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  • I am now in this boat. I am technically peri, but I've been without a period for almost 9 months. In that time I gained 10 lbs, plus an extra 5 or so during the first part of quarantine. I was overweight before that, so now I'm teetering on the edge of obese. The early part of last year I saw some success with OMAD, but…
  • Delicious! Have a great weekend.
  • You have such an interesting way of eating. I love the carnivore in you. Regarding weight loss stalls, I hear it is your body healing before letting go of weight. That's what I hope is happening with my body, anyway!
  • I have been fasting regularly. My window is a little wider than OMAD (2-4 hours), but I count calories on MFP. I mess up perhaps two days a week at most, but most people seem to build in two days of normal eating anyway. 179.8 this morning. I guess I will just maintain for now until I can work my way up physically and…
  • Wooosh! I love it. Let's clink our water glasses.
  • I was demoralized by the persistent 179 and my new medible made me super hungry, so I caved in last night and ate the worst thing possible for me: oyster crackers. Sigh. I didn't bother weighing this morning. If I can get a few on-point days in a row I will weigh again. Not losing takes much of the fun out of posting here,…
  • I just bought more pink sea salt. I put it in my coffee grounds and it makes it less bitter.
  • Keep in mind that the more water you drink, the more electrolytes you need. The water washes them away. There was a Dr. Berg video about water... he is of the opinion that you don't need a lot of it.
  • Yesterday was a good day... I walked about 4 miles, did a little weight exercise while my LO played at the park. I replaced my candy medible with a tincture. My fast window was two hours and I logged all the calories. However, this morning the scale is back up to 179. It's not unexpected with the exercise and my tendency…
  • It's good that the sleep is improving... that will help with everything else. I can't imagine quitting a bad habit while also fasting. It sounds wise to go easy on that for now. KKOO
  • I hope you didn't break anything and heal quickly. Don't forget the arnica. Your food looks tempting.
  • Your meals always sound delicious. I'm glad you're back in the groove.
  • I'm holding steady at 178.4. Yesterday I had a three hour window and did pretty well calorically, but again had too many carbs. Today I am making instant pot teriyaki chicken tenders, sauteed broccoli and chocolate/chia sugar-free pudding. I did some light kettlebell work. I know that it may confuse the scale, but at the…
  • Excellent loss! You're doing the right things. You might inspire me to try a mini clean fast one day.
  • That is a huge difference! Give your body a round of applause for nurturing and birthing three little people and now focus on you. My hats off to everyone who shares progress pics because they are so helpful to others.
  • 178.4 this morning. Yesterday my husband decided to start IF with me. We had Indian food buffet. I topped it off with Halo Top at home. No naan for me, but plenty of rice. Glad to see the scale budging. Today I have friends coming for food in the evening. We'll see how this plays out...
  • BTW: I love your typo: "I h/ate the pizza." I relate to that. :D
  • Yum! I can't count the number of times I've sat beside my LO watching her eat pizza while I just sigh. Every so often it is good to indulge... or I would crack! I do love keto pizza, though. I was thinking of making one this weekend. We need our own version of "Keep Calm and Keto On." KKOO?
  • Thanks, JP! There was, indeed, a button. The weight this morning was 179 (so much for 175)! I am ending the month where I started, but that's not such a bad thing. Looking back: taxes, a very long cold (for my daughter, too), spring break with lots of kiddos, Easter, enrolling my daughter in a program for next year, extra…
  • Don't forget the magnesium! A nice epsom salt bath does the trick for me, along with transdermal magnesium oil for those busy days. The water washes the electrolytes away.
  • Thanks for sharing the research. I am holding steady, but haven't lost an ounce this month. This time of life is a whole new ballgame. Fasting seems to be helping, which makes me think it is insulin related.
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Do you use lite salt for potassium? That's what I did when I was keto. I added it to broth, as well. You also need magnesium. Salt, magnesium and potassium work together and must be in balance. A word of caution: too much potassium will mess with your heart rhythm.
  • I'm a convert to mashed cauliflower with all kinds of fat and parmesan in it. You are doing an amazing job! I love the idea of small goals to keep focused.
  • Looks delish! I have a soft spot for Taco Bell.
  • I'm an idiot because I bought a kilo scale, but don't mind converting... especially since it is 175 lbs. Now I have no idea when my old scale conked out, so I'm not sure if this has been a stall at 175 or if I've been dropping down during this "stall." I don't feel that much thinner and the photos my husband snuck in over…
  • I'm thinking of you and your family. I hope all is well.
  • Thanks for all of the support. Today the scale moved down half a pound. I was very on-point yesterday, with cauliflower/broccoli/spam casserole with two eggs. I had string cheese and a handful of oyster crackers. Today I finished a lovely avocado/beet/chia/spinach salad with two fried chicken tenders. I also made a…
  • I agree with Sandy that insulin is your foe, not calories. This is a very satisfying and simple way to eat. Welcome!
  • Delicious! It looks very satisfying.