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  • I like PEScience Cafe Series for protein coffee/pre-workout
  • I never log water. Everything else I log to a T. Weighed out and everything. When you make it a habit it gets easier to make it a priority as well.
  • Use the jealousy to fuel your own fitness & health journey. I like to use others as my motivation, but only within means.
  • Stay at home dog mom. LOL
  • Whaaat?! Ants in your car?! I would be so pissed off! This calls for a full blown car detailing! I woke up 48-hours out from my meet (so I'm low on carbs, low on food in general, can't train at all after training 4+ hours daily for the past 3-6 months) hoping to prep for my guests coming this weekend for my event - you…
  • Start with walking and watching what you eat. Most of weight loss is based around nutrition and diet, but fitness is an important aspect of health as well. Work up to it as your body allows you.
  • I'm super OCD and wish it had an off button most of the time
  • USAPL, I can re-weigh if I'm over. This is my first time "making weight" for a meet. Last year I was .3 kg over and it was my first meet so didn't try to cut (thought I was too far off from weight but my scale was wrong), I ate before weigh-ins, and then didn't even try to sweat out the .3 in fear of losing strength. This…
  • I have been using a sauna daily for two 15-minute sessions. Haven't seen a difference, frustratingly. Weigh in is Saturday AM (right before the meet). I need to be under 114.8 lbs., so 112.8 lbs. has me 2 lbs. under but there's always a chance of scale discrepancies. I've cross checked on the gym scale as well and came up…
  • Never been told I'm too skinny, just that I watch what I eat too strictly, or that I'm over training. But do you, disregard everyone else!
  • So, it really depends how advanced you are. Personally, I follow a 4-day program that alternates upper and lower: heavy leg day, back day, power leg day (lighter weight, higher rep and more individual muscle focus) and arm day. I never train legs two days in a row because of the weights I am lifting. However I am also…
  • I stay under a certain amount for calories, sugar and carbs, but meet or go above for protein.
  • Eh, I feel guilty sometimes, but my work outs usually make up for that. If I go all out and eat a bunch, then follow it up with no work out, I feel guilty, but I know that I'm lifting enough that the food is going to good use fueling those muscles.
  • I'm 4'11" and am 112 lbs. during a cut, 118 lbs. on a regular basis. Which is technically "overweight" but my BF% is about 16% so it's all relative. More muscle = more weight, but doesn't mean less healthy. Go by how you feel and what your doctor advises.
  • Trail mix is a high cal, high sugar fix. Not the best option. I like to eat cottage cheese & fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt (or Skyr), protein bars, edamame, baby puffs or hard boiled eggs
  • Protein bars, protein shakes, protein cake (protein powder + oat bran + water and microwave), protein pancakes (egg whites + baking soda...I like to fill with turkey bacon and a little cheese, season well), hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, Siggi's Skyr (a more protein packed Greek yogurt, basically), can of tuna, the list…
  • What exercise are you referring to?
  • They recently implemented this in Philadelphia and I don't think they really saw a difference in purchases. Just like the bag tax in MD. People are still going to buy their juice and soda, I'd be more concerned with properly educating children about health to make a bigger impact.
  • Lifting doesn't make you bulky. Common misconception. The people that are "bulky" tried to get like that from years of eating in a surplus and lifting as heavy as possible. I've been lifting for almost 4-years and am not bulky at all, in fact I'm trying to get bulky and it's a lot harder than people make it seem. Get on a…
  • Most restaurant foods always surprise me. I'm pretty good with accurate estimations since I've been measuring, weighing and logging food for years, but somehow they always pack in cals at the restaurants.
  • I used to be like this, but after several years of focusing on IIFYM it isn't an issue. Temptation for me is usually within ice cream or cereal. I will scoop out 1/8 - 1/4 c. of cereal, snack on it and be done. Satisfied. As for ice cream, I only buy Halo Top, Enlightened and stuff like that. But even now we have a whole…
  • Don't worry too much. That is most likely a lot of water retention from increased sodium and alcohol intake. Just get right back to your normal diet and liquid intake, along with maybe a little added cardio and you'll be fine!
  • I like using recovery rewards when in training - a massage if I hit a PR, etc. Recently I decided if I hit my goal PR before my meet that I could do a Cryotherapy's scheduled for this Thursday and I'm beyond excited. If I win my meet, I get to order a Pioneer belt or buy some new work out gear.
  • I HATE when that happens!!! I've been on strict prep since I got back from my vacation to be at weight for my competition (which is now less than a week away). I've told myself the entire time that if I make weight that I get to treat myself to this place called The Baked Bear where you essentially make an ice cream…
  • You can always switch to maintenance, see how you like it for a few months and go from there. Like @AnnPT77 said, it's not an irrevocable decision. I'm constantly changing my mind set. Bulking or maintenance in the winter, then cut for summer or competition season. It's able to be adjusted and by doing so you're able to…
  • Stop following the "popular" diets. Fad diets are just that, stupid fads. Science shows that the only way to truly cut weight is to measure your food and count calories in vs calories out. It helps you to be less restrictive. Craving pizza? Have it, but eat accordingly the rest of your day. IIFYM is really a great method.
  • Bikini competitions take a lot of dedication - mentally, physically and financially. If you do it, be ready to drop money on both a posing coach and trainer/nutritionist, halt all drinking and "treat" foods, and spend $$ on the entry, tan, bikini, make-up and extensions. It is a great success to even stand on that stage…
  • It's definitely normal. How long have you been on the weight lifting program for? How long are you spending lifting? I usually lift for 2-hours a day, all heavy weights and the highest reps I can handle. I've been doing this for over 3-years and still have many days when my stomach is growling. I count my protein,…
  • Sometimes if I go over I'll log on another day so that I technically under eat the following to make-up for over eating. If it's only like 20-60 calories, it really doesn't matter. You are burning cals throughout the day doing simple things like walking and standing.