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  • Yes! I was just looking at my saddlebags (the outside of my thighs just below my hips) and they’re sticking out so weird…it seems like I’ve lost size above and below them making them stand out rather oddly🙈 Can’t wait for them to catch up so my legs aren’t shaped weird LOL
  • I cant upload images from my phone either. I’ve been able to before but starting a few weeks ago ish I started getting a failure to upload message. Frustrating
  • That sometimes you can do all the right things and your body just isn’t quite ready to drop more weight. Keep calm and CICO on!
  • That my achey feet and ankles weren’t just from working on my feet all day or that I’m almost 40 …20lbs down and I already have much less pain and soreness in my feet and ankles! Excited to see what another 20lbs does:)
  • I feel you! You lost more than I have but I have lost and regained 3 times in my adult life…trying to look at the long game this time with maintenance in mind rather than the initial weight loss. I hate losing weight I’ve already lost🤦🏼‍♀️ but hopefully sitting with that feeling will help me this time as I get down to goal…
  • @sargemarcori i feel like viewing myself as more vulnerable at a smaller weight has kept me from losing at some points. What do you find terrifying about it?
  • Next goal is 135! I have a little chart that I cross off each pound and at 135 and 125 I get rewards LOL
  • I did it! 2 days in a row at 138 (138.2 to be exact but that’s .4 less than my lowest last year)!!! Woohoo! Now I really feel like I’m making progress rather than losing weight I ALREADY lost LOL
  • I’ve always felt like I wasn’t a tiny person. I mean in stature, sure, at 5’1 pretty tiny, but I’ve always felt a little round a squishy like a mom bod or grandma bod that’s round in the middle and soft to hug LOL. Laying in my bed, flat on my back I could see my narrow hips and ribs and thought, huh! maybe there is a tiny…
  • finally broke through at 139.8 yesterday! Weighed in at 139.6 this morning so it was great to be under two days in a row! I’m working Mon-Wed this week of spring break then me, my hubs, and our two boys are going to Ruidoso, NM for a few days😁 I plan to stay on track because I’m doing really well and have goals to reach…
  • Finally, after weeks of dancing around the number I hit 139.8!! Happy to be in the 130s:) Next mini-goal is 138.6 which is the lowest I hit last year before regaining😬
  • @200Karen i hope y’all had a lovely lunch! I am doing the right things, but at this moment my body doesn’t want to drop weight. Bouncing 140 to 141 every single day…I just want to get past this hump into the 130s!!! Why is my silly body fighting it?!😅 I’m staying the course…it’s honestly why I like tracking…if I know I’ve…
  • 139! Ugh I’ve been bouncing around 140-141 for weeks. I’m still 9lbs from even being in a normal weight range so idk why my body refuses to let this go LOL
  • Wow! Completely blown away at how you kept pressing toward your health goals regardless of whatever was thrown your way! You amaze me and inspire me! You look beautiful and mostly you look so healthy!!
  • You clean up real nice! Congrats on your weight loss!
  • @MarissaJean04 congrats on being back at pre pregnancy weight! I was in the same boat because I was heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant…both times…10 & 12 yrs ago LOL but I’m still working on it. I’ll be 40 this summer and this is my year! I can feel it!! It’ll be yours, too! You’ll feel fabulous at the…
  • Welcome @Suelle613 Congratulations on the 40lbs you’ve already lost! That’s no small feat☺️ You are in good company with many other “fun size” ladies working on being the best version of themselves💪🏻😁 I’m not the creator of the thread but I love having other short ladies to share ups and downs with. I feel like we have…
  • @TeresaSavage thats a fantastic transformation! Any tips you care to share with us?
  • Weekly weigh in was 140.8! That’s my lowest weekly weigh in this year! Woohoo!
  • Sore muscles from Wednesday’s trampoline adventure are finally easing so I did a 30min ride on my exercise bike. I skipped exercise th and Fri because I was so stinkin sore! Lol Went to a bday party for one of my boy’s friends and didn’t feel self conscious at all while I was there! That’s such a nice feeling…so often I…
  • I still have 26lbs to go but this is a comparison of my highest weight 161lbs (not including pregnancies) in 2020 to exactly 20lbs down 141lbs. Not quite halfway but it helps to celebrate on the way to the big goal🙂
  • @AlexEllaK i had my kids two years apart and understand the weight struggles! Check out Instagram_vs_reality on IG and Stephanie Lange on YT. These really helped me realize that it’s ALL fake and they edit everything…no one really looks like they do on IG. These channels were really eye opening. I’ve heard that comparison…
  • Hi @AlexEllaK Congratulations on your new baby! First one? Finding balance after babies takes some time so give yourself grace;) Mine are now 10 & 12 but it took time to feel like I found my new normal:) I don’t have any friends IRL either (besides my mom) to discuss my weight loss journey. It seems if you bring it up with…
  • I’ve been eating at least 1300 cals per day and more sometimes if I exercise. It was annoying to be up 2-3lbs for over a week but I finally had a loss this morning and hit my low for 2022 of 140.0!!! I am so close to being in the 130s. I got down to 138.8 last year before losing it on vacation and not getting back on track…
  • Welcome ladies! It’s so nice to have some new participation in the thread!! @lilleyorama I have lost and regained as well and know that feeling of defeat:( You should be proud of yourself, tho, because here you are with the desire to be the best version of you!! Weight loss is mostly due to the calories in, so it’s ok if…
  • I am 5’1 hw 161 sw 2022 148 cw 141 gw 115. I’m on my feet for my job but I wouldn’t call it active as I’m mostly standing and moving my arms. Exercise 30-60min 5 days/week. Was eating 1000 (sometimes slightly less) and was losing well but then I stopped losing, got super lethargic, and binged. I did some research and…
  • @plumwd idk why they’d censor a bikini…I see loads of bikini pics
  • Ok, a little update, I’m pretty sure I was t eating enough calories. I was eating a little less than 1000 per day and still getting a little low intensity exercise each day. My job is a hairdresser so I’m on my feet a lot but it’s not particularly active so I figured I’m sedentary. I felt fine doing this the first month I…
  • @200Karen DDPYoga is a strength building yoga. I saw videos of testimonials on YouTube and it got me curious. I use an app but there are also dvds if you prefer that route. I can see and feel my body changing with the muscles I’m building. I have developed definite biceps that have a beautiful line when I flex and in my…