What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • rachellosesitall85
    rachellosesitall85 Posts: 591 Member
    10lbs by mid June.
  • thejadegirl
    thejadegirl Posts: 59 Member
    I'd like to lose 6 more pounds (6 because it brings me to a nice round number lol) by the 4th of July - which is when I'll be going to the beach with my family and friends who haven't seen me in a while ;)

    The 4th is 7 weeks away so I have a good chance of making it
  • kmbrooks15
    kmbrooks15 Posts: 941 Member
    My next mini-goal is to get into the 170s. I'm at 182.3. So close! Another mini-goal is to get into a size 8 jeans (I'm in loose 12s now).
  • Tanukiko
    Tanukiko Posts: 186 Member
    Im turning 40 in 20 weeks. Goal is 40lbs by 40 and Ive already lost 10. 30 to go. Its gonna be close.
  • louisepaul16
    louisepaul16 Posts: 261 Member
    I need a new mini goal as my last mini goal passed last weekend! Haha.

    Next mini goal....I go on holiday in 8.5 weeks. I would love to lose another 15lbs by then, but at least 10lbs!! :smile:
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,125 Member
    Sons first birthday in August, want to be in healthy bmi by then
  • aimesuk
    aimesuk Posts: 51 Member
    My mini goal is two fold - to be out of the obese category and into overweight, and to fit into the size 16 jeans I have waiting for me.

    If I'm consistent over the next three weeks or so I should be able to get there as I'm less than half a stone from it.
  • vannyn42
    vannyn42 Posts: 55 Member
    My goal is to get back on track this week and eat healthy again after a weekend getaway where I ate whatever I wanted but that meant eating 3500 calories a day for 3 days ( which is a lot since maintenance for me is 1350)
  • sbridgett27
    sbridgett27 Posts: 10 Member
    To fit into this size 14 dress I bought like 2 years ago! :smile: