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  • Ever hear about "alcorexia"? popular with a subset of young women in UK. Undereat all week so you can binge on alcohol at the weekend. Their weight is unaffected because their total calorie intake over the week is within maintenance. Of course, their livers may be a bit podgy...
  • OP doesn't mention how much weight she is losing. But agree with other posters, calories in is what does it, not fruit sugars per se.
  • Yeah, I did WW a couple of years ago when they moved to a "new" system that awarded bananas zero points. The forums went crazy with hey we can eat as many bananas as we like, as though WW had overnight magically created a whole new banana without any calories.
  • At age 23 years you aren't growing so don't need milk for growth. As an adult you don't need milk at all. You need calcium which is provided by milk, but also by any milk product like yogurt and cheese. Low fat or 0% fat products all provide as much calcium as the the full fat versions. Log all your food and drink into MFP…
  • And sorry, I meant to start out by saying well done for the mega weight loss you have achieved :)
  • You know 1lb could easily be just a daily fluctuation. Keep at the diet though, your body doesn't need huge calories to fix these injuries, just make sure you keep your protein intake where it should be. If you have a lot of inflammation around the injury i.e. noticeable swelling, then yes there will be extra fluid in…
  • Even if you are weight stable and not trying to lose your weight will fluctuate day to day by many pounds. Once a week is good, same time of day, naked if possible - but you might still hit a heavy day, don't despair.
  • Inch loss is good. For a health measurement they now look at waist:hip ratio and not just BMI - check it out.
  • So you scrape in at the top of the overweight band. At this weight you will lose weight on 1300 calories per day even without extra exercise. Ditch the dietitian and find a sensible diet plan. Use MFP to plan and log your daily food. Under 1000 calories per day doesn't even cover your basal metabolism - the energy your…
  • You have so much to contend with, take it slow. But you are right it's not purely about "going on a diet". You could read up about some stuff that will help your body to overcome the diabetes as well as losing weight, by eating food that gives your body the best chance of being healthy. I don't want to promote anything but…
  • Whatever, this calorie intake is not sustainable 7/7. A hospitalised obese patient under daily supervision would usually have 500 - 800 calories per day and they aren't moving about much. How long are you meant to keep to this? Also may I ask what your height and weight is?
  • I'm often over on sugar - even though the only processed sugar I eat is 3g in my treat oatbiscuits. All the other sugars come from raw fruit and veg. The nutrition calculator is pretty crude so don't worry. If you're losing you're winning :smiley:
  • Did she mean you to do this EVERY day? On a 5:2 diet you would have this many calories on the 2 fasting days only. And INSTANT coffee - the ultimate insult to a starving person.
  • the low cal days require discipline it's true, but it's only for a couple of weeks and the OP has a really strong motivation and an imminent goal. And is there a "right way" - there are many successful approaches to achieving a calorie deficit.
  • Do what you can sustain long term. You'll find research that supports all approaches :smile: Historically humans have been grazers and bingers at different periods, we seem to have survived so far.
  • Yeah - the whole breakfast is essential thing is now being discredited. If you want to be sure your metabolism has kicked off in the morning just get active.
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  • I don't pre-log but do kinda portion out the calories - so about 250 for breakfast, about 250 for lunch, about 500 for dinner and the rest I can snack on.
  • I'm going to fly in the face of the whole forum now and will get horribly flamed I expect :) For such a short time you could take a drastic approach, in three weeks you will come to no harm on a lower calorie diet. This method is tried and tested and perfectly safe it's commonly known as the 5:2 or fasting diet and is…
  • Pancake! 1 egg 15 gms plain flour 40 mls skimmed milk Whizz in the blender. Heat large non-stick frying pan/griddle. Cook pancake both sides. Fill with warmed berries, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a drizzle of runny honey. Add some low fat yogurt if you like it. The pancake is around 140 depending on the weight of the…
  • I am tiny - 4'11" and currently 122lbs, aiming for 112. MFP won't go lower than 1200 which is a lot for my size, but it does allow me to go down to 1000 on my log. I aim for between 1000 - 1200 actual calories per day and try not to eat my exercise calories, so some days my net is coming in under 800. I have lost 8lbs in…