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  • Cannot be tied to one class. It looks like I like a lot of comfort food, and like it even more when it's dressed up with lobster or truffles :D The sad thing is I have celiac disease and in real life can't eat most of the food presented without modifications that make it less attractive to me, sigh.
  • Sending you lots of hugs! Sometimes it's just impossible to summon the focus and energy needed to maintain our personal version of a healthy lifestyle, especially when there are roadblocks everywhere we look. Best wishes for regaining your health now that you're finally in a stable situation.
  • The disagrees were probably in reference to the detox comment. AS @paperpudding pointed out, detoxing really isn't a thing when it comes to food.
  • In the San Francisco bay area we have plenty of charging stations (there's even a bank of 8 in our downtown parking garage, which is about a ten minute walk). A lot of parking lots have a couple, and many are free. We have a Bolt with an ideal range of 200 miles per full charge (a lovely fantasy), but there's plenty of…
  • My problem with this would be the teacher advocating for a particular way of eating. I think that's inappropriate in a general health class. I absolutely believe that kids should be introduced to the basics of nutrition and healthy eating, and that information should be standard in any health class. However, the focus…
  • Why?? Are we back to assuming everyone who is overweight has a mental issue?
  • I've never heard of that program, but I can tell you that in my experience age and estrogen levels had very little impact when I lost 50 lbs when I was 66-67. I dont know how much weight you have to lose, but in my opinion a half lb a week is entirely reasonable. As we get older it becomes even more important to preserve…
  • There's something that I haven't heard discussed much, which is the potential long-term effects virus survivors may face (not talking about long covid, but healthy individuals who recover completely). I'm 70, polio was the big-hitter when I was a kid, and while the immediate effects of the virus were horrific there are…
  • Can anyone imagine what the current death toll would be if we were in the same situation now as in 1918 regarding vaccines and effective treatments?
  • I signed up for the vaccine on line and there was a form I was supposed to read that had all the info about the meaning of "approved for emergency use" and potential side effects. Then when I went to the site I signed a paper with the same info which they kept. I got a sticker too <3
  • The bolded is incorrect. When a vaccine is 60% effective (just as a low example) it means you are less likely to get the virus. The higher the effectivity rate, the less likely you are to become infected in the first place.
  • Can you clarify something here? Vaccine mandates are being interpreted as forcing people to get vaccinated or lose access to jobs/indoor venues/transportation etc., hence the protests. If I'm reading you right, you are anti-mandate, but pro-consequences? Do you mean just that the consequences of being unvaccinated leaves…
  • Access to sun is a real plus here. I live in the CA east bay area, we have sun all the time except during the rainy season or when forest fire smoke is really thick. Also, because of the milder winters, we use far, far less energy in the winter when there is less sunlight.
  • Walking with the cat makes me smile. Initially I thought it meant getting the cat into a harness and actually walking it like a dog :D
  • One of the staples of school lunch for me was PBJ with grape or strawberry jelly. It definitely had to be jelly, not jam, I used to gag on the bits of fruit. I've seen PB sandwiches paired with all kinds of something sweet - my cousins used to eat them with bananas, and I had friends that used honey. I really like the…
  • Thanks! We have a 2 story house (hence the astronomical energy bills) with a south-facing backyard. The roof is perfectly open, with no chance of any trees ever obstructing the sun, so that's a plus.
  • Completely agree @SuzySunshine99. The infection rate is much higher in regions where the vaccination rate is lower. The more virus load present, the more likely the vaccinated will get sick, though in a smaller percentage than the unvaccinated. The big difference is in the severe illness and death rate. Considerably over…
  • That really sucks :( Hope you're feeling better soon, and back to your regular routine.
  • Were you doing any weight training during the 15kg weight loss? I do find it odd that you gained a significant amount of fat just in one arm. I had 2 scans a year apart, both at goal weight. In between tests I was doing recomp, though not as aggressive as I would have preferred, due to injury and age. My tests were pretty…
  • Interesting news this morning for my county (Contra Costa CA). Even though CA in general has a really good vaccine rate, and my city in particular is over 70%, the county has been seeing a pretty big surge and has issued a vaccine/negative test mandate for gyms, dance studios, restaurants, bars and any other establishment…
  • I'm so sorry! We have some entitled people here who don't think mask rules in stores apply to them because they're vaxxed/healthy/"only running in for one or two things". I've had to move out of one line and into a longer one a couple of times because somebody behind me took their mask off so they could cough. With a fist…
  • I'm about to take the next step (with prompting from this thread :) ) and talk to a few solar companies this week to see what they say. There are a couple that seem to have a lot of happy local customers, and there's a 10% discount with one if we go through Costco. We would definitely finance it, no way we could pay up…
  • Zoe posted this in 2018 and hasn't been back since 😄
  • Great information here - I really thought it would be much more of a debate :) I'm convinced to take the next step and sit down with a couple of solar companies and listen to what they have to say. Our PG&E monthly bill during the summer is 400+ even while conserving power as much as possible, and I only see it going up…
  • My house has two floors, so temp control can be complicated. I live in northern CA near the Sacramento River delta, and the summers get HOT, mostly in the mid-high 90's, and a number of several-day spikes of 105-110+ (the heat waves have gotten more frequent over the years). Winter is somewhat moderate, average highs…
  • My doctor has mentioned weight when it was relevant to the issues I was discussing with her. Mostly when she wanted to put me on meds and I was balking. I had bad reflux at one point and she told me losing some weight might let me stop needing prilosec, same when my cholesterol got to the point where she wanted to put me…
  • Agree. My daily calories vary wildly depending on my activity and hunger levels. I look at my weekly averages, and the fluctuations have absolutely no impact on my weight management. edit - quoted the wrong person
  • Well, it had to happen... "Eating This Classic Sandwich Can Add 33 Extra Minutes to Your Life"
  • Berjerk - I love that! I live in northern CA, the land of perpetual fires, and the weather here has certainly gone berjerk. Fire season is starting earlier each year, there are more, and more severe, heat waves and less rain. :(