Do people actually enjoy working out?

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I really just DO NOT enjoy it. It puts me in a terrible mood. I am not overweight by any means (5'1 115 pounds) but I would like to look better and drop a few pounds. I do feel like i have "excuses" --- I drive 45 min on a stop and go commute everyday, and honestly, when I get home, I just want to shower and cook dinner. I don't sit down until 8 or so to relax, and then it is off to bed to I can wake up at 6am to do it all again. I am married (no kids) working fulltime, housework, commute are enough to make me not want to do anything else! I know this sounds lazy and people have the same life PLUS KIDS, I just don't know how they do it.

any suggestions or motivating words!


  • auntstephie321
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    If you want to workout find something you like. I found one I got started I got hooked on it. In the beginning it was rough because my body ached from it but now I go out of my way to get to the gym. It helps that I made some great friends there so look forward to seeing them as well.
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    i love working out. i love my program, I love my goals, I love my challenges, I love how i feel . You have to find something that you enjoy, not all "workouts" have to be a boring hour at the gym. Find something active that you enjoy, play frisbee, go swimming, ride a bike, go for a walk and build from there. Find something you do in your daily routine and see if you can turn it into something more physical. This may sound funny, but for many years i brush my teeth in a yoga pose, and it feels so good to get that deep stretch first thing in the morning and it didn't take any extra time out of my day.
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    I <3 it! There are some activities that bore me or that I dislike. I do not do those activities. I do the ones that make me feel awesome instead. B)
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    Yes. Yoga, tai chi, bike rides, long walks are always fun for me. Resistance training is not as fun, but it's only three times a week, and I listen to music and/or motivational talks at the same time.
    Keep looking for something and try your best to enjoy the process.
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    Priorities...for me, pretty much everything (aside from my job) takes a backseat to working out. Laundry? Housework? Cooking? I'll get there, when I get there...but first, GYM! I also have chronic illness that causes pain and fatigue...but still, GYM!

    - Sundays are for meal prepping....if everything is marinated and prep free, it's much easier to come home and hubby or I just cook/grill it. You can even precook it for microwaving if you want.
    - Workout before you get home...stop at the gym, a local park, or just go for a run around the neighborhood after you park the car, but before you open the door to the house.
    - Weekends! Find an active activity that you enjoy and spend half a day each weekend doing it....hiking, biking, running, walking, kayaking, etc....
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    yes, they do ... and it is addictive as well
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    I enjoy working out, but I think it started as I liked how I felt after I worked out. Then I started working towards goals besides weight loss and seeing the improvements in how much weight I could lift, how many pushups I could do, etc. That made me love it. I do tend to get bored with doing the same repetitive workouts and I was getting bored with working out by myself 5 days a week. Now I lift by myself 3 days a week and go to 9 Rounds boxing 3 days a week. If I miss more than 2 days in a row, I get a little crabby.
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    I love being active. I spent years being minimally active and ended up tired and inflexible with various aches and pains that made me feel/look older than my years. It took a lot of work to come back from that and gave me a new appreciation for what my body can do.

    Increasing your activity level will increase your energy level and as your energy level increases it will be easier to increase your activity level. Inactivity begets inactivity and activity begets activity.
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    I LOVE working out, but it took me about a year of regularly doing it to get to this point. Even though I now love working out in general, I hate spinning and don't really like running, so those aren't workouts I usually do. I love Zumba, yoga, and weight-lifting, so those are the workouts I focus on instead. It's very addicting, once you find the right workout(s) for you. Now I feel like something's missing on days when I don't get to work out, so I make it a priority in my life over most other things.

    I started working out to lose weight, but now I work out for health reasons and to constantly be improving myself. It has become a very integral part of my mental health routine and is a fantastic stress reliever. Finding a reason to workout beyond losing weight helps make it a lifetime thing that will last long past losing those last few pounds. Finding a workout you love also helps with this, as it becomes something you look forward to most of the time, instead of something you "have" to do. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely still days I don't feel like working out, but I make myself do it, because I know I will feel better after. I once read something on Pinterest that said, "You will never regret a workout, but you will regret skipping one", and that quote has stuck with me when I find myself lacking motivation. It's very true.

    You'll have to experiment to find a workout that you enjoy, but there are a ton of options out there. Most fitness centers offer a free class to try them out, so experiment with those. Look for Groupons to classes too. Bring a friend with you, if you prefer company/need the motivation. Even just going on a walk with a friend is technically exercise, but getting distracted by the conversation and the company makes it barely feel like a workout. Don't let preconceived notions stop you from trying a workout; you might be surprised that you end up loving something you thought for sure you'd hate (like weight-lifting, for me).
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    I really enjoy. I had a 10 year hiatus after being very active all the way up to my mid 20s. When I restarted I was mad I ever stopped. I lift, bodyweight cardio, hike (this is new and I LOVE it). I'm having some hip issues and my biggest concern with finding out what's going on treatment potentially impacting my fitness goals/laying me up for a while.

    Some people do it just because they know it's good for them. A lot of us do it because it brings us genuine pleasure. That's not to say I am always raring to go and don't have peaks and troughs of frequency and commitment but I always keep a level of activity.
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    I love working out. The only times I've ever hated going to the gym is when I add in cardio sessions. I hate hate hate hate cardio. Now, I won't do it.

    Find what you love to do. There are plenty of at home, quick workouts online you can find. My husband used to enjoy the gym but got bored after so many years. So he joined some Jujutsu class and is hooked!
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    I like working out most days. Find something you like doing that is physical activity. Maybe find a group you can workout with and motivate each other.
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    "Working out" is not one thing, there are hundreds of ways to exercise. If you don't enjoy the specific work out you are doing, try something else.

    Yes, people actually enjoy working out. It's often the best part of my day - seeing a newly bloomed field of flowers on a hike, lifting a weight I thought would be too heavy, finishing a fun dance cardio class and feeling the endorphin rush :)