What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • thereshegoesagain
    thereshegoesagain Posts: 1,056 Member
    I spent all morning pulling weeds in my vegetable garden, dreaming of all the delicious things I will be planting. Every other year, I would have had to do it over several days.
  • closetlibrarian
    closetlibrarian Posts: 2,207 Member
    Size 4 Calvin Klein work slacks. Woo hoo!!
  • orange_hoodie
    orange_hoodie Posts: 65 Member
    headofphat wrote: »
    First one-arm push-up of my life just went down about 3 min ago.

    Yeaaah! Champion!
  • fostersu
    fostersu Posts: 327 Member
    Been lifting long enough now that calluses are forming. They are a little gross but I feel pretty badass anyway
  • rachellosesitall85
    rachellosesitall85 Posts: 591 Member
    My size 16 jeans (stretchy) were too baggy to ignore so I decided to add some jeans to my temporary wardrobe. I hadn't really shopped since my starting weight of 258 and I was pleased to fit snugly into a pair of size 12s :D
  • alisiasanchez731
    alisiasanchez731 Posts: 2 Member
    My laptop is now a laptop! lol I can actually have my laptop on my lap while sitting without having to hold it up with one hand because my stomach was in the way! :) 84lbs lost
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    Love all these posts!!
  • sueann10
    sueann10 Posts: 74 Member
    I love this thread. When I'm tempted to go off the rails, I pop over to this thread as I'm always motivated to stick with my goals. Surely this is a NSV too :) Thanks All!

    This week I completed W1 C25K and managed the most number of steps I've ever done in a day - 26,064!! Both helped me pushed past a plateau which lasted a couple months. This past week, I've had so many compliments about how great I look that my confidence is soaring. :blush:
  • LoveToRead91
    LoveToRead91 Posts: 89 Member
    I've always been an all in or all out person, so I would do really well with losing for about a month, then take a "day off," and never go back. Well in the last two weeks I've gone out of town twice, and celebrated st Patrick's day on Thursday and even after not tracking all of those times, as soon as I got back home I got back on the wagon. This is a huge step for me and motivating that I'll keep this lifestyle change!
  • Madwife2009
    Madwife2009 Posts: 1,369 Member
    Two GUYS at my exercise session yesterday noticing that I'd lost weight but "hadn't liked to say so". I glowed all the way home :smile:
  • Asher_Ethan
    Asher_Ethan Posts: 2,430 Member
    I use to wear these certain pair of spanks all the time but I haven't worn them in over a year. I'm going out tonight and I didn't like how my stomach looked in the shirt I want to wear so I grabbed these spanks and they're too loose!

    You don't know how excited this makes me!
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,986 Member
    Nice work everyone. I'm proud of my 70 day logging streak. It makes all the difference when you hold yourself accountable for your choices. Thanks for the stories -- keep posting!

  • vannyn42
    vannyn42 Posts: 55 Member
    My boyfriend asked if I wanted anything brought home from Starbucks and I said no.

    Well, he brought back my favourite venti peppermint mocha frapp AND a blueberry scone.

    I couldn't be rude cause it's the gesture that counts so I had 2 bites, a couple of sips and put it down.
    Then afterwards, I said he could have some of the scone so he took it to another room. Thank god. Lol

    Now the frapp is sitting here taunting me.
    I'm kinda upset that he brought this home though because he knows I'm dieting and can't be eating this stuff. He's supposed to be dieting too and has over 50lbs to lose whereas I'm 10 lbs away from goal weight. So I'm kinda mad at him for not staying on track and trying to take me down too. I know it's wasnt his intention but that's how it makes me feel.
  • caitlinrennes
    caitlinrennes Posts: 49 Member
    Mistakenly buying a uk size 10 top instead of a 12, and it fits!!! And has horizontal stripes! :#
  • empresssue
    empresssue Posts: 2,953 Member
    I was lifting weights at the gym when 1 of the regular guys came over & asked if I played sports because I looked like an athlete & was there every day. I am NOT an athlete, but it's good to know I could look like one:)