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  • My stomach didn't start looking how I wanted it to into I started eating more and lifting. I'm now averaging close to 2000k a day and still losing inches and body fat.
  • If you want to workout find something you like. I found one I got started I got hooked on it. In the beginning it was rough because my body ached from it but now I go out of my way to get to the gym. It helps that I made some great friends there so look forward to seeing them as well.
  • Awe I love this! My peach fuzz used to storms all his time with the little black Kittie in the house I always said they were in love, they'd eat together and snuggle together or was so sweet.
  • I have this same issue. I do try to make sure I'm pushing evenly on both to make sure I'm not favoring one over the other. My weakest leg has gotten a lot stronger and is almost even with my stronger leg now. I googled it when I noticed and I guess it's common to have a dominant leg.
  • Why are you concerned about it? Do you think it's too small or too big?
  • I've lost 40 lbs, you can do it and you'll be thrilled when you do!
  • yeah none of this even makes any sense. There are criteria to be met before anyone is approved for wls and weighing 160 with a bmi of 30 doesn't seem like it would fall into an approval category.
  • Yes the red or purple ones lose their color over time and turn silvery which us much less noticeable. (I'm sure you meant pubic bone :D )
  • I agree with the others, they aren't new you just see them now, they get kinda wrinkly as you lose but it'll smooth out over time. I found that jergens natural glow lotion helped to hide them as its a light self tanner and makes everything look a bit more uniform. Most everyone has them and if you ever see photos of women…
  • If your are in a caloric deficit you will lose weight regardless of your macros. Some people find it easier to achieve a deficit by reducing/limiting carbs.
  • Well I shouldn't have gone back through this thread today. Or maybe I needed to idk. But also a pic of Pnut and Madrid came up as a memory on fb today and she just looked so adorable and it was only 3 years ago. So I was missing her a lot today again She's the one in the back, she started losing her eyesight when she was…
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry, that breaks my heart for you :'(
  • Fwiw I always weigh mine cooked and use whatever entry, don't know if it's for cooked or not, and I've lost the weight I wanted to do even if it's off it wasn't by that much that it stopped me from losing
  • Polar makes one, the company that makes the seltzer water. It is really good, one of the best diet cream sodas, I never checked to see what sweetener is uses.
  • Thank you so much <3
  • I too have IR I did low carb/keto for a while, I did miss craft beer at first but when I tried having one once in a while my stomach was not happy I also could barely handle the alcohol from one, your tolerance changes a lot when low carb and it happens even before you lose any weight from it. I ended up having Michelob…
  • Something I learned when I was low carb is that heavy cream in coffee is amazing, Starbucks has it and will give you some in a cup on the side so you can control how much goes in, 1 tablespoon is 50 calories so you don't want them free pouring that. And 1 tablespoon is really about all you need to make it creamy, not like…
  • Unless it's the almond milk with protein added, but I'm pretty sure Starbucks uses one that is sweetened same with their coconut milk.
  • Yep you can brush with a little olive oil and sea salt too if you wish but it's not needed them just put the cut pieces on a pan at 350 till crispy, doesn't take long, works with pita bread too