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  • I absolutely agree about the butterfinger. Still good, but not half as good as it used to be. Kind of like Kraft mac & cheese when they switched away from the "artificial" ingredients a few years back. My "office buddy" told me about these protein bites: I got the brownie ones and the flavor…
  • I ended up downloading the Pacer app and then syncing it to MFP for accurate data. Pacer pulls the Active calories from the watch/health app, calculates an adjustment and sends to data to MFP. Mine hasn’t always synced automatically but I’m hoping having a new phone helps with that. ~Lyssa
  • I cannot stand Vega powders and I'm pretty sure it's the stevia in it. I haven't taken the time to figure out which kind(s) of stevia leave a funny aftertaste for me and which don't since there's plenty of other stuff out there. Hopefully not true for you! Likely not a new product but new to me and a mere 75 cents (or…
  • The chocolate chunk was actually fairly decent with some whipped cream. The few times I've had Artic Zero, I've found it best used as an ingredient in a massive dessert. I like to make a large chocolate chip cookie and add toppings. Adding some Artic Zero, fat free whipped cream and sugar free syrup makes for a…
  • All of this is excellent. I find that I do best when I'm consistently taking my magnesium supplement especially. I still want something sweet to round out my day, but I don't have this hard-to-resist desire to eat a large quantity. ~Lyssa
  • Every professional I've spoken to has said cracking sounds with no pain are nothing to be concerned with. Crunching might be a bit different. My right shoulder is a little "crunchy" right now, but I've been thoroughly checked over and nothing concerning has been noticed. Back off the high intensity for a couple days and…
  • I have tried several protein powders and have yet to find one that includes a scoop that is EXACTLY right for the gram weight given for a serving. If I do a level scoop, it's always at least 10% higher than the stated serving. Weigh the solids - as often as is realistic, ideally always - and that'll help with the accuracy.…
  • It's a great substitute for peanut butter in the peanut sauce that I serve over chicken and pasta/zoodles. ~Lyssa
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  • Yep - I went out to eat for lunch every day this last week (work is nuts and getting away from the building is what I need) and managed to be at or below my calorie goal 4 of 5 days. Yeehaw! ~Lyssa
  • I use PepperPlate to manage my recipes and just keep the basics in MFP so I know the nutrition profile. ~Lyssa
  • Oh NO. My goals!!!!!!!!!! ~Lyssa
  • @melissa6771 once I get these right, you will be my new best friend. What brand/type of protein powder did you use? I seem to remember some people having better luck with casein powder vs. whey? ~Lyssa
  • I know a lot of people that drink Premier Protein. They have pre-made shakes in individual cartons. They’re a protein shake, not meal replacement, so you’d want to pair it with something else. I hear you on cleanup being daunting - things like lean cuisine (and other microwave meals) and frozen, steam-in-bag veggies could…
  • You are a wonderful person. When I get back into running, I'll make sure I text my boyfriend a picture before I leave if I'm going out alone - I never thought about doing that! ~Lyssa
  • They do really well for blocking out noise - I hope they work for you! ~Lyssa
  • I couldn't find the exact link for the set I have, but I bought something almost identical to these and I find them very comfortable and they do a good job of blocking out noise. Taotronics bluetooth headphones ~Lyssa
  • Looks like the NYT doesn't want to let non-subscribers at their stuff - had to sign up for a free trial to view it. Lame! But, recipe saved anyway. I bet this would be delightful with Zoodles if you wanted to swap out the pasta. What protein did you pair with this? ~Lyssa
  • My sugar (especially chocolate) cravings tend to be stronger when I've been low in magnesium. If I take my multivitamin & magnesium supplements every day, that helps. Plus getting enough sleep makes it easier to stick to my calorie goals. ~Lyssa
  • My mind tends to run in circles at night, too. Here's what's working for me: 1) Making sure I get enough magnesium - I take a multivitamin along with a Magnesium/D3 pill and fish oil every night 2) Consistent night time routine (showering at same time, in bed same time, play mindless games and run my diffuser for an hour)…
  • If I end up with a coupon for a free one, I'll try them. I sent them feedback about the original formula and got a coupon for a free pint of ice cream, which was cool, lol. Tried Enlightened Glazed Donut and didn't really enjoy it. The base tasted like overly-sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. Ended up tossing the Salted…
  • I like the Mio water enhancers, and, once it's warm enough, I make room for a pitcher of iced tea in my fridge. It pretty much lives there all summer (though it does come out for a rinse when the tea is gone). ~Lyssa
  • I didn't use the rolling average. I did a calendar week (starting with Sunday, ending on Saturday). But I find I really prefer logging the info in a spreadsheet. I have an Apple Watch, so I record the resting energy and active energy (which combined are about how many calories I burned that day) from that, along with what…