LCHF -- need advice/support

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I need to eat LOW CARB. I'm insulin resistant, pre-diabetes, all from PCOS. But goodgoddamn do I miss a GOOD craft beer.
Anyone of my friends here have any advice on what I can change to incorporate a good beer into a healthy low-carb diet?? Eat NO carbs the rest of the day? That would mean avoiding certain vegetables, and that's simply not sustainable.


  • toxikon
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    Here's a good resource to check out carb content in different alcoholic drinks:

    Are you doing low-carb or keto? Low-carb is consuming below 150g net carbs I think. Keto is much more strict at 20-50g net carbs per day.

    If you're on the higher spectrum of low-carb, it really shouldn't be hard to work your craft beers into your carb allotment.

    If you're doing keto, you may want to just decide that once a week you'll allow yourself 100g net carbs instead of your usual 20g, for example.
  • tjones0411
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    It depends on how "low-carb" you wish to go. Craft beers can have around 15-20g carbs per serving. If your goal is 20g or less, that probably won't work. If it's less than 100g, you can probably fit that in. I typically stay around 45-55g net - no health reasons, just my preference in terms of staying satiated. Most of mine comes from veggies. For me, the beer wouldn't be worth it. You might find it is. I think it's about finding a balance that works for you vs going to extremes.
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    I miss beer so much. My advice? Stay the he'll away from it! If you are doing the hflc diet, its a slippery slope. Maybe use it has a reward when you get down a milestone? (I know food/drinks for rewards but we are human).

    But I avoid it completely lately, stick with hard liquor if you must drink.
    Best of luck!
  • michellekicks
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    It depends on what happens to your blood sugar. When I had gestational diabetes I could keep my blood sugar normal by having a steak and salad for dinner with a piece of cheesecake for dessert (my weakness). If you have only high-fiber and protein foods with that beer (not after but before/during) you may be able to curb a blood sugar spike. But if you're doing Keto for weight loss you will boot yourself out of Ketosis doing anything with 20g carbs all at once.
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    I would say have one beer once a week and count the carbs. Instead of eating rice with steak, and salad, eat salad/steak with a beer. I am diabetic too. I am type 2

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    I, too, am insulin resistant. The best diet I've found for this (and you could have a little beer if paired correctly with the proper amount of protein) is in a book titled The Insulin-Resistance Diet--Revised and Updated: How to Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine by Cheryle Hart and Mary Kay Grossman. I returned to this diet many times throughout the years. Good luck!
  • Sunna_W
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    It's all in how you stack your carbs and how stable your blood sugar is. Do you measure your blood sugar? Some proteins work better than others and certain food combinations allow for slower release of food from the stomach and can be taken at the same time as the alcohol to assist with maintaining blood sugar.


    Note: check micro brews crafted with sorghum....


    Also, are you on bio-identical progesterone? It's supposed to help.


    Also, have your adrenals been checked?

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    Hello and welcome! I suggest you check out the following main low carber daily group forum here in MFP. It's where most of us Ketophiles tend to hang out:
  • hairpoet
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    I did Keto for a month. My weight only dropped about 4 lbs, but I felt so much better. I know which foods make me feel terrible, so I have been avoiding them. I am going to seek out the books and pages you all recommended. I had been waiting for MFP to give me a notification that people responded, so I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to all of you!
    For the record: I'm not a BIG beer drinker. 2-3 maybe twice/three times a month? But with keto, I couldn't have ANY. So I'm just trying to find a customized WOE that I can sustain.
  • auntstephie321
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    I too have IR I did low carb/keto for a while, I did miss craft beer at first but when I tried having one once in a while my stomach was not happy I also could barely handle the alcohol from one, your tolerance changes a lot when low carb and it happens even before you lose any weight from it. I ended up having Michelob ultra or corona light when I wanted a beer and eventually you forget how good the good stuff tastes and start liking the low carb ones. Also there are a bunch of new spiked sparkling waters that are good and low carb and liquor is too. Again be careful to you know how your tolerance has changed