Hi there! I had lost 6 pounds and was ecstatic. The next two pounds not so much. I gain, lose, and gain again. Any advice?


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    How long have you been doing this? Are you weighing your food and logging everything you consume using correct entries like no generic or homemade? How much do you need to lose to get to a healthy weight?
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    Thank you both! I feel I have been honest about food entries. Exercise I do inconsistently. One problem I do have is recording what I eat when I go to a restaurant that isn’t part of a chain. The caloric suggestions are varied.
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    I would like to lose 14 more pounds.
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    Great idea... thank you!
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    It is difficult when you go up and down. For me I think about the fact that if I wasn’t counting calories I would be just gaining!

    Keep going and you will get where you want to be.
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    maybe when dining out avoid meals that are difficult to assess. or ask for items on the side. For example, If you order a chicken salad...maybe ask for the chicken and dressing on the side. That way you can estimate the calories in the chicken before it gets all mixed up in the salad. and dressing is always better to have on the side because you never know how much they will put on. Also, before you begin eating take a few minutes to really determine your best calories estimate. that way, you aren't trying to think back about how much was there, how much you left, etc.
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    Weight loss is definitely not linear. Try to exercise more consistently. Make sure you are making healthier choices everyday including when you go out to eat and just keep your eye on the prize. If you only want to lose 14 more pounds maybe you are already at a healthy weight? If so your body will try to hold on to that last bit of weight as long as possible. So keep on it and you will see results.
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    Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful posts:)
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    drink lots of water as got this!
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    A big mistake runners can make is to focus too much on the total miles for the day. Some days it can seem insurmountable. I think working on your health is the same. Give yourself breaks once and a while. Focus on a long term trend and not the daily weight changes. Just try to keep the overall intake slightly less than what you are burning. When you look back over a year's time you will be very proud.
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    Hi there! I had lost 6 pounds and was ecstatic. The next two pounds not so much. I gain, lose, and gain again. Any advice?

    Weight fluctuates ALOT!! I am in the same boat...lose...gain..lose gain...etc. and some of the fluctuation is due to losing fat and gaining muscle..muscle weighs more....I try and focus on how my clothes fit....which hole does the belt stop at today kind of measurement stick...anyway.....keep at it and like has been said before...the long term will show what you want.
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    Thank you all for your inspiring posts. They helped for sure.
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    I’m struggling a little bit after a good loss in the first month. I have around 30lb still to lose so feel as if the weight should still be coming off fairly consistently. I really need to try to get exercise into my day.
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    The traditional “good” rate max for weight loss of 2 pounds / week is quite a bit easier to achieve when there is more to lose. 14 and 30 pounds aren’t big amounts to lose. My last 10 took almost as long as my first 50. Be patient and stick to the process.

    Everyone is different, I prefer to weigh myself daily as it has helped me become accustomed to daily fluctuations that are totally normal. Others move to 1x / week.

    You’ve got this!
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    I am so blessed to be part of this community:)
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    When you don't have much to lose then the weight loss is slow, 0.5lb to 1lb a week is good. Some weeks you might not see any change on the scale, that happens but if you look at the overall trend over time and see that it is coming down then you know that you are doing it right :smile:

    All the best :smile:

    P.s love your profile name.