122 pounds lost using myfitnesspal



  • judefit18
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    You look amazing! Clearly you were always beautiful and now you're healthy too!!
  • workinonit1956
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    Well done! Very inspiring:)
  • gophermatt
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    You look amazing! Congratulations on the achievement itself, and even more for being able to execute the discipline and commitment to get there.
  • georgiamarsh17
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  • saragd012
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    Oh my goodness, you were beautiful from the start, but now you look so strong and happy too! You are truly inspirational, thank you for sharing!
  • New_Heavens_Earth
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    This is where I wish I could hit Hug Like and Inspire all at once. You did that!

    Thank you for sharing! Absolutely amazing, I see much success in your future!
  • mulecanter
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    Holy Crap! I am really inspired by you, well done and congratulations!
  • aeloine
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    you literally look like your own daughter. AMAZING change!
  • midlomel1971
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    holy crap, you look good....gorgeous!! congrats on your hard work!
  • illudestquodest
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    Wow. Congrats. You look great :#
  • NiiqueK
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    aeloine wrote: »
    you literally look like your own daughter. AMAZING change!

    Haha I know right!! Weight really does add age to your appearance ☺️ thank you
  • NiiqueK
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    smudge521 wrote: »
    You are beautiful before and after! What an accomplishment!!! You must be so proud!
    mjolnir81 wrote: »
    You look phenomenal!! Wow, what an amazing transformation.
    Congratulations! Go you!
    You are an inspiration. The fact that you want to help others makes you a Hero...
    Well Done!!
    NextPage wrote: »
    Fantastic work and love your last outfit. You look straight out of Women's Fitness magazine.

  • zeraldamccarthy
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    Amazing results
  • NU2014
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    Amazing! Im so happy for you and your story!
  • margotlovesyou
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    You are so unbelievably beautiful and inspiring!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!
  • Sheluvsbread2much
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    Congratulations! You look great.
  • DanerTee
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    You are a rockstar, way to go!!
  • Randydwoodruff
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    That is an amazing story. It is great to hear a successful story to keep me encouraged. You are beautiful before and after.
  • Go_Deskercise
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    Damn! You look amazing :)
  • ACanadian22
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    I am not into girls, but you are smokin' hot!!!