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    I just got a Fitbit Blaze. I needed one with a display because I had syncing issues with my last one (when I had the Flex for Christmas). It made me so incredibly mad and discouraged, and now months later I have the Blaze and I'm totally in love with it! Now I'm motivated enough to give this another shot. I can see my progress on the screen with all my activity and not have to worry about waiting to connect to the app/site right away. I did a lot of walking last Friday... It's amazing how I did over 11,000 daily steps and felt like I was about to collapse. People were asking me if I was alright. I thought it was the heat and being out of shape, I synced my Fitbit and saw that my heart rate reached 164 and I made the 10,000 daily steps! (By 11:59pm I made 11,810 steps.) I'm now going to be glued to this tracker and I can't wait to see the results at the end of the summer!
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    I have a [email protected] change hrs and love it. I totally recommend investing in one
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    Stupid question, but does the app work without a fitbit? because my friend has a phone and she says she can link the phone and the Fitbit app and it counts steps without needing the wristband. Is that correct?

    I don't think so. I could be wrong. The actual device for tracking steps on the fitbit is based off movement. The only way to really get the same effect with a phone would be to hold it in your hand and swing your arms as you walk... of have the phone accurately track your location via GPS at every instant (terrible for battery life).

    The FitBit app syncs with the device to show your steps (monitored by the device and sent to the phone via bluetooth), track friends, goals, etc.

    But, I could be wrong on this, there could be a way to use the FitBit app without an actual FitBit... but I'd be surprised, as it'd make their product line (the only thing giving them money as the app is free) nearly pointless to purchase.

    That's what I thought but my friend was saying it tracks calories burned and stuff through her phone [I THINK it's an iPhone, not sure...]

    @Colorscheme & @DanaDark - If using one of the new iPhones, Fitbit does allow you to use the phones motion track instead of an actual tracker. As far as I know though, only iPhones get this option. It's also very limited if I remember correctly.
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    I love my charge hr. I couldn't imagine using MFP without it now. Had mine four months now.

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    I am chiming in for the Charge took a couple days to adjust to my personal calorie burns (at first it was tallying super high), but now I believe it's right on the money. I personally don't watch the steps too much (more so the sleep and resting/working heart rates), but I like the extra reports that you can pull.
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    Karihappy, it's not that unusual to burn 300-400 or even 1000 calories over your BMR. Your BMR is the calories your body expends at rest . Not moving at all.
    Clark614, I think I said it wrong. The Fitbit was adding 300-400, even 1000, as "exercise" calories for the day on MFP, when I hadn't done any exercise. I just couldn't trust that I had moved around enough in one day to add that many calories back in eating, or even eating half of them back.
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    I have the Fitbit charge HR and so far so good
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    I have the charge HR and it's great.

    Also, you can have the fitbit app and not own a fitbit - it's called mobile tracking. You have to carry your phone with you all day though. I found it when my charge died and I was in a weekly competition and sad that I was going to lose.
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    Does the charge hr store info locally and can sync hr info when you get home?
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    Does the charge hr store info locally and can sync hr info when you get home?

    Yes, you can set it to manually sync whenever you'd like.
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    I have the FitBit One. I love it. I do not like wearing things on my wrist (I have a real aversion to all sorts of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. I will absentmindedly take them off and forget where I put them and lose them forever, lol...) I got the FitBit one because I could clip it to a pants pocket or to my bra - it really is mostly a glorified pedometer (an expensive one, lol) but that's all I really wanted it for. I don't care about tracking my heart rate or tracking my sleep or any of that other fancy stuff - so the One was the perfect "one" for me. :)

    I LOVE the app and participating in challenges with friends, which I don't think I could do with a standard cheapo pedometer. It is fun when I get a message that "so and so is 400 steps ahead of you - time for a walk!" and it motivates me to get up from the desk and stretch my legs a bit. :) I do think the social aspect of it is what makes it way better than an ordinary pedometer.