Just a small success so far....

YNVREE81 Posts: 4 Member
So if I’m honest with you guys...Back in March(Just last Month) I was totally considering weight loss surgery . I went and seen the doctor, took care of all the prerequisites and spoke with the psychologist and nutritionist, got all of my approvals. Then after I stepped on the scale on my second visit with nutritionist and realized that in ONE MONTH I had loss 19.5 pounds. I had a change of heart & I am making a personal commitment to keep going strong without surgery. Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe that anything is wrong with choosing that path but I no longer want to travel down it. 20 pounds isn’t life changing but it’s a huge deal to me!!!
#80-100 more to go!
# I really was asleep when my BFF snapped the picture
# More updates to come!98jcf63njk5a.jpeg


  • mamafazz
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    20pounds is huge!! Congratulations, you can do it!
  • 43kelli
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    Congratulations on your weight loss!!! Whatever you did to have that happen, keep doing it!!! Happy dance!!!
  • kalahmarii
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    You look fantastic, congrats! My mom just went through weight loss surgery, and it's definitely an "if you absolutely need to" kind of surgery. Hopefully I can keep my a** in gear so that I never have to go through that kind of pain. Keep us updated!
  • 63hanson
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    You look great! You've got a great start, more power to you!
  • QueenBee2018
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    What a fabulous start. I bet you feel so much better!
  • j_skwerl
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    Wow, congratulations! You look fabulous already!
  • lindaw1506
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    Congratulations you look great
  • Styggian
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    Awesome story, fantastic results so far congratulations :)
  • dsboohead
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    You got this!!!
  • gophermatt
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    Every one of the success stories was done 1 ounce at a time. That’s 320 successes for you so far, not minor at all!
  • dhiammarath
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    Fantastic!! Keep it up! :D