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  • My parents are seeing an upsurge in their circle of people. One friend went to the clinic while positive wearing a mask. He was surprised the nurse wasn't wearing one, she said she has had it 5 times. Then the doctor, no mask, said he's had it 4 times. Mom fell and fractured ribs last month. Coughing still hurts so she is…
  • Those who have had covid recently, how long did it last? My state just published the weekly numbers with 1400 new cases but only 1100 active cases.
  • Backstory: my son is vaccinated per old job requirements, recently moved but no washer/dryer so has been using mine. Active cases are up and transmission is high all around. I'm double boosted with lots of health issues. I asked him to get boosted since he's here so often; he refused. I told him he'd need to wear a mask…
  • One of my mom's friends has long covid severe enough that she can no longer live alone. Mom says she thinks she would survive catching covid, but is afraid of long term problems so will continue to mask and take precautions.
  • I got my second booster today, as recommended for over 50s.
  • I haven't been keeping up on covid news for awhile, but have begun to hear snippets like they're suggesting masking in New York again. Does anyone here know if there's a new variant or is it omicron re-infecting or something else entirely?
  • As long as we're discussing cats and water, I'd love to have an explanation for my newest adoption's actions. She will not leave the water container alone. If it's a bowl, she flips it, even the 'unspillable' styles. I tried using a gallon bucket and she dragged it to the other end of the house. I've never seen this…
  • Thank you so much. This really helps.
  • I ordered them the first day I read about the link on the news. Got an 'expected delivery date' email last week and an 'out for delivery' email on Monday. I'm in South Dakota. My Texan sister got hers the Saturday before.
  • I just saw a report on the local news site that cloth masks are not effective against omicron. In order of protection they suggested: N95, KN95, or surgical masks.
  • I asked my friend for the timeline of symptoms she had with omicron. She is young, healthy and boosted. Saturday: sore throat Sunday: miserable, sore throat and sleep. Tested positive Monday: more sleep Tuesday: annoying cold, snot, sneezing Wednesday/Thursday: cold symptoms, but feeling better Today: much better but not…
  • This is an example of why I'm still very cautious even after being boosted. I'm also older with co-morbidities so I wouldn't be surprised to discover I would be part of the small percentage that is protected and ends up hospitalized anyway. Last week my parents visited their great-grandchildren even though we're in a…
  • It's surging here in South Dakota. I suspect it must be Delta because deaths are high and hospitals are busy. My local hospital normally sends any severe patients to the city but have two on ventilators now; which means the city isn't taking them.
  • In the past week the active cases in the counties around me have doubled. We haven't been this high since December of last year. What is happening where you live?
  • I think the new variant has stirred people up and caused a rush in some places.
  • When I did the walk-in there was an hour wait in the morning so I filled out the paperwork and said I'd be back in the afternoon. I only had to wait about 10 minutes. My sister in Texas called for an appointment but can't get in until next week. Mildly sore arm today.
  • I got my Moderna booster today. I wasn't in any hurry since I'm still in hermit-mode, but decided to get it done before omicron reaches our area. The pharmacy was doing walk-ins and was very busy which hopefully means more people are getting vaccinated. I was the only one wearing a mask (actually double masked). Delta is…
  • First of all, I agree with your husband; I live in South Dakota and would never choose to come here in the dead of winter. Personally, I'd try to wait for more information before making travel plans. How fast will omicron spread in places with better vaccine uptake? Will it be milder illnesses or more severe?
  • What makes me twitchy is how quickly the WHO has moved to name omicron a variant of concern. Delta was first identified in Oct, 2020. Does anyone remember how long it took for it to be labeled a voc?
  • The omicron variant seems to be all over the news today.
  • I have poor eyesight and set the zoom to 125%. This makes the 'new post menu' into a large, obnoxious blue circle in the threads. I could see having it as an option when viewing the list of threads, but why inside a thread?
  • Why was this flagged for abuse? I haven't heard anything about when Moderna boosters will be available.
  • Covid is spreading through the big cats at the local zoo. A snow leopard has died. :(
  • I've mentioned this on another post, but I'm losing at .5 lbs per week. I'm ok with this because I've never been able to maintain a loss and I'm learning how to eat sustainably now for the future. Yesterday, I cleaned out all my too-big clothes and moved the next size smaller out of storage. For me, that is a milestone to…
  • My wonky pancreas.
  • Does anyone else feel a disconnect from the people around them? Cases are rising fast here; my county is back to High transmission status, but nobody is wearing a mask. When I stopped to get gas yesterday, I looked at the man standing on the other side of the pump and tallied up how long he must have been there filling up…
  • Last Friday I took my parents to the nearest shelter to adopt a cat. They had to spend an hour inside and were the only ones masked. Today I went back to curbside adopt a cat for myself. Almost every person coming out of the building wore a mask. At least there is awareness of the rise in cases. P.S. I picked the cat that…
  • I just had a strange encounter. Went to town to buy chicken feed, had to go inside (and because I'm back on high alert) I was wearing my P100 mask. Young man at the counter said, "that won't help, if you got the vaccine you're going to get it." I shrugged and said I won't be breathing it in. My takeaway from that was he…
  • I read that it's up to 7 cases in New Zealand now.
  • For five weeks the SD DOH felt justified by low numbers to only publish data once a week. Today they reversed that decision and went back to daily updates. Delta is here in force.