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  • I ended the day at 200 cals above maintenance - a good start to ease back into things. I was notified this evening that I've been chosen to move on to the next round of interviews for a promising-looking role, so that definitely boosted my mood. I appreciate the encouraging words from everyone! It's so much easier to get…
  • I have been completely off the wagon for the last couple of weeks. My boss (the *new* boss at the *new* job I just started a couple of months ago) called me to say that since the company lost a large contract, they won't need me after all and will be laying me off at the end of this month. I was crushed, not just because I…
  • It's about 200 for everything on the plate - 120 cals for 48g of figs and 80 cals for 28g of the cheese.
  • I've become a dried fig and flavored goat cheese addict... Spiced Pumpkin flavor is this week's treat! I'm a little weirded out that I bought a different brand of figs and they look completely different, but they taste fine, so...?
  • I love reading posts like this and trying to translate it into something my American brain understands 😂 Fish fingers = fish sticks? Odd that we have chicken "fingers" here (aka strips or tenders) but for fish, if it's narrow and battered, it's a fish stick. Oven chips = French fries baked in the oven?
  • Those aren't PSAs, they're commercials for Cascade dishwasher detergent 😂 Of course they want you to use a dishwasher!
  • @Bella_Figura funny you mentioned the honey - the goat cheese I picked up is supposed to be... infused? flavored? imbued with the essence of honey? I don't know how they've done it but I'm eager to try it!
  • I made a trip to the ~FaNcY~ grocery store this morning to see if there was anything out of the ordinary that might pique my interest (and that I would be willing to drop big bucks on, because that place is expensive.) Ran across some cartons of Muscadine Black grapes - anyone familiar? They're much bigger than regular…
  • Millennial / Gen Y, 1991. Turning 30 later this year and I don't know any of the songs/artists Bella's quoting 🤔
  • Leaned over to tie my shoes yesterday and noticed a lump in my calf! Poked it with my fingers...oh, yeah, that's called a muscle ...long time no see!
  • Okay, "detoxing" by following a special diet isn't a thing. Your kidneys already do all the detoxing, regardless of what you eat. Days 1-7 I felt like absolute death. Days 8-30 I felt normal again. It didn't do anything special for me other than the weight loss, and like I said, that reversed itself quickly when I went…
  • What is the goal you're trying to achieve with Whole 30? Are you trying to find your food sensitivities? Trying to lose weight? Trying to just feel better in general? I believe Whole 30 is pretty useful as an elimination diet to find food sensitivities, but years ago I tried it as a weight loss strategy and did not find it…
  • My insurance company sent out notices last month stating that COVID related expenses will no longer be 100% covered and will fall under the usual copays, deductibles, etc. moving forward. The letter also referenced the fact that multiple other insurers cut off the 100% coverage months ago.
  • I just can't imagine what kind of nightmare this is going to turn into for certain industries to try and enforce this. I used to work for a large trucking company, and many of the truckers would go on the road for weeks at a time. They wouldn't have access to testing sites while on the road, and that demographic seems to…
  • Isn't collecting copies of the vax card kind of meaningless without some way to verify authenticity, though? How do they stop the anti-vaxxers from printing off a bogus one, fudging the info, and submitting it to reap the rewards? As far as I understand it, there is still no real way to validate and weed out the fakes.
  • After seeing this thread, I stumbled across "miracle noodles" in the boxed meal section on my last grocery run. These were described on the package as fully prepared - just drain the packet of noodles, add hot water, and mix in the seasoning packet. I followed the directions, and while I didn't have any weird smell…
  • I did a 750 mile drive in one day, with a U-Haul truck and two young, active, medium-sized dogs. Never again!
  • I'M OVERWEIGHT!!!!!! After hovering 2-5 pounds over the line into Obese for MONTHS now, I've finally moved the scale and dropped into Overweight. This was a happy surprise after being at my parents' house for 3 days and away from bathroom scale and food scale! 179.8! 30 more pounds to go to get to Normal!
  • I've never met a coleslaw I liked, but will tolerate it on certain sandwiches, like pulled pork sliders 😝 Dinner tonight was frozen pizza, a brand called Urban Farmer that I hadn't tried before. It was a spinach and artichoke pizza on a broccoli and cauliflower crust and was tastier than expected! 940 cals for the entire…
  • I've been on a BBQ pulled pork kick lately - specifically, the Cade's Cove brand that comes in a microwaveable package. The sauce is very light, so it's very reasonable on calories and I eat it either on whole wheat hamburger buns or just all by itself. Had that for lunch today and then Mom and I went out to dinner and a…
  • 💃 Go, Laurie! Go, Laurie! Woo woo! 💃 I had to get up to pee 4 times overnight and I was SO SURE that I was "whooshing" and would see a big scale drop...nope, twas not to be. Weighed in at the exact same weight as yesterday morning 😂
  • PAV my daily calorie allowance is around 1300... Half a tub of yogurt would be too much to blow on just a snack!
  • My yogurt concoction today: 85g 0% plain Greek yogurt 6g pbfit 4g pure maple syrup Dash of cinnamon Tasty and clocked in around 85 calories.
  • I recently came across a dietician on YouTube, I think her name is Abbey Sharp, and have been gleaning little tidbits from her videos. Not all of her advice is stuff I agree with (for example, she implies that using a food scale means you're trapped in a miserable diet) but some of her intuitive eating strategies have…
  • I can completely relate to the argument inside your own head - I can spend hours obsessively thinking about food, debating with myself if I will give in and go buy it and eat it. At times I've even gotten in my car to drive to whatever grocery store or restaurant sells the food I want to binge on, then argued with myself…
  • I bought lots of plain Greek yogurt (it was on sale) so I've been looking for new ways to doll it up. I read that you can mix in some protein powder, so I tried it with the Premier Protein chocolate powder I have. It was alright, almost tasted like chocolate flavored whipped cream, with the consistency of a mousse. I…
  • I'm feeling like I'm in a rut with my exercise, which for the past year has just been walking and hiking. I considered trying running again, but if I'm honest with myself I just don't enjoy it, plus it seems to really aggravate my plantar fasciitis. I attempted to start riding my bike again, but I'm embarrassed to say that…
  • I guess what I've learned from the past 4 months is that if I diet 5 days a week and binge 2, then I'm actually just maintaining 🤦🏻‍♀️ I've got to find something more sustainable.