I was complaining to his nurse of the day that I need to talk to the doctors so I can get a diagnosis. Babe said his heart doctor was in and said there is a small irregularly with his heart and as I told her one day it is his lungs the next is his heart. She said the two main doctors are his heart and lung doctor and the irregularly is his AFIB which can cause fluid in lungs. As far as an UTI he is on a heavy antibiotic along with a steroid so he is covered. The lung doctor also came in before I got there and said things are improving. They give him 4 breathing treatments a day and have cut his oxygen down to 2 1/2 liters. So it seems they are on the right track. Now he hopes PT comes in and gets him up so he can get stronger. He is in the hospital two weeks this time and last time it was one week and two weeks of therapy which makes a total of five weeks minus the two days he was home. Who knows how long he will be in skilled nursing.
    I do not have to sit tomorrow after all so I asked my friends if they want to go to dinner tomorrow instead of Thursday so if they agree I can go to my meeting.

    The morning is almost over and I still have to eat breakfast and take a shower before heading to the hospital. Have a good day and keep healthy.

    One Day at a Time
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    Good evening. I am halfway through assembling the card fronts for my Valentines. Slow and steady……we had another sunny day which always is a wonderful thing, especially in the winter.

    I did make a trip to the drug store to pick up some Tylenol that were on sale and to use my loyalty points before they expired. It was fairly deserted in the store and the Manager and I had a nice chat. She has been at that store for years and she is easy to talk to.

    Okay, the Mega Millions Jackpot is over a billion dollars again. Yes, I did purchase one ticket on my way home.

    I did one load of laundry. The washer is okay but when the cycle is over and I reach in to retrieve my clothes, they are next thing to dripping. The machine is not spinning all the water out of them. The old washer was quite good at that. I suppose I could run a separate spin cycle but that seems like a waste of time and electricity. But it could save drying time.

    Jackie, I am sorry you had another day of damp laundry. I watched part of a video posted by Kerry and it was a very wet morning so they weren’t out long and he was upset with himself as he hadn’t brought the boys coats along. Paddy and Harry didn’t seem to mind. Still having fun.

    Sandy, you did get some news which makes sense to me. I hope your week works out so you see your friends and also are able to attend a meeting.

    Diane, the crazy downpours are a fright. I am glad to hear you are all okay.

    Hello Barbie, Diane, Patsy, Jeri, Anne and anyone I missed.

    I have an online demo class starting in a little while.



    A dragon and wizard teapot


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    We had a almost sunny day but not quite. John installed the new stickers on the license plates on the cars. That involves cleaning our famous Oregon mud off first. Messy and time consuming as well as a cold job next to the ground. But is a job that John felt he could easily do.

    Tonight I will use my grilling pan to make halibut fillets and grilled onions and peppers. I am trying to stay away from so much chicken and of course we must to cut beef and pork from our diet. It is difficult planning menus for John. He loves meat and protein. Not crazy about veggies. Our doc highly recommends the mostly veggie diet.

    As far as grooming Katie and cutting her nails….this is laughable! Since she is a chow hound, she can be distracted by her favorite foods. Peanut butter is one of her favs! She can be licking if off of Damon’s fingers while I clip a toenail or two. Grooming Katie takes two dedicated people and about 2 1/2 hours of effort. And an hour of cleanup after. The whole day is pretty much done for.

    I can’t believe how wonderful our two kids have been to us. They insist on helping and keeping in touch daily. It means everything to us. I am not sure where we would be without their help and concern. We don’t deserve their kindness. I will try to find more ways to show appreciation to them and others in our life. To that end, I hope you sneakers know how much I appreciate you being there and listening to my drivel.

    Beautiful collie, Lin! Looks like Lassie!

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    :) Today was Bessie's annual checkup at the vet. She doesn't like riding in the car. Our dog walking friend drove us because her car is lower to the ground than our SUV and easier to get Bessie in the back seat. Jake rode in the back seat with her. The report was good. She is healthy and has lost a few pounds so my concern that she was gaining weight from all the treats was not necessary. She didn't like the immunization shot or the blood draw but now she is home and happily asleep in her bed and her life is back to normal.

    :)Patsy, Jake agreed that cole slaw was a good veggie choice for him so he will willing eat that several times a week. Sometimes he'll eat a serving of the frozen mixed vegetables that I make for myself for supper every night. When I make chicken soup I use a lot of onions, celery, and carrots so he gets lots of vegetables on soup day.

    :)Lin, sometimes we go into the drug store to purchase a few items. It usually has few patrons so with masks, we feel safe.

    :)Sandy, You have a lot on your plate. I'm glad to hear that you are including "me time" and your meeting so you don't get burned out.

    :) Jake goes next week to have the battery changed in his pacemaker/defibrillator. It's short stay surgery about 90 minutes away. I'll go with him so I can drive him home after the procedure. When he talked to the nurse about some preparation, he made a comment about me as his driver after the procedure and said that I'd be there all day waiting for him and needed some place to be. She suggested various nearby stores and he said "Oh no, all she needs is to be indoors in a chair near a restroom".

    <3 Barbie
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    Well our sun didn’t last long, he scuttled away and we could have snow this afternoon. Then a warmer day tomorrow and after that we await the dreadful rain storm hitting California right now.

    PATSY, I need you and your clippers NOW. Michael and I got nowhere with the wriggling Bean. I think Mike managed one claw! Off to the expensive vet on Friday, sigh.

    BARBIE thanks for a morning smile! That’s me, a chair and a restroom! I read an interesting article on the trend to veganism. Apparently lots of vegan people are lacking B12 in their diets and it’s being linked to dementia. So we have a dilemma, we love animals but as humans apparently need them in our diet! I’m just making a chicken stew for lunch. Jilly who has no such problems will help me eat it with gusto!

    Other than that all is quiet here. The lull before the storm? No sign of Maria and who can blame her. They bought the house only 8 years ago, downsizing and because of Tony’s Alzheimer’s, but it was his choice and not hers. Who can blame her for going to live with her sister, the house must have dreadful memories.
    Today is my writing day to the cousins. 5 of us and one first cousin once removed. Boy our combined ages really add up!

    Have a good day please, all you lovely Sneakers,