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  • Learned to forgive myself for a bad day or bad weekend. It’s different than not being accountable to myself and my goals. Prior efforts ended in discouragement and disappointment. When forgiving myself became a habit, the bad streaks would end with hope and renewed effort.
  • Same time every day. Frequency depends on your tolerance for variances that are totally normal, but sometimes frustrating. I like daily, but don't get too high or too low unless a trend appears for 2 weeks or more. Bodies vary, nothing we can or should try to do about that.
  • Did you go through the MFP set up? That will get you started. There are a few sticky threads that will help on your learning curve, check the top of the forums for a place to start. Log everything you eat and drink. Weigh your food. Get exercise daily - doesn't have to be intense, even walks burn calories, just more…
  • Identical for me with Fitbit / calorie adjustments, I'm set to sedentary as well.
  • I'm in, feel free to add me.
  • Add me. Good luck on your journey!
  • Sorry to lurk here, but this thread is full of awesomeness! I love the support and honesty - you folks are fantastic!
  • I'm in as well. I'm re-engaging here as well.
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  • Or could be the same intensity you've been using is easier for your body after a year of exercise. I'm led to believe the fat burn label is a bit of a misnomer. Your body is getting energy from fat stores in addition to the stuff that is about to become fat. The ratio of the sources changes with intensity, but the end…
  • It would be hard to gain 10 pounds of fat in a month, I expect you'd have noted a major change in your eating - at least more than you described. It might be worth reducing sodium for a week and dropping your carb macro a bit to see what effect water is having on this. If your pre-gain weight was a happy scale day, you may…
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  • Freshii has it available behind the counter in a binder. When comparing the Shake Shack to the Metaboost salad with chicken (it's good despite the asinine name of the thing) at Freshii, it's worth thinking about the rest of the nutritional value as well as the calories. Not ashamed to eat there, no local options where I…
  • I would only add that you may want to find a different intentional reaction to stress and emotional situations. Healthy eight loss takes time, and surely those situations will come up during your path to your goal. If food is a help to you in those times, you're not alone. The real trouble with unhealthy stress reactions…
  • If you're eating the protein you'll want to help maintain muscle mass, you'll almost certainly end up doing the higher fat / lower carb option in order to keep a calorie deficit. Correlation vs. causality - you don't need to intentionally avoid carbs, but you'll have to in some degree to fit the other macros.
  • Sounds like bro-science designed to sell breakfast bars or magazines. Burn more than you eat and get movement when you can.
  • I'd suggest 1-week is too short for a good measurement. Look after 4-6 weeks and you'll be closer to the pin. TDEE, exercise calories, portions / calories in food have all got variance. I'd love it if my body responded entirely predictably to every input, but it doesn't.
  • Small sample size theatre we're watching. Similar to a cold front coming through town and thinking it's proof that global warming isn't happening. A cold front doesn't prove anything one way or another, neither does one week.
  • It depends on how you got to 2270. If that's "maintain" setting given your activity levels, then being 440 in deficit will be a loss (eventually and discounting normal daily fluctuations). That pace repeated will yield a bit less than 1 pound / week. Check your assumptions and measure over time. If your exercise calorie…
  • I'm in your same boat. High protein goal, struggling to get my fiber goal and sometimes I need a snack. Try hummus. High fiber, low cal (relatively). Just be careful what you choose to use as your dipper (I.e. not potato chips). Log it and stay in your goal.
  • If body shaping is part of your goal, you might want to change your scorecard. Perhaps body fat% would be a better indicator. I've been hitting plateaus as well, and have found for me that I need to do more weighing of food and less guessing. Also some light resistance training can be helpful if you're not doing it now.…
  • I'm 1/2 way as well, came here looking for external help with motivation - and got it! Nice job, and thanks for sharing.
  • Seeing the same thing and thought of salt. I also just began working out quite a bit more heavily lately. I'm 220/225 or so, just today I was 224 first in the AM, them after workout / sauna was at 220. Weighed this evening just for grins and I'm now just shy of 226. Could DOMS contribute like that?
  • Minnesota - about the 1/2 the other states' populations think we're a, winter, good manners, etc.. Can I join?
  • HR is great so far. Sleep data is interesting as well.
  • I would suggest a conversation with a Dr. Before trying to run much of a deficit while breastfeeding. MFP can't account for that in the goals. Your calorie output is way higher than normal while nursing. If you're already tired, too much of a deficit will compound that. Proceed cautiously.
  • I have a dumb question on this topic. When the Fitbit adds calories that I could eat back due to exercise, am I negating the attempt at a calorie deficit? I set up my MFP account on sedentary, true at the time for me. Even sedentary assumes some calorie burn during the day. I'm very new to the Fitbit, also just got it last…