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  • What’s a necropsy thread? OP is absurd.
  • Might jump on the Jets bandwagon after the butt-whooping they’ve given my Wild this series. Perhaps my team will be competitive for an entire period Sunday night.
  • The second my youngest moves out, I’m selling the lawn mower, snowblower, raking supplies, pool care equipment, and taking back the 3-4 hours each week using all that stuff. Going to be a great day! Condo or townhome if you can’t guess my opinion.
  • What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.
  • ^^^ Damnit! Amateur hour here on gif posting. Will just crawl back under my bridge now.
  • Amazing how helpful good sleep is for health and happiness. Good for you!
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  • You should be very proud! Awesome work!
  • Every one of the success stories was done 1 ounce at a time. That’s 320 successes for you so far, not minor at all!
  • You look amazing! Congratulations on the achievement itself, and even more for being able to execute the discipline and commitment to get there.
  • Janie’s got a gun - Aerosmith
  • Was feeling unmotivated, tired, and pathetic at the gym this AM, then up the stairs comes a 60 year old guy with his legs wrapped and using 2 canes from a degenerative condition to walk over to the leg press machine to maintain strength and keep what mobility he has, and does it with a smile and greeting. It’s good to be…
  • Ketchup is considered a spice here, if you come, bring your own tobacco. We’re the opposite of the coasts, it’s a great place to live but I’m not sure I’d want to visit. Haven’t figured out how to quote, but what 1977 said earlier about ice fishing is 1000% true.
  • Muscle is what uses the calories. Less muscle means you’ll burn fewer calories generally. You’re right that you’ll eventually need exercise as you get closer to your goal, that will be far more enjoyable if you maintain as much lean mass as you can. Great job on the loss so far, I hope the rest of the journey goes well!
  • I’ve run into plateaus when I change my exercise, not sure how long you’ve been on that routine. Might be worth taking measurements, the scale is one of the ways to measure fitness progress, but not the only one. If your weight is static, but your measurements change for the better that can imply that you’re likely leaner…
  • I’m as guilty as anyone, but our words indicate we want good customer service while our dollars have made WalMart the largest retailer in the world. Nothing against the people who work at WalMart, most I’ve met have been great. The low staff hours / customer help yourself business model is just so much more successful.…
  • Wild fan, former. My dad was a North Stars season ticket holder as I was growing up.
  • The traditional “good” rate max for weight loss of 2 pounds / week is quite a bit easier to achieve when there is more to lose. 14 and 30 pounds aren’t big amounts to lose. My last 10 took almost as long as my first 50. Be patient and stick to the process. Everyone is different, I prefer to weigh myself daily as it has…
  • Yes Yes Yes Logged yesterday at the bottom of the 3/1 thread by mistake!
  • 1. Yes, 55 min aerobics, moderate resistance training, played a hockey game. 2. Yes, 1470 on 1500 budget before exercise calories (not hungry tonight, so I’ll bank them as additional deficit). 3. Yes, thought of this accountability when it came to dinner plans.
  • Exercise- yes, 47 min elliptical Calories- yes - 1900 on 2600 exercise adjusted goal Tracked - yes, even the Thin Mints after dinner
  • Adding anything by Jon Ronson to the list. Great in-depth looks at peculiar subjects, with honest, humor, and sometimes startling sensitivity to his subjects’ uniqueness (some of them are horrible people, but he studies them well which lets him gain an insight that isn’t available to most). He wrote the book from which the…
  • Anything by Bill Bryson is great, particularly liked: Not quite non-fiction, but worth the really quick read, funky, different, and thought provoking:
  • Hello, I’m 43, father to 3 kids (16, 13, and 9). My wife is a teacher, we’ve been married almost 22 years now. I have a desk job with some travel, and my kids keep me pretty busy as well. I started up with MFP about 18 months ago, and told myself I’d give it 60 days of exercise and staying in my calorie goal. I had good…
  • 1. 45 minutes elliptical, moderate upper body resistance work. 2. Calories under goal - yes 3. I tacked everything, even the muffin I should have skipped at my 9am meeting in the office.
  • Star Wars, Tolkien nerd. I lift about 3x per week. Not on 5x5, though I would believe it’s effective. I’m still working on cutting, so not getting too much for strength gains, more trying to avoid atrophy while I get my body fat where I want it.
  • Hockey is the winner for me, but FAR better live than on TV. It’s the opposite of football that way. If you can get within 10 rows or so of the ice at a high level game (Juniors, College, NHL) you get a sense of how big the players are, and more importantly, how fast the game moves.
  • I’ve been using the Quest bars for the protein to calorie ratio combined with the fiber. Find what works for you. Losing fat while maintaining muscle can take longer, it’s worth it if you can be patient enough.