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  • I have a few: 1. Plateau over a month now and realised my husband was putting too many "healthy" ingredients in our nutribullet breakfast smoothies. Decided to scale back and BAM the weight is dropping off! Yes! FINALLY! The NSV is recognising what works and doesn't work for you. 2. Walked to and from work all week! 1 hour…
  • My taste has change so much that I no longer fancy or crave cakes/ sweet desserts. Still like cheese though but it is amazing how I was a sweet/savoury girl and now I am full blown savoury. Didn't see that coming at all.
  • You will do just fine! It was hard starting over but I kept telling myself, I did before and I can do it again. You will be amazed what your body is capable of when you run those 5 mins :) I'm on week 9 now of c210k which is when the 10K trainer starts. First run was hard but I did it! Yay! I then walked to work which is…
  • Today I completed C25K for the second time. First time was last year but this time, I'm aiming to run a 10K over summer. On to the 10k trainer :)
  • I have a Charge HR and a Surge. Was working fine previously but now won't sync exercise.
  • Same issue here!
  • Tried 2 nutribullets a day but it wasn't sustainable. Bought a nutribullet March 2015 and my husband and I think it is the best appliance we've ever bought. Been having a drink for breakfast almost everyday since . The base of our drinks consists of spinach, kale, banana, oats, almond milk, hemp seeds, flax seeds and…
  • Last weekend I went hiking in Norway. Hiked to Pulpit Rock twice and then hiked up 4,444 very steep and narrow steps up a mountain side. Didn't think I had it in me but did it. Felt so proud. Then wore a dress for a wedding last week which was loose but when I bought it a month ago it was a tad tight. Getting in shape…
  • For the second time this week (Tues & Thurs) I jogged for 60mins straight. Now I know I'm not a one trick pony. Slow and steady. I officially need new clothes! All my "small" UK12 (US8) clothes are big for me now. Seems like only last month I got them out from vac bags and started wearing them again. Funny the scale hasn't…
  • Me too! Except I'm 4.5lbs away :)
  • Thank you so much for your advice. I will stick with B210K.
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  • Completed C25K yesterday and just downloaded Zenlabs 10K app. never thought I'd be a runner in my adult life and love it :)
  • Hi Everyone Today I graduated! :) First time I have ever completed a fitness programme such as this. I could not have done it without the support from this group. Thank you for all the tips and suggestions. My 5K is on the 12th June and between now and then, I plan to work on my speed. Also plan to start B210K. From my…
  • Just completed W8 D1! Best run I've had so far. Not only have I gotten faster but I felt like going the full 30 mins D3 will bring. Decided there was no rush and just follow the program. Feel so strong today! Two more runs! Congratulations all on the past week.
  • This happened to me on Fri but I really wanted to finish week 7 and did it after work for the first time. I normally run first thing in the morning. Think it is one of the few times in my life I exercised on the first day :) Way to go us!
  • I have two today: 1. Wearing size SMALL tights this Morning. Wore Large all of last year and Medium from January! Small! Me? No way! Wow 2. Walking into work this morning, stopped at the lights and my bangle fell off my wrist! Even my wrists are small? Amazing
  • On Saturday I visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and it takes about 30-40 minutes to walk uphill from the ticket centre to the castle but my husband and I did it in 20mins! I was huffing and puffing when we got to the last stretch but was amazed that I am so much fitter now than 6 months ago.
  • Mine is the Color Run second week of June. On week 7 now and aiming to complete week 8 in the next couple of weeks. This gives 3-4 weeks to improve before the race!
  • Loving all the scenery posts too Aine8046! Spring is definitely in the air. :) Just came back from a long weekend away in Munich and Salzburg where I did a lot of walking. My left foot was playing up but didn't want 6 days to go by without doing W7 D2 (did D2 5 days ago) so forced myself to get up and run. I completed the…
  • Yesterday I bought a pair of leggings and jeans in UK10 (US6)! The leggings of course was a perfect fit but the jeans just a little way to go. Haven't been a 10 in about 7 years! :) Oh and my hip bones are actually sticking out now. Crazy
  • This morning I completed W7 D1 of c25k and my husband told me he is so proud of me. Also I've inspired him to wake up earlier every morning to exercise. So proud of him!
  • Completed W7 D1! I simply can't believe 7 weeks ago I couldn't run! What a brilliant app C25K is :) I agree with everyone who said running is only hard mentally as I constantly have to stop myself from looking at my phone to check the countdown; my body was fine. We can do this All!
  • Happy Hump Day everyone! We are all doing so well! Let's keep going. :) Today I completed W5D3 and I am pleased to say I could have gone some more. I tried focusing on my body's movements and my music. The 20mins went by in no time. Who would have thought in 5 weeks I would become a runner without stopping?!? Bring on Week…
  • Hey All Thought I'd check in as I only recently found this group. So much helpful info. This morning I completed W5 D1 and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to D3 as I really want to see if I can jog for 20mins after only 5 weeks :smiley: Also signed up for my first 5K in early June so still some time to get used to running.…
  • Hey Wonko221 Congratulations and I share your sentiments as I completed W4 D2 today. I love saying I'm a runner as well and looking forward to my first 5K. I used to run when I was younger and it feels amazing starting again. Well done! :)
  • Hey good job on starting! I am on W3 D3 tomorrow and already excited about W4 D1 on Sunday. I am finding it a great tool so far.
  • I love this thread. When I'm tempted to go off the rails, I pop over to this thread as I'm always motivated to stick with my goals. Surely this is a NSV too :) Thanks All! This week I completed W1 C25K and managed the most number of steps I've ever done in a day - 26,064!! Both helped me pushed past a plateau which lasted…
  • Yesterday and today, I walked an hour to and from work! Two hours walking in one day....didn't think it was possible. Fitbit says over 400 calories each way! I'm well chuffed :)
  • Hi OP The reason everyone here is giving you this advice is because we have all been like you at one point, ie thinking that 2lbs is a reasonable and achievable weight loss. We read previously in magazines, newspapers, doctor's office etc that up to 2lbs is a healthy weight loss per week so we decided to give it ago.…